1865 though 1902 Northeast results

(1865 though 1902)
Research by Don Luce
Courtesy Dragon King Wrestling and Karl Stern
Formatting by Bryan Alvarez


Brooklyn Eagle: August 27, 1867
Woman wrestle over in Sweden, maybe the theater managers should try it over here.

Paris, France: September 14, 1867
There is a masked wrestler in the circus who can throw the best professional wrestlers of the Paris rings.


Brooklyn Eagle: August 20, 1868
Lew Thompson beat Homer Lane
Note: Lane is 33 years old and weighs 160 pounds. At the time of the match Thompson weighed 180 pounds. Lane said that he did little training for the contest.


New York City: May 31, 1869
(Harry Hill’s) … Homer Lane beat Harry Grace (2-0 falls)


Detroit, Michigan: March 10, 1870
The international tournament starts today with 33 wrestlers. Homer Lane and James McLaughlin are here.

Chicago, Illinois: March 18, 1870
James C. McLaughlin (holder of championship belt) vs G.C. Orr on Wednesday March 23rd.

New York City: June 27, 1870
(Hunter’s Point) … (collar & elbow) Tim Delacor beat George Spiers (3/5 falls)

Brooklyn Eagle: August 5, 1870
(Hooley’s Opera House) … The French wrestlers appearing here are a hit.


Brooklyn Eagle: February 29, 1972
A complimentary tournament to Major McLaughlin and Homer Lane, champions in the sport will be given Saturday night (March 2) at Temperance Hall, corner Hicks street and Hamilton avenue.


Brooklyn, NY: June 3, 1873
(Gothic Hall) … John McMahan beat Homer Lane (for $500 a side)
Note: McMahan had recently defeated Lane for $1000 a side, and this contest was mainly an exhibition with several boxing contests on the card.

Troy, NT: July 22, 1873
(collar & elbow championship of America) John McMahan* beat Thomas A. Copeland (2-0 falls, time1 hour and 30 minutes)
Note: Copeland was billed as the champion of Canada.

Troy, NY: August 11, 1873
John McMahan* beat Homer Lane (2/3 falls-1 hour and 11 minutes)
Hartford, CT: December 29, 1873
John McMahan vs William L. Kennedy (of New Haven) for $1,500


New York City: January 29, 1974 (Harry Hill’s) … (Devonshire style) Darby Doyle beat William Ashley (1 hour, 40 min.)


New York City: July 20, 1875 (McGinn’s saloon) … (collar & elbow) Pat Finnigan beat Jim Nolan (2/3 falls for $50 a side)

Brooklyn, NY: December 25, 1875
(Chermont Avenue Rink) … (GR) Professor William Miller beat Louis Carteron (billed as European champion) (3/5 falls) ... Carteron has challenged Andre Christol to a match. The Rink is under the management of B.F. Dugane.

Brooklyn, NY: December 28, 1875
(Olympic theater) … (GR) Louis Carteron Fay vs Professor Gary Miller
Note: This was more of a burlesque than a contest.


Detroit, Michigan: March 23, 1876 James H. McLaughlin drew with J.H. Martin

Brooklyn, NY: May 12, 1876
(Howe’s & Cushing’s circus) … (GR) Professor Miller vs Johnny Dwyer

Brooklyn, NY: May 13, 1876
(Howe’s & Cushing’s Circus) … (GR) Professor Miller vs Johnny Dwyer (billed for world’s championship)
This was repeated May 15, at Brooklyn
May 16, and May 17 at Williamsburg, NY.
May 18, 1876 at Greenpoint, NY.

Brooklyn, NY: June 5, 1876
(The Rink) … Albert Ellis beat Harry Howard ... (Boxing) Billy Edwards drew with Steve Taylor ... (referee of wrestling bout-Harry Hill)

Detroit, Michigan: June 29, 1876
(Whitley’s Opera House) … James H. McLaughlin drew with J.H. Martin (of Ypsilanti)
Note: They wrestled from 10:45 pm until 5:30 am when they confused that they couldn’t throw each other. The referee declared the match a draw.

Baltimore, MD: July 15, 1876
(Ford’s Opera House) … Professor William Miller vs Thiebaud Bauer (The struggle became so violent that the police interfered.)

Brooklyn, NY: August 9, 1876
(Central Garden) … (GR) Johnny Dwyer beat Joe Coburn (2/3 falls) ... (referee-Mons. Bauer, the noted French wrestler) Both Dwyer and Coburn were boxers.
Louis Carteron challenged the winner.

Baltimore, MD: August 21, 1876
(Ford’s Opera House) … Johnny Dwyer beat Professor William Miller (2/3 falls)
Note: Miller had previously defeated Bauer and was the favorite.

New York City: August 30, 1876
(Central Park Garden) … (sparring Match) Johnny Dwyer vs Joe Coburn (11 rounds)
Colburn’s referee called Colburn the winner. Dwyer’s referee called it a draw. The matter was left unsettled.


New York City: March 20, 1877
(Metropolitan Riding Academy) … (GR) Professor Thiebaud Bauer beat Professor William Miller

Brooklyn Eagle: June 18, 1877
GR contests in the west were exposed recently. It’s a wonder how much longer this will go on.

Brooklyn Eagle: October 4, 1877
(Mozart Garden) … Athletic entertainment next Monday (October 8)
Professor Miller will box

Boston, MA: November 13, 1877
Professor Bauer beat Professor Miller (1 fall) ... (talk of all pro matches being crooked)


NYC, NY: August 23, 1878
(On the U.S. training Ship Minnesota in New York Harbor) … Professor Miller displayed his greco-roman skills with a friend from Cincinnati


Baltimore, MD: April 10, 1879
J.H. McLaughlin drew with William Miller (1 fall each-5 ½ hours)

New York City: May 12, 1879
(Gilmore’s Garden) … John McMahan beat William Miller (for $500 a side)

Brooklyn Eagle: October 27, 1879
Muldoon and Bauer ballyhoo. In the past 2 or 3 years there has been hardly a honest wrestling match. Cricket is the only honest professional sport.


(1880 though 1889)

Philadelphia, PA: February 27, 1880
(Horticultural Hall) … Professor William Miller beat Thiebaud Bauer (2/3 falls for $500) ... (Att.-1,000)
Note: Bauer won the first fall, but became sick and dropped the next two falls.

Brooklyn, NY: March 1, 1880
(Temperance Hall) … (collar & elbow style) William Johnson beat John McDonald (2/3 falls)
Benefit for boxer Mike Donovan with mostly boxing exhibitions.

Boston, MA: May 31, 1880
Michael Donohue beat Nate Hutchins (3-0 falls for championship of America)

Brooklyn, NY: August 6, 1880
(Brighton Beach Race Course) … (Caladonian Athletic Games) Bibby, Grace and Johnson of New York are 3 of 6 wrestlers entered ... (tug of war) Duncan C. Ross’ 5 man team is entered along with the team of James C. Daly


Brooklyn, NY: January 21, 1881 (Olympic theater) … (benefit for Mike Henry who was shot) Among his friends is Professor Miller. Both boxing and wrestling will be on the card.

New York City: February 6, 1881
Bibby, the wrestler, called at the office of the Police Gazette yesterday, and deposited $25 with Mr. Fox as a forfeit, to wrestle Muldoon for the greco-roman championship and a medal.

New York City: February 17, 1881
(Turn Hall) … (catch as catch can) Edwin Bibby vs James C. Daly (2/3 falls)
Bibby is called the recognized champion of this style of wrestling.

New York City: March 2, 1881
(Old Post Office Building) … (GR) William Muldoon beat Edwin Bibby (2-0 falls)

Jericho, NY: April 30, 1881
George Ryerson (215 pounds) beat Thomas Donohue (160 pounds) (for $100)


Milwaukee, Wisconsin: August 4, 1882 John McMahon beat John O’Brien (2/3 falls)
Note: O’Brien billed as the “Texas Giant” was 6 foot 10 inches in height and weighed 220 pounds.

New York City: August 7, 1882
(Madison Square Garden) … (the world’s title) Joe Acton (29 years old) beat Edwin Bibby (33 years old) (38 minutes) (for $500)

Brooklyn, NY: August 9, 1882
(Hibernia Hall) ... on August 21, Michael Donohue, lightweight champion of America wrestles W.W. Montgomery at collar & elbow style for $500 a side

Brooklyn, NY: August 23, 1882
(Hibernian Hall) … Michael Donovan beat Dempsey (sub for James McCormick who refused to wrestle under the rules set up)


St. Louis, MO: February 4, 1883
(Olympic theater) … William Muldoon vs Edwin Bibby (Muldoon won from Sporting Life) The Brooklyn Eagle had a long article about this contest being held on a Sunday, and the rowdy crowd that came to see it.

Jacksonville, FL: February 21, 1883
(Rink Theater) … Duncan C. Ross beat Thiebaud Bauer in the second match for the greco-roman champiuonship of the world. Ross won the first match here last Saturday. (Feb. 17th)

New York City: April 5, 1883
(boxing) Harry Woodson (the Black Diamond of Cincinnati) beat McLaughlin (ko-7 rounds)
Note: This McLaughlin was said to be a wrestler. He was 29 years old and weighed 170 pounds. He likely wasn’t the famous Colonel James H. McLaughlin.

Philadelphia, PA: April 7, 1883
(Pastime Park) … Joe Acton beat Tom Connors (2-0 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: April 12, 1883
(Athencum theater) … (collar & elbow style) John Ryan beat James Dempsey (2/3 falls) ... George Bailey drew with Harry Hebert (1-1 falls) ... plus boxing contests


New York City: January 14, 1884
(Irving Hall) … (catch as catch can style) Edwin Bibby beat Matsuda Sorakichi (2-0 falls)

San Francisco, California: March 3, 1884
(Mechanic’s Pavilion) … (greco-roman style) William Muldoon beat Thiebaud Bauer (2/3 falls for $500 a side)

St. Louis, MO: March 4, 1884
(greco-roman style) Andre Christol beat Dennis Gallagher (for $250 a side) ... Andre Christol beat Pete Megey (for purse of $50)

Brooklyn Eagle: March 9, 1884
Hans Rink, the champion of Switzerland, has landed on our shores with blood in his eye. He stands 6'1" and weighs 220 pounds. He has challenged Edwin Bibby.

New York City: March 10, 1884
(Clarendon Hall) … (Japanese style) Matsuda Sorakichi beat Edwin Bibby (4-0 falls)

Brooklyn Eagle: April 1, 1884
Theodore George, of Peoria, Illinois, has a open challenge to Muldoon, Bibby, Ross, Bauer and Sorakichi.

New York City: April 2, 1884
(Nereid Boat Club) … (collar & elbow) Kennedy beat Ryan (2/3 falls) ... (greco-roman) Young Bibby beat Mr. Fredericks (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Cleveland, Ohio: April 8, 1884
Duncan C. Ross beat Matsuda Sorakichi

Detroit, Michigan: April 10, 1884
(Opera House) … Col. James H. McLaughlin beat Duncan C. Ross

Cleveland, Ohio: April 12, 1884
(Ciey Armory) … (mixed styles) Matsada Sorakichi beat Andre Christol (3/5 falls) Note: Duncan C. Ross seconded Christol, who was his unknown.

Wilkesbarre, PA: April 25, 1884
John Connors beat Simon Bradley (2-0 falls)

Cleveland, Ohio: May 12, 1884
Duncan C. Ross beat George W. Flagg (3-5 falls)

San Francisco, CA: June 1, 1884
greco-roman style) Clarence Whistler beat Tom Cannon (2-0 falls)

New York City: June 2, 1884
(Irving Hall) … Duncan C. Ross beat Matsuda Sorakichi

Bradford, PA: June 13, 1884
L.L. Burton beat Andre Christol

Cincinnati, Ohio: June 20, 1884
William Muldoon beat Duncan C.Ross (3/5 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: July 4, 1884
(amateur catch as catch can style) Mike Haas beat Herman Wessner (2/3 falls)

Cincinnati, Ohio: July 4, 1884
(Union Ball Park) … (mixed styles) Joe Acton beat Matsada Sorakichi (3/5 falls) for a purse of $500.
Note: Acton won 2 catch style falls. Sorakichi won the 3rd and 4th falls Japanese style. Acton won the 5th and deciding fall at greco-roman style. Acton has accepted the challenge of Duncan C. Ross. He will deposit $500 with Richard K. Fox, as soon as he hears from Ross. The Sporting Life had Acton winning 3 catch as catch can falls.

Brooklyn, NY: July 12, 1884
(Coney Island Feltman’s Ocean Pavilion) … Emil Voss will wrestle any man swiss style of belt wrestling for $200 and the championship of the world. (This ad ran though August 11.)

Brooklyn Eagle: July 25, 1884
Articles of agreement for a wrestling, greco-roman style, will be signed today by Emil Voss and Professor Johnson for $500 a side. Mr. Charles Feltman will back Voss.

Brooklyn, NY: August 7, 1884
(Brooklyn Theater) … Matsuda Sorakichi beat Lulu Note: This contest was more of a exhibition between Lulu, a strong woman of the stage and the Japanese wrestler.

New York City: August 11, 1884
(Melahn’s Belvidere Park, Rockaway Beach) … Martin Dempsey drew with William Leahy (1 fall each for the lightweight championship and $200 a side) Note: Dempsey was the brother of the 1st Jack Dempsey, a leading boxer of the 1880s.

Brooklyn Eagle: August 11, 1884
Edwin Bibby and Matsada Sorakichi will meet on August 23rd at Saratoga Springs.

Brooklyn, NY: August 14, 1884
(Myrtle Park) … Dan Cuatax beat Martin Dempsey

New York City: August 16, 1884
(Clarendon Hall) … Edwin Bibby vs Hamada Korakichi (both refused to wrestle because of the poor house)

Brooklyn, NY: August 28, 1884
(Ridgewood Park) … Martin Dempsey beat William Lahey (2/3 falls for $25)

San Francisco, CA: September 2, 1884
Clarence Whistler beat Pietro Delmas (2-0 falls for $500 stake and a $1000 purse) Note: Sporting Life has September 3, which is wrong.

Detroit, Michigan: September 5, 1884
(Recreation Park) … H.M. Dufer beat J.J. Benjamin ... Colonel J.H. McLaughlin beat George W. Flagg

Bradford, PA: October 27, 1884
(Wagner Opera House) … William Muldoon beat Andre Christol (utc-3rd fall)

San Francisco, CA: December 7, 1984
(California Theater) … Duncan C. Ross beat Tom Cannon (3/5 falls)

St. Louis, MO: December 14, 1884
(Pope’s Theater) … William Muldoon beat J.H. McLaughlin (3/5 falls)



Butte, Montana: January 11, 1885
(mixed styles) Jack Carkeek beat D.F. McMillan (3/5 falls for $500 and gate receipts) ... (Att-800) Note: The 5 styles were collar and elbow, cornish, greco-roman, side hold and catch as catch can. Carkeek was billed as Michigan champion and McMillan as California champion.

Fall River, MA: February 27, 1885
(catch as catch can) Matthew Tracy beat James Kenworthy (2-0 falls)

New York City: April 1, 1885
(Turn Hall) … (greco-roman) ... Carl Abs drew with Matsada Sorakichi (2 hours)

Brooklyn Eagle: April 19, 1885
With all the wrestling calling themselves champion, “the Little Demon” Joe Acton is the best. Carl Abs is a second class wrestler.

New York City: May 19, 1885
(Irving Hall) … William Muldoon drew with Carl Abs (2 hours)

San Francisco, CA: June 3, 1885
(4 mixed styles) Duncan C. Ross beat Clarence Whistler (3/5 falls)
Note: Whistler won greco-roman and catch as catch can falls. Ross won at collar & elbow and side hold. For the last fall, Ross won a coin toss and close collar & elbow.

Brooklyn Eagle: August 9, 1885
Recently in Chicago, in a collar & elbow match, J.H. McLaughlin defeated Robert McGee (2-0 falls)

Troy, NY: August 27, 1885
(collar & elbow style) Paddy Crowley vs James Decker

Brooklyn Eagle: October 11, 1885
Recently at Keene, New Hampshire, H.M. Dufer defeated John McMahan.

Brooklyn, NY: October 19, 1885
(Holmes Standard Museum) … Starting all this week Matsada Sorakichi and Ogoray way will wrestle at afternoon and evening performances.

Brooklyn Eagle: December 12, 1885
Matsada Sorakichi and Ben Jones signed to wrestle at Scranton, Pennsylvania on December 23, at Hyde Park.


Brooklyn, NY: January 16, 1886
(Remet’s Hotel) … (collar & elbow) Fred Beadle beat Charlie Allen (2-0 falls) ... plus boxing matches

Brooklyn Eagle: February 3, 1886
Mike Donahue challenged any lightweight in America to a collar and elbow wrestling match. Lighweight wrestling champion Martin Dempsey, John Carroll or Michael J. Mooney are mentioned.
Chicago, Illinois: February 15, 1886
Evan Lewis beat Matsuda Sorakichi (Lewis dislocated the Japanese wrestler’s leg in the first fall to end the contest.)

Chicago, Illinois: March 11, 1886
van Lewis “the Strangler” will leave Chicago Saturday night, with his backer Thomas Gill, and the well known manager of athletic entertainments Charles E. Davies. Lewis goes to St. Louis to wrestle Edwin Bibby catch as catch can, Sunday next. (March 14)

Brooklyn, NY: April 6, 1886
(Music Hall) … Martin Dempsey beat John Mott (amateur lightweight collar and elbow champion) (2/3 falls) ... George S. Michling (Young Bibby) beat L. Landerwassa (2-0 falls) ... (mixed styles- amateurs) Mike Haas beat Charles Hines (3-0 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions
Brooklyn, NY: April 10, 1886
(Music Hall) … (collar & elbow) Martin Dempsey beat Young Sheridan (2/3 falls) ... plus sparring exhibitions

Brooklyn, NY: April 24, 1886
(Music Hall) … (sparring match) Martin Dempsey vs George Kline ... (collar & elbow) Martin Dempsey drew with Sheridan (1 fall each) ... other boxing (sparring) and wrestling exhibitions

Minneapolis, MN: May 12, 1886
(catch as catch can) Matsada Sorakichi beat Adam Butler (3/4 falls)

Chicago, Illinois: May 14, 1886
Evan Lewis is ready to accept William Muldoon’s challenge to him for a greco-roman match.. Charles E. Davies is the backer of Lewis.

Minneapolis, MN: May 27, 1886
William Muldoon failed to throw Evan Lewis (twice in 1 hour) Muldoon won a fall in 47 minutes, but would not wrestle any more.
Note: Sporting Life date was 5-23-86 which was likely wrong.

Brooklyn Eagle: May 31, 1886
Christol and Sam Matthews wrestled in San Francisco last week for over 4 hours with Christol winning a fall. Ernest Rober said that he will wrestle any man in the world greco-roman style, two of three falls, for $500 a side and the championship.

Ciccinnati, Ohio: June 17, 1886
(Grand Opera House) … (greco-roman) Tom Cannon drew with William Muldoon ... (Att.-1,200) At the end of the third round the management declared it a draw as Muldoon’s physical condition would not permit him to go on..

Brooklyn Eagle: July 15, 1886
Duncan C. Ross has challenged Tom Cannon to wrestle catch-as-catch-can for $500 a side.

Ciccinnati, Ohio: July 15, 1886
(Grand Opera House) … Evan Lewis vs Tom Cannon (Cannon won (2-0 from Sporting Life)

Brooklyn Eagle: August 8, 1886
Antoine Pierre, of France, who is now in St. Louis, offers to wrestle Tom Cannon or William Muldoon at greco-roman style for $300 a side.

Brooklyn, NY: August 13, 1886
(Alexander Hunter’s Road House) … (catch as catch can) Charles Cullum beat John Schummerman (2-0 falls for $25 a side)

Brooklyn Eagle: August 20, 1886
J.J. Cannon beat S.P. Scheitzler (3-0 falls for $50 a side) on August 15, catch as catch can.

New Bedford, MA: August 20, 1886
(catch as catch can) Calyx Fountaue drew with James Gorman

Brooklyn, NY: September 11, 1886
(Athletic Association) … (greco-roman style) Cattanact beat George Ross (1 fall) ... plus other athletic meets

Brooklyn, NY: November 9, 1886
(Palace Roller Rink) … (benefit for Martin Dempsey called the featherweight boxer) ... (amateur-greco-roman) Mike Haas beat John Heines (2/3 falls) ... plus other athletic contests

Brooklyn Eagle: December 27, 1886
Duncan Ross was fined one dollar for being drunk by Judge Massey. This seems to be the well known wrestler.


Brooklyn, NY: January 29, 1887
(Flynn’s Rotunda, Coney Island) … (Championship of the Country Towns) (catch as catch can) Larry Heslin (amateur) beat Joseph Lawler (professional) (3/4 falls) ... (referee-Martin Dempsey)

Brooklyn, NY: February 15, 1887
(City Assembly rooms) … (Benefit for Jack McAuliffe) (collar & elbow) Martin Dempsey beat John Mott (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn, NY: February 21, 1887
(Temperance Hall) … (Benefit for Paddy Smith) (collar & elbow) Jim Carney drew with Phil Carey (1 fall each) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Cleveland, Ohio: February 26, 1887
(catch as catch can) Duncan C. Ross beat James Faulkner for $200 a side

Wooster, Ohio: February 28, 1887
(Academy of Music) … (greco-roman) Duncan C. Ross beat Professor Willie (3/5 falls)

Sandusky, Ohio: February 28, 1887
(mixed styles) Matsada Sorakichi beat Lucien Marc Christol (3/5 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: March 14, 1887
(Temperance Hall) … (collar & elbow) Phillip Carey beat Martin Dempsey for the lightweight championship of America and $100 a side plus gate receipts.

Brooklyn, NY: March 21, 1887
(Temperance Hall) … (benefit for Frank Crysler) (collar & elbow exhibition) Phillip Carey drew with Martin Dempsey (1 fall each)

Brooklyn, NY: April 26, 1887
(Schiellein’s Assembly Rooms) … (benefit for Martin Dempsey) (collar & elbow) Charlie Rogers beat Martin Dempsey (2/3 falls) ... (boxing) Mike Donovan sparred with Jack Fallon ... (harness) Phil Carey drew with Charlie Rogers ... (boxing) Martin Dempsey sparred three rounds with Tom Martin

Chicago, Illinois: June 23, 1887
Evan Lewis, the Strangler, has challenged William Muldoon to a mixed match, Greco-roman and catch as catch can. The match to take place in New York, Baltimore, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans or St. Louis. Brooklyn, NY: July 14, 1887
(High Ground Park) … (collar & elbow) James Gorman beat John Reilly (2/3 falls) ... (Att.-1,500)

Brooklyn, NY: July 18, 1887
(Temperance Hall) … Martin Dempsey drew with Bill Flood

Brooklyn, NY: September 10, 1887
(High Ground Park) … (benefit for Jack Dempsey, the middleweight champion of the world) ... (harness) Frank Allen beat John Murphy (2/3 falls) ... (boxing) Jack Kilrain sparred four rounds with Billy Madden ... plus other sparring contests

Chicago, Illinois: September 19, 1887
(greco-roman) Frank Whitmore beat Charles Moth (3-0 falls) ... Whitmore’s victory was a surprise to many, as Moth has been recognized as greco-roman champion of America.

Brooklyn, NY: September 27, 1887
(Temperance Hall) … (benefit for boxer Frank White) Phillip Carey drew with Martin Dempsey (1 fall each) ... plus other exhibitions

New Bedford, MA: October 1, 1887
(catch as catch can) ... Culyx Fontain beat Joseph Kenworthy (2/3 falls)

Chicago, Illinois: October 10, 1887
(Battery D armory) … (greco-roman style) Charles Moth drew with Frank Whitmore (3 hours) ... (Att.-500)

Brooklyn, NY: November 14, 1887
(Palace Rink) … (amateurs) George S. Mehling beat Charles H. Rohrman (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibition and a tug of war

Erie, PA: November 25, 1887
(mixed styles-GR & catch) Harvey Parker beat Robert Reakes (3/4 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: Dec. 21, 1887
(Saengerbund Hall) … (greco-roman) George O. Michling beat A. Goodman (2-0 falls) ... plus boxing

Brooklyn, NY: December 22, 1887
(Palace Rink) … (Jack Demsey benefit) no wresting on the card.


New York City: January 2, 1888
(Fifth Avenue Saloon) … (collar & elbow) N. Atkin beat E. Fash (2/3 falls for $500)

South Brooklyn, NY: January 10, 1888
(Eighth street stable) … (collar & elbow) D. Madden beat J. Duffy (2/3 falls for $300)

Brooklyn, NY: January 14, 1888
(City Assembly Rooms) … (benefit for Johnny Reagan) William Johnson beat Joe Cook (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn, NY: February 7, 1888
(Schiellein’s Hall) … (benefit for Jack Fallon) ... (collar & elbow) Homer Lane (about 53 years old) beat Jimmy Murray (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn, NY: February 7, 1888
(Grand Theater) … Martin Dempsey beat Gus Hill (2/3 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: February 8, 1888
(Grand Theater) … Steve O’Donnell beat Gus Hill

Brooklyn, NY: February 9, 1888
(Grand Theater) … Martin Dempsey beat Jimmy Murray

Brooklyn, NY: February 10, 1888
(Grand Theater) … (collar & elbow) Martin Dempsey vs Gus Hill

Brooklyn, NY: February 25, 1888
(The Rink) … (benefit for boxer William Dempsey’s widow) Young McGraw beat Joe Ryan (2-0 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Jersey City, New Jersey: February 27, 1888
(Scottish American Athletic Club) … T.J. O’Day beat W.E. Stillman ... plus boxing

Philadelphia, PA: March 13, 1888
Joe Acton vs Matsada Sorakichi (canceled due to a snow storm in New York in which the Japanese wrestler could’t get there)

Brooklyn, NY: March 26, 1888
(Grand Theater) … (greco-roman) William Muldoon failed to throw Jack Carkeek (15 minutes) ... (referee-Martin Dempsey) Note: Carkeek was billed as champion of England and was said to have recently arrived in this country.

Brooklyn, NY: March 27, 1888
(Grand Theater) … Evan Lewis failed to throw T. McMillan (15 minutes) Brooklyn, NY: April 2, 1888
(Grand Theater) … Matsada Sorakichi beat Young Bibby

Brooklyn, NY: April 10, 1888
(Bay View Park) … (amateurs) W.E. Skillman drew with T. O’Day (1 fall each)

Brooklyn, NY: April 30, 1888
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … William Muldoon and Evan Lewis wrestled, possibly against other opponents

Brooklyn, NY: May 3, 1888
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … William Muldoon vs Professor Clark and a unknown German sailor

Brooklyn, NY: May 4, 1888
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … William Muldoon vs Jack Carkeek (no time limit)

Brooklyn Eagle: May 21, 1888
Martin Dempsey wrestles a man called Tooling in Woonsocket, R.I. on Decoration day.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: May 29, 1888
(Opera House) … Jack Wannop vs D.A. McMillan

New York City: June 4, 1888
(Bartholdi Hall-near Manhattan) … Sebastian Miller beat Ernest Roeber (12 minutes for $250 side bet)

Evansville, Indiana: June 17, 1888
(greco-roman) Greek George beat Professor Muhler (2/3 falls) ... (Att.-2,000)

Baltimore, MD: June 23, 1888
(boxing) Professor William Miller beat William Muldoon (decision-12 rounds)
Note: The Police stopped the fight. Both men had 4 ounce gloves. They will wrestle next Monday (June 25)

Brooklyn, NY: July 11, 1888
(High Ground Park) … (amateurs) Timothy J. Shea beat James Gorman

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: August 19, 1888
(National Park) … (mixed styles) Jack Carkeek beat James Dewane (3/5 falls)
Note: Carkeek won 2 catch as catch can falls, and Dewane 2 collar & elbow falls. The final fall was greco-roman.

New York City: August 22, 1888
(Oriental Theater) … Michael Donahue beat John McGrath (2-0 falls) (both 133 pounds)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: September 9, 1888
(Milwaukee Garden) … (catch style) D.A. McMillan beat Herman Stellanberger (utc-3rd fall) Erie, PA: September 12, 1888
Harvey Parker beat Lucien Marc Christol

Brooklyn Eagle: September 16, 1888
Hugh Leonard vs Thomas McCarthy on October 1, at Grand Theater this city. Leonard is a member of the Muldoon Variety and Athletic Combination which is playing the Eastern district.

Lafayette, Indiana: September 28, 1888
(mixed styles) Bert Schiller beat Adam Butler (2/3 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: Nov. 13, 1888
(Schiellein Assembly Rooms) … (benefit for Jack Fallon) (catch exhibition) Charlie Rogers beat Master Overt (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn, NY: November 29, 1888
(Palace Rink) … (benefit for Mike Cleary) (collar & elbow) Jimmie Carroll beat Homer Lane (2/3 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: December 26, 1888
(Palace Hall) … (collar & elbow) Homer Lane beat Joe Shaw (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing matches
Note: Joe Shaw had wrestled as Joe Hennessy a short time ago.
Brooklyn Eagle: December 30, 1888
Martin Dempsey, the redoubtable brother of Jack Dempsey, the non parail, who is well known in this city for his wrestling abilities, left yesterday for New Orleans, where he will accept a position offered him in the cooperage business. He will still engage in a bout anytime when his business will allow it.


Seattle, Washington: January 20, 1889
(mixed styles) Peter Schumaker beat James Faulkner (2/3 falls)

Brooklyn Eagle: January 27, 1889
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … William Muldoon and Sebastian Miller will wrestle this week and pay $2 a minute to anyone that they can’t throw.

Brooklyn Eagle: January 28, 1889
The Muldoon Combination is in town this week. Greek George challenged Muldoon or any of his company. J.R. McMcClellan, champion of Canada wants Muldoon under any terms.

Brooklyn, NY: January 28, 1889
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … William Muldoon beat LaGrange (10 minutes) ... Sebastian Miller did strongman feats.

Brooklyn Eagle: February 4, 1889
It has been stated in sporting circles that George S. Meihling, better known as Young Bibby of this city, and for years employed on the Brooklyn Bridge has completed negotiations for the position of instructor of wrestling for the California Athletic Club.

Detroit, Michigan: February 27, 1889
(Detroit Rink) … (mixed styles) Tom Connors drew with Tom McMahon for the middleweight championship. Connors won the first fall-catch as catch can. McMahon the second fall-GR. The third fall went to Connors. At midnight the contest was stopped and called a draw.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: March 4, 1889
(Grand Opera House) … (catch as catch can) Tom Connors (champion of England) drew with D.A. McMillan (3 hours-no falls)

New Haven, CT: March 25, 1889
(mixed styles) Matsada Sorakichi beat Ernest Roeber (found 4-10)

Brooklyn Eagle: April 10, 1889
New York: March 28, 1889
“Since I defeated Duncan C. Ross at Springfield, Mass., several of the would be champions appear eager to wrestle. I have deposited $250 with Richard K. Fox, first come, first served.” Captain James C. Daly, Irish champion

New York City: May 14, 1889
(5th Avenue Casino) … (benefit for Jack McAuliffe) ... (collar & elbow) Homer Lane beat James O’Neill (2/3 falls) ... John Whitman beat Charles Stockman ... (boxing) Jack McAuliffe (world’s light weight boxing champion) beat Paddy Smith (tko-stopped by police) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Watertown, Wisconsin: May 17, 1889
(Turner’s Opera House) … (mixed styles) Tom Connors beat Otto Parker (3-0 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: May 21, 1889
(Temperance Hall) …. (benefit for Mike Cushing) (collar & elbow) Homer Lane beat (his pupil) James O’Neill (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn, NY: June 8, 1889
(Mechanic’s Pavilion) … (benefit for Johnston flood victoms) Joe Acton vs Ungerman ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn Eagle: August 21, 1889
Charles Rogers, of Brooklyn, is out with a challenge to wrestle Frederick R. Luce, the Aspinwall light weight champion for $50 or $100. Rogers has posted $25 as a forfeit and offers Luce the choice of styles. The match if the forfeit be covered, is to come off within six weeks. Rogers wants Luce to meet him at the Police Gazette office on August 27 to sign articles.

Brooklyn, NY: August 26, 1889
(Palace Rink) … (benefit for Johnny Reagan) (catch as catch can style) George Bothner drew with J. Slayback ... plus boxing exhibitions Note: It was mentioned that some of the men were both professionals and amateurs.

New York City: September 7, 1889
(Academy of Music) … (reception for John L. Sullivan) William Muldoon beat Greek George (9 minutes) ... (boxing) John L. Sullivan sparred two rounds with Mike Cleary ... (greco-roman) Billy Johnson beat Joe Hennessy (3 rounds)

Brooklyn Eagle: September 15, 1889
The John L. Sullivan-William Muldoon partership has broke up. Muldoon has formed a company and will open next Monday at the Old London Theater, New York. Sullivan will appear at the Palace Rink, in this city on September 23. Barnett is to be his manager. Charley Johnson, Sullivan’s backer, last evening said that the parting was simply due to the fact that the pugilistics champion and the wrestling champion both believed they could make more money by separate combinations.

Brooklyn Eagle: October 20, 1889
Jack Carkeek says: “I don’t believe that there is a man living who can throw Muldoon from the floor. I shall try to throw him from his feet and if the referee understands flying falls I think I shall throw him.”

Brooklyn, NY: November 11, 1889
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … William Muldoon failed to throw Ernest Roeber (15 minutes)
Note: Muldoon is wrestling there all week.

Omaha, Nebraska: November 21, 1889
Tom Connors (champion of America) beat Alf Greener (3/5 falls)

New York City: December 19, 1889
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Max Luttbeg, New York Turn Verein, won 135 pound amateur title.

Brooklyn Eagle: December 22, 1889
Hattie Leslie, from Cincinnati, announces that she is giving up pugilism and will wrestle in any theater, only that her opponent must be a lady too.

Brooklyn Eagle: December 29, 1889
“How did I get the name of Strangler” said wrestler Lewis. “Well it was given to me by Parson Davies, under peculiar circumstances. I had wrestled with Sorakichi, and got such a severe hold on him that he howled with pain and gave over. Davies then gave me the nickname”.



Brooklyn Eagle: January 5, 1890
Fitzwilliams, the Hercules and cannonball juggler of Cincinnati, says he will back Hattie Leslie, the champion female pugilist, to wrestle any female at greco-roman style. Miss Leslie has given up pugilism and has sought the more refined calling of wrestling. I will back her to throw any female wrestler four times in an hour.

Brooklyn Eagle: January 12, 1890
Thomas Cannon, the great English professional wrestler, recently defeated Eugene Bazin in a bout at French wrestling. Bazin is a member of a troop of French wrestlers now invading England, and is considered the best of his party. (see Dec. 2, 1889 Sporting Life for bout)

New York City: January 18, 1890
(New York Athletic Club) … (amateurs) J.J. O’Brien beat Max Luttbeg
Note: Luttwig had O’Brien pinned, but the referee failed to see it. Luttwig then refused to wrestler anymore. Then later Luttwig was appoached

Michigan City, Indiana: January 24, 1890
(mixed styles-catch-GR) Charles Moth beat John Graham (3/4 falls two points down)

Brooklyn, NY: January 26, 1890
(Gaiety Theater) … William Johnson, Homer Lane, Joe Hennessy and the Gilbert brothers will have wrestling and boxing matches this week.

Brooklyn, NY: February 7, 1890
(Standard Athletic Club) … (collar & elbow style) Jim Crowley beat Joe Lawlor (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn Eagle: February: 24, 1890
Martin Dempsey has challenged to meet any wrestler his weight or 10 pounds over, collar and elbow for $250 a side. Martin who has lived in the fourteenth ward all his life, has been a champion light weight wrestler for years.

Michigan City, Indiana: February 24, 1890
James Gleason, the local editor of the Evening News, was assaulted yestersday by John Graham, a wrestler from Brooklyn, N.Y., and badly punished. Gleason had attacked his assailant in the News, charging him with traveling under an assumed name and engaging in hippodrome matches. Two composers were present at the time, but did not interfere. Graham immediately gave himself up, but was released on bail. His trail will be held today.

New York City: March 3, 1890
(National Athletic Club) … (collar & elbow exhibition) Martin Dempsey beat brother Tom Dempsey (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn, NY: March 4, 1890
(Palace Rink) … (boxing exhibition) Peter Jackson (managed by Parson Davies) vs Jack Fallon (who was hissed off the stage) ... (catch as catch can) Benny Jones vs Young Pettitt

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: March 17, 1890
Tom Connors beat Sam Matthews (2/3 falls for the middleweight champion of America)

Brooklyn, NY: March 26, 1890
(Smithsonian Hall) … Tom Dempsey beat Martin Dempsey (2/3 falls) ... plus boxing

Brooklyn Eagle: May 2, 1890
Ernest Roeber challenges any man in the world, barring William Muldoon, for from $100 to $1000 a side. Roeber who is a resident of Brooklyn, arrival home about a week ago from a tour of the South and West with Muldoon’s combination. Muldoon and he wrestled for twenty or thirty minutes at a time and says the champion didn’t throw him once, although both invariably tried for a fall. Muldoon is his backer and is anxious to make a match for him against Tom Connors, Carkeek or any of the heavyweights.

Buffalo, NY: May 23, 1890
(Dennis) Gallagher beat Leonard (2/3 falls)

Brooklyn Eagle: June 7, 1890
Martin Dempsey, the lightweight champion wrestles William McGuinness of Dublin for the international championship. The match takes place at the baseball grounds in Long Island City on June 29. They will wrestle collar and elbow.

Brooklyn Eagle: July 11, 1890
In a recent match at Seattle, Matsada Sorakichi beat W. H. Quinn

Brooklyn, NY: July 17, 1890
(Deckelman’s Ridgewood Park) … Martin Dempsey vs P. O”Neil

New York City: July 29, 1890
(National Theater) … Ernest Roeber vs Malkoss (broken up by police for betting. Captain C. Daly was arrested by slugging a officer)

Brooklyn Eagle: August 17, 1890
prior to this Evan Lewis failed to throw Dan McLeod (15 minutes) Likely the match was held in San Francisco.

Brooklyn Eagle: August 24, 1890
Jack Carkeek has returned from England. He made several outstanding matches in Brooklyn against Muldoon. Carkeek is the catch as catch can champion of the world. He defeated George Ross at Manchester, England. Now he wants to meet Ernest Roeber, the American greco-roman champion.

New York City: October 30, 1890
(Novelty Theater) … To-morrow night (Oct. 31) William Muldoon vs Greek George. Later in the week Ernest Roeber meets the champion.

Brooklyn, NY: December 29, 1890
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … William Muldoon and Jake Kilrain’s athletics wrestled and boxed.

Research by Don Luce July 2004 (One hundred 14 years later)



Brooklyn, NY: February 2, 1891
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) ... This week Evan Lewis, Thomas McInerney, James J. Corbett and John Donaldson appear under Parson Davies’ Athletic troupe.

Brooklyn Eagle: February 10, 1891
Martin Dempsey and Hugh J. Leonard will wrestle collar and elbow for $250 a side and gate recepts. The match will probably come off on February 27, at Palace Hall.

Brooklyn, NY: May 5, 1891
(Hyde & Behman Theater) ... William Muldoon and Ernest Roeber facing all comers this week. Jake Kilrain boxes and Sebastian Miller smashes rocks with his fists.

New York City: August 24, 1891
(Union Square Theater) ... William Muldoon and his troupe performed along with the play “The Black Mask.


St. Louis, Missouri: Feb. 1, 1892
Max Luttberg vs B.S. McFadden (McFadden won the first fall in 1 hour 25 minutes, but both men were exhausted and the match was called off. A new one will be arranged.)

Brooklyn Eagle: February 12, 1892
William Muldoon will manage James J. Corbett’s athletic entertainment at Madison Square Garden on February 16.

Brooklyn Eagle: March 24, 1892
The match between Ernest Roeber, of this city, and August Robinet has been called off.

St. Paul, Minnesota: April 9, 1892
Moth beat McHugh for the championship of the Northwest

Brooklyn, NY: October 4, 1892
(Palace Rink) ... (benefit for Jack McAuliffe) (collar & elbow) Tom Dempsey beat brother Martin Dempsey ... plus boxing exhibitions

Brooklyn Eagle: October 16, 1892
John Scanlan, the champion wrestler of New England, has challenged any man in America to meet him at Lancashire style for $250 a side upward, Hugh Leonard, the wrestling teacher of the Manhattan athletic club, preferred.

New York City: October 25, 1892
(Manhattan athletic club) ... Hugh Leonard beat U. J. McKeppler and Warren Sage ... A.H. Howard beat Dr. L.W. Ely
Note: Outside of Hugh Leonard, the others were amateur wrestlers.

Brooklyn, NY: November 6, 1892
(Palace Rink) ... (collar & elbow) Tom Dempsey beat Martin Dempsey ... plus boxing

Brooklyn Eagle: December 3, 1892
President Charles Dickson, of the Olympic Club of New Orleans, has notified Richard K. Fox that his club will give a purse of $2000 for an international wrestling match between Evan Lewis and Tom Connors of England. Conditions catch as catch can, best three of five falls, for the championship of the world. The club allows Connors, who is now in England, $250 for expenses. Connors, the English champion, was notified by cable yesterday, and his answer is awaited. President Dickson contemplates having the match take place in the Olympic Club during mardi gras.

Brooklyn, NY: December 6, 1892
(Turn Hall) ... amateur negro boxing matches including a 4 man battle royal

New York City: December 17, 1892
(Madison Square Garden-The Carnival of Sports) ... (greco-roman exhibition) William Muldoon, the retired champion, drew with Ernest Roeber, the present champion, 10 minutes ... (fencing exhibition) C.G. Bothner, New York Turn Verein, vs R.O. Haubold, N.Y.A.C., who holds the championship ... (boxing exhibition) Jim Hall vs Alex Greggains ... (boxing exhibition) Bob Fitzsimmons vs Frank Bosworth ... there was even a football exhibition

Brooklyn, NY: December 25, 1892
(Gayety Theater) William Muldoon and Ernest Roeber will wrestle this week



Coldwater, Michigan: February 10, 1893
(Armory Hall) … (catch as catch can) Tom McMahon beat J.C. Comstock (2/3 falls for $250 and gate receipts)

New Orleans, LA: March 2, 1893
(Olympic Club) (New Orleans Carnival) … (WTM-mixed styles) Evan Lewis, the Strangler beat Ernest Roeber (3/5 falls) Lewis won the first and third falls at catch as catch can. Roeber took the second and fourth falls at greco-roman. Lewis chose catch style for the deciding fall.

Far Rockaway, NY: August 26, 1893
(Athletic Grounds) … A. Uilman vs G. Bothner ... Professor B.F. Ellis vs J.H. Hughes ... plus boxing

New York City: September 7, 1893
(NY Caledonian Club-Jones Woods) … Duncan C. Ross will meet all comers for the title

Brooklyn, NY: September 13, 1893
(Phillips’ Turn Hall) … Louis Lawrence vs Ernest Ziegler for $500 a side

Brooklyn, NY: September 15, 1893
(Lyceum Hall) … (catch as catch can) Ernest Alborn vs John Cline for $100

Brooklyn, NY: October 2, 1893
(Benner’s Ridgewood Grove) … (greaco-roman) Nick Drescher drew with Henry Lawrence (for $250 and the championship of Brooklyn and Long Island) ... (greaco-roman) Charles Raff beat George Carrow (dec.) ... (GR) Dud Maloney drew with Jack Costello ... plus sparring matches

Fort Wayne, Indiana: October 7, 1893
Bert Scheller, champion wrestler of Indiana, meets Pat Brennan of Idaho, catch as catch can for $150 a side and gate receipts within 10 days. Brooklyn, NY: December 19, 1893
(People’s Theater) … Martin Dempsey will meet all comers at collar and elbow style.
New York City: December 21, 1893
(Central Opera House) … George Bothner (Pastime A.C. of N.Y.) vs H. Battrick (New York Turn Verein), but the Pastime champion scaled three pounds over the 125 pounds of his class and he was disqualified ... later in the amateur program ... George Bothner beat H. Battrick (2-0 falls)
Note: By this time Bothner was weighed again and made 125 pounds.

New York City: December 23, 1893
(Central Opera House) … (amateurs) Charles Kloth beat George Bothner (who was injuried and gave up after 3 minutes. Bothner wrestled in the 158 pound class, but only weighed about 125 pounds. In the final of the 158 pound class Kloth drew with Ullman.

Brooklyn, NY: December 30, 1893
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … (catch as catch can) Ernest Roeber vs Theodore Hicke



New York City: January 20, 1894
(Varuna Boat Club) … (amateurs) Jack Luce beat Henry Elks (2/3 falls)

New York City: February 24, 1894
(Madison Square Garden benefit card) … (boxing) Jim Corbett sparred Charley Mitchell (4 rds.) … (boxing) George Dixon sparred Eddie Loeber (3 rds.) ... (boxing) Mike Leary sparred Bill Dacey (3 rds.) … (broadsword contest) Duncan C. Ross beat F.S. Castellano (5-0 points-10 minutes) ... (boxing) Charles Kelly sparred John Carroll (3 rds.) ... (boxing) Walter Campbell sparred Walter DeBaurn (3 rds.) … (boxing) Tommy Ryan sparred Billy Vernon (3 rds.) … (boxing) Mr. Kangaroo (animal) sparred Thomas Tully (3 rds.) … (boxing) Jack Levy sparred Casper Leon (3 rds.) ... (boxing) Bill Slavin sparred brother Jack Slavin (3 rds.) … (boxing) Dolly Lyon sparred Tom (Spider) Kelly ... (boxing) Frank Craig sparred Jim Foley (3 rds.) … (catch as catch can style) Hugh Leonard drew with A.B. McFadden (10 minutes) ... (graeco-roman style) William Muldoon (retired champion) drew with Ernest Roeber (present champion) (15 minutes ... Professor Attila put on a strength and balancing art

Chicago, Illinois: March 6, 1894
Evan Lewis, the Strangler, and Farmer Burns are likely to meet in Chicago on Saturday April 7. The match calls for five falls with no holds barred.

San Francisco, California: May 22, 1894
(Central Park) … (man vs beast) Sandow beat lion Commodore (who was muzzled and had boxing gloves on his paws) Sandow lifted the lion and swung him around, but it was of no avail. After 10 minutes of this farce, the match was given to Sandow. (Where was the A.P.C.A. when needed?)
Note: It is likely that Ed Lewis’ old manager, William Bauman of Rochester, N.Y., decided to call himself Billy Sandow after this early strongman.

New York City: June 11, 1894
(Academy of Music) … Ernest Roeber beat Duncan C. Ross (2-0 falls) ... Roeber won the first fall at catch as catch can, and fall two graeco-roman style ... (referee-Professor Attila)
Note: It was claimed that Ross has never been beaten at catch as catch can style. Muldoon has pinned him at graeco-roman however. Roeber has never lost at graeco-roman and beaten only by Evan Lewis, the best catch as catch can wrestler.

Brooklyn, NY: July 4, 1894
(Deckelman’s Ridgewood Park) … (collar & elbow) Martin Dempsey drew with Charles McWilliams

Brooklyn, NY: August 1, 1894
(Coney Island Casino-Seaside Athletic Club) … (catch as catch can) Hugh Leonard vs J. Weissmuller (2/3 falls) ... (broadswords contest) Duncan C. Ross beat Generosi Paresi (quit after sixth point, claiming the referee unfair) ... plus boxing card

Brooklyn, NY: August 27, 1894
(Coney Island Casino-Seaside Athletic Club) … (collar & elbow) Joe Ryan, the present champion, beat former champion Homer Lane (2-0 falls) ... (boxing) Jack McAuliffe beat Young Griffo (dec.) ... plus other boxing bouts

Grand Rapids, Michigan: November 26, 1894
Evan Lewis beat J.C. Comstock (3/4 falls for $500 a side, two points down) ... (Att.-2,000)
Cincinnati, Ohio: December 10, 1894
Robert Reaks drew with Max Luttberg (no falls) ... (Harvey Parker challenged Max later)

Westerly, Rhode Island: December 18, 1894
James Duane beat James McNamara (2/3 falls)

Boston, MA: December 20, 1894
(Polo Rink) … James Walsh beat E.A. Blood (2-0 falls)



Chicago, Illinois: April 23, 1995
Dan McLeod, of California, has challenged Farmer Burns to a wrestling bout for $2000 and his title of heavyweight champion of the world, best two of three falls. McLeod also challenged Charles Wittner of Cincinnati for the championship of the world at graeco-roman style. McLeod has posted $500 with the Sporting editor of the Times-Herald as a forfeit.

Brooklyn Eagle: August 31, 1895
Ernest Roeber has just returned from Germany, and now wants to wrestle Paul Pons in either England or America. Pons has thrown everyone in England, including Tom Cannon, the English champion.

Brooklyn Eagle: September 30, 1895
Ernest Roeber is giving boxer Bob Fitzsimmons wrestling lessons. He left these shores in July of last year, and was gone 11 months, and returned in June. During that time he defeated the best men that Germany, Russia and Poland could produce. In Russia, he defeated Petlasinski in 1 minute 35 seconds. After returning here, Roeber took part in Fitzsimmons’s big show in Philadelphia. He was billed to face 10 men on the same night. After defeating seven of them, the others withdrew. His latest victory was over Duncan C. Ross in New York City. He defeated Ross at graeco-roman style. At collar and elbow style they went without a fall. Roeber was first brought to the public notice by Captain James C. Daly, who took him all over the country. He stands 5 feet 9 inches in his stocking feet, and when in condition weights 180 pounds.

Indianapolis, Indiana: October 11, 1895
(catch as catch can style) Dan McLeod beat J.C. Comstock (2-0 falls) ... (Att.-1,500)

St. Johnsbury, VT: October 11, 1895
(collar & elbow) James McDonald beat James O’Neil (2/3 falls for the state championship and a $2,000 purse)

New York City: December 12, 1895
(Star Theater) … Dan McLeod failed to throw Ed Atherton (2 falls in 1 hour, only once)
Note: The Star Theater was on Jay Street. There is a Jay Street in both NYC and Brooklyn.



Brooklyn Eagle: January 5, 1896
Despite the risks of injury which may throw him out of baseball, Ed McKeon has decided to engage in a few wrestling matches before the baseball season begins. He will challenge the winner of the Jenkins-McMahon match to wrestle him at catch as catch can style about January 15.

New York City: January 15, 1896
(New Manhattan A.C.) ... George Bothner was listed to be entered in the 135 pound amateur tournament which started this day. None of his matches were given.

New York City: February 29, 1896
(Madison Square Garden) … (boxing exhibition) Bob Fitzsimmons vs Peter Maher (4 rds) ... Ernest Roeber vs Marks (there was no report of the wrestling match)

Brooklyn, NY: April 6, 1896
(South Brooklyn A.C.) ... Hugh Maloney, who claims to be the welterweight champion of Brooklyn, vs Jim Siddals, champion of England, graeco-roman for $200 pulse and a $100 side bet Brooklyn Eagle; September 14, 1896
To the editor of the Brooklyn Eagle:
I wish to state though your paper that I am open to wrestle any middleweight collar and elbow wrestler in America, black or white, best two in three falls, for from $250 to $500 a side.
Joe Ryan middleweight champion

Chicago, Illinois: December 8, 1896
Farmer Burns beat John Rooney (utc-3rd fall) ... Burns was to throw Rooney 5 times in 1 hour, but after 2 falls, Rooney was unable to continue.



Davenport, Iowa: May 8, 1897
Farmer Martin Burns* beat Dan S. McLeod (2/3 falls for the world’s championship, $1000 a side and 75% of the gate)

New York City: July 5, 1897
(Ambrose Park) … (wrestling) Bob Fitzsimmon vs Ernest Roeber Note: A advertised boxing contest between John L. Sullivan and Fitzsimmons was not allowed by the police. They were told that if they put the gloves on, they would be arrested. With 2,000 fans there, a wrestling contest was allowed.

London, England: August 28, 1897
Evan Lewis beat Bulldog Clayton (2-0 falls for the world’s championship)
Cincinnati, Ohio: October 15, 1897
Ernest Roeber and Charles Wittmer signed for a graeco-roman wrestling match in either New York City or Cincinnati. They are to deposit $250 with Harry Weldon, Enquirer sporting editor by February 15, and the other $250 two weeks in advance of the match. Both claim the graeco-roman championship of the world.

Indianapolis, Indiana: November 17, 1897
Tom Jenkins beat Farmer Burns (2-0 falls) ... Backers of Evan Lewis challenged the winner who first wants to meet Dan McLeod.

Brooklyn Eagle: December 15, 1897
Hugh F. Leonard, instructor of wrestling at the New York Athletic Club, has writen a book called “The Handbook of Wrestling” published by E.R. Pelton which details the various wrestling styles.



Brooklyn Eagle: February 22, 1898
Yousouf the Turkish wrestler has posted a forfeit of $500 for a match with Ernest Roeber.

Brooklyn Eagle: February 25, 1898
Yousouf arrived last Friday on the steamship Lahn, to face Roeber and Evan Lewis. The Turk is 32 years old.

Racine, Wisconsin: February, 25, 1898
Evan Lewis beat Jack King (3/4 falls in a 5 styles of wrestling contest) New York City: February 28, 1898
(Lenox Lyceum Theater) … Hugh Leonard, instructor of N.Y. Athletic Club, vs Charles J. Kintner, heavyweight champion of the American Wheelmen

Brooklyn Eagle: March 21, 1898
Yousouf, the Terrible Turk, has Tom Cannon as his chief adviser, and will defeat Ernest Roeber according to him.

Brooklyn Eagle: March 25, 1898
Yousouf is working out with Tom Cannon and Antonio Pierri for his match tomorrow night.

New York City: March 26, 1898
(Madison Square Garden) … (graeco-roman style) Ernest Roeber beat Yousouf the Terrible Turk (foul) ... (catch as catch can) Frank Idone beat Leo Pardello ... (collar & elbow) William Johnson beat Harry Reed ... (Hugh Leonard-refereed the main contest)
Note: The match was a farce and 10,000 fans were easily gulled into putting their money into the coffers of the Brady, Kennedy, Julian, etc., combination. The Turk weighed 222 and Roeber 185.

Chicago, Illinois: March 28, 1898
Dan McLeod wants to wrestle the Turk for $500 or $1000 a side, best two in three falls, mixed styles, catch as catch can and graeco-roman. The man scoring the fastest fall gets to chose the style in the third fall.

Philadelphia, PA: April 4, 1898
(Arena A.C.) ... Yousouf the Terrible Turk beat John McCormick (3-0 falls)

Norwalk, CT: April 8, 1898
(Norwalk Opera House) … George Bothner (lightweight champion of America) drew with Frank E. Kohl (1 fall each) ... plus 2 boxing matches

Brooklyn, NY: April 17, 1898
(Hyde & Behman’s Theater) … Yousouf will wrestle all this week against McCormick or anyone who will meet his challenge.

Brooklyn Eagle: April 19, 1898
Ishmael Yousouf arrived at the Brandon hotel.

New York City: April 30, 1898
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Ernest Roeber vs Yousouf the Terrible Turk (no contest)

Rochester, NY: May 3, 1898
Yousouf the Terrible Turk beat Ed Atherton (2-0 falls)

New York City: June 11, 1898
(Madison Square Garden) … (mixed styles) Yousouf the Terrible Turk beat Heraklides (2-0 falls, graeco-roman and catch as catch can) ... (catch as catch can) Tony Lewis beat George Richelieu (2/3 falls) ... (graeco-roman) Charles Beck drew with Jack Payson (1 fall each) ... (Att.-2,000)

Brooklyn Eagle: July 8, 1898
Report on the sinking of the ship Bourgogne and of Yousouf drowning. Brooklyn, NY: August 6, 1898
(National Athletic Club) … George Bothner vs Max Zeigler and Joe Ramsay

Brooklyn Eagle: September 23, 1898
Haili Adali, another Terrible Turk arrived on the Teutonic yesterday. He claims to be the only man to throw Yousouf.

New York City: November 5, 1898
(Madison Square Garden) … Tom Jenkins drew with Haili Adali

Brooklyn, NY: November 20, 1898
(Brooklyn Music Hall) … Ernest Roeber and his partner Leo Pardello will meet in a exhibition and Roeber will face anyone else that will meet him, all this week.



New York City: January 9, 1899
(Unique Theater) … Ernest Roeber beat Nolze, the Terrible German (11:19) ... Leo Pardello failed to throw M. Faust (15 minutes) ... Roeber and his partner are appearing all week here.

Chicago, Illinois: January 23, 1899
Hali Adali failed to throw John Rooney and Farmer Burns twice in 90 minutes. Adali threw Rooney, then Burns and Rooney a second time. However he was unable to throw Burns again ... Billy Murphy beat Jack Quinn

St. Louis, Missouri: January 31, 1899
Max Luttbeg challenges any lightweight or middleweight to wrestle him in any style save collar and elbow. Luttberg is willing to wrestle Roeber, but admits that there is little chance of a match as Roeber is a fakir, and will not meet him. (This was repeated on February 2.)

New York City: January 31, 1899
(Lenox Athletic Club) … (amateurs) Max Wiley won first place in the 135 and 145 pound classes

St. Paul, Minnesota: February 24, 1899
(Conover Hall) … Dan McLeod beat George Baptiste

Ithaca, NY: March 3, 1899
(middleweight wrestling championship) (amateurs) M.E. Wiley drew with G.A. Freindt

Brooklyn Eagle: March 5, 1899
Yesterday afternoon Ernest Roeber and Heraklides signed for a catch as catch can match in Baltimore on March 10, for $500 a side.

New York City: March 6. 1899
(Central Opera House) … (mixed styles) George Bothner beat Ebernard Hohm (2-0 falls)

Boston, MA: March 7, 1899
(Music Hall) … Ernest Roeber beat The Terrible Turk (phoney) Baltimore, MD: March 10, 1899
Ernest Roeber failed to throw George Burlingame (15 minutes)
Note: The Police would not allow Heraklides to wrestler Roeber as the Greek signed to wrestle with the strangle hold allowed. The Police would not allow its use.

Columbus, Ohio: April 24, 1899
(catch as catch can) Professor M.J. Dwyer beat Tom Lewis (3-0 falls)

Cleveland, Ohio: July 4, 1899
(League Park) … (catch as catch can) Tom Jenkins beat Ernest Roeber (2-0 falls) ... (Att.-7,000)

Chicago, Illinois: August 18, 1899
(boxing) Jack McCormick beat Kid McCoy (ko-1st round)
Note: McCormick was the wrestler who was Yousouf’s training partner in 1898. The boxing contest was to go 6 rounds, but McCoy fell victim to a lucky punch.

Boston, MA: September 13, 1899
(Dietrich’s Music Hall Annex) … (catch as catch can style) Ernest Roeber beat Professor Atlas

Brooklyn, NY: September 27, 1899
(Lennox Athletic Club) … (boxing) Kid McCoy beat Jack McCormick (dq-8th round)
Note: McCormick had no real chance against the light hitting boxer, and often wrestled McCoy to the mat.

Brooklyn Eagle: October 21, 1899
Yesterday James J. Jeffries wrestled with Ernest Roeber as part of his training for the upcoming fight.

Albany, NY: November 23, 1899
(mixed styles) Professor M.J. Dwyer beat Karl Johnson (2-0 falls, catch as catch can and Cornish styles in a private match for $200 a side)

Detroit, Michigan: December 18, 1899
Tom Jenkins beat Kara Osman (utc)



Durham, New Hampshire: January 26, 1900
Rhodes beat McPherson (2/3 falls for the championship of New England and $250 a side.

Cleveland, Ohio: February 7, 1900
(Cleveland Wheel Club gym) … (catch as catch can) Tom Jenkins beat Kara Osman (who after several attempts to foul his opponent quit after 85 minutes in a contest billed for the world’s championship) ... (Att.-2,000)

New York City: February 14, 1900
(Broadway Athletic Club) … (135 pound amateur class) Max Wiley beat John L. Cluney (dec.) New York City: February 15, 1900
(Broadway Athletic Club) … (145 pound amateur class) Max Wiley beat C.C. Mitchell

New York City: February 17, 1900
(Broadway Athletic Club) … (135 pound amateur class final) Max Wiley beat Charles Lerheim ... (145 pound amateur class semi final) Max Wiley beat Fred Lugenbahl

New York City: February 19, 1900
(Broadway Athletic Club) … (only boxing covered in finals of boxing and wrestling bouts)
Note: Max Wiley wrestling for the Rochester A.C. later wrestled pro.

Brooklyn Eagle: February 28, 1900
Yesterday 7 boxers and wrestlers left on the railroad for San Francisco where they will be in a tournament held by the Olympic Club. Max Wiley will be in the 135, 145 and 158 pound class.

New York City: March 4, 1900
(Star Theater) … Ernest Roeber vs Professor Atlas ... (possibly all this week)

San Francisco, California: March 7, 1900
(Olympic Club) ... (135 pounds) Max Wiley beat J.W. Rhodes (dec.) ... (145 pounds) Max Wiley beat R.S. Nixon ... (158 pounds) Max Wiley beat William Noethig (dec.)

San Francisco, California: March 9, 1900
(Olympic Club) ... (145 pounds) Max Wiley beat C.W. Davis

New York City: March 10, 1900
(Broadway A.C.) ... (graeco-roman) Ernest Ziegler vs John Piening ... Leo Pardello vs Edwin Ruh ... (catch) Max Brenner vs Eyerhardt Halm ... (gr) John Kamerer vs Louis Wohleben

Brooklyn Eagle: March 14, 1900
Ernest Roeber is training with Bob Fitzsimmons, Lawrence Hirschborn, Charles Leonhart and August Faust in a Manhattan gym for his upcoming bout with Bech Olsen.

New York City: March 21, 1900
(Madison Square Garden) ... (WTM*) Bech Olsen beat Ernest Roeber (1st fall-Roeber-24:25, 2nd fall-Olsen-14:39 (utc-3rd fall to win the world’s graeco-roman title) ... (catch as catch can) William Johnson bea Gus LaRose (2-0 falls) ... (catch as catch can) George Bothner beat Jack Ryan (2-0 falls) ... (Att.-8,000) ... (flying and rolling falls did not count)

New York City: March 22, 1900
(Unique Theater) ... (graeco-roman) Kara Osman vs Louis Pardella (Leo Pardello?) (No contest)
After throwning Pardella to the floor, Atlas, another wrestler, jumped into the ring and knocked the Turk down. A small riot started and theatre manager, Frank B. Carr explained that the referee left by the back door. The Police kept Osman and Atlas (likely Professor Atlas aka Jim McGee) apart. The Turk was to meet all comers all during the week, but Carr said that he was all done with the wrestlers.

Brooklyn Eagle: March 24, 1900
Ernest Roeber wants another match with Bech Olsen.

New York City: March 31, 1900
(Hercules Club) ... August Foust (Roeber’s trainer) vs Harry Hyams ... plus boxing

Omaha, Nebraska: May 4, 1900
Bech Olsen beat Emil Klank ... Bech Olsen beat Mike Crow ... (exhibition) Bech Olsen vs Hansen

Chicago, Illinois: May 11, 1900
(Tattersall) ... (catch as catch can) Bech Olsen drew with Jack Rooney (1 hr.10 min.) (Sub for Farmer Burns)

Naugatuck, CT: May 23, 1900
(Gem Opera House) ... Charles W. Mayser (assistant Yale gym instructor) beat Frank Burns (of New Haven) (2-0 falls for the middleweight championship of New England)

San Francisco, California: June 6, 1900
Max Wiley drew with F.H. Bayley.(1 hour)
At the recent amateur tournament here Wiley lost the decision to Bayley. He came back for another match.

Brooklyn Eagle: June 18, 1900
At Bergen Beach on July 4, Bob Fritzsimmons will referee a graeco-roman match between August Foust, Ernest Roeber’s wrestling partner, and Peter Hansen, who handled Bech Olsen. The winner will challenge Olsen for the title.

Brooklyn Eagle: July 1, 1900
Ernest Roeber is in Europe where he is trying to force Bech Olsen into a rematch or give up the title.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: August 7, 1900
(graeco-roman) Jack Rooney beat Jack Carkeek (utc-2nd fall-broken rib)

New York City: November 30, 1900
(Grand Central Palace) ... (graeco-roman) Paul Pons beat John Piening (2-0 falls)

New York City: December 18, 1900
(Grand Central Palace) ... (benefit for the late Hugh S. Hart, well known sports writer) (catch as catch can) Ernest Roeber vs James J. Jeffries (boxing champion) ... Paul Pons vs all comers ... George Bothner vs Phil Brown ... Hugh Leonard vs one of his pupils ... Gustay Estel vs Fredrick Mohl ... sparring matches with Jim Corbett, Peter Maher, Tom Sharkey and others



Brooklyn Eagle: January 8, 1901
The importation of Nouralah, another Terrible Turk, by Martin Julian, is probably the forerunner of a series of wrestling matches such as a easy New York public witnessed several years ago. Julian with Brady and several other promoters filled their pockets with many dollars. Fake matches were the rule and those who witnessed some of the matches would not pay to see a match that was engineered by the same men, if the Sultan of Turkey himself was a principal. The sensational death of Yousouf, in a shipwreck, owing principally to the fact that he refused to part with the gold attached to his belt, will probably prove a lesson to the newcomer and he will do well to convert his money into bills. This is providing the New York public can again be fooled. The latter has shown that it can rarely have enough of fake shows, and seldom knows the difference, and no one knows this better than Brady, Julian and company. Madison Square Garden will probably be to small too hold the spectators, anxious to see the first match that may be arranged.

Wilkesbarre, PA: January 9, 1901
M.J. Dwyer beat J.J. Little (for purse of $300)

Brooklyn Eagle: January 11, 1901
Pons and Roeber are preparing for their wrestling bout at Madison Square Garden on February 6, It is to be hoped that the wrestling game will be kept above the level of fighting. If it is not, may it be doomed to the same death.

Brooklyn Eagle: February 1, 1901
Both Paul Pons and Ernest Roeber claim the world’s (graeco-roman) title. Roeber claims to have gone to Europe and defeated Bech Olsen. Pauls claims that he is the champion by defeating the best wrestlers in Europe.

New York City: February 6, 1901
(Madison Square Garden) ... Ernest Roeber drew with Paul Pons (1 hour 25 minutes, with the bout stopped at midnight) ... George Bothner vs Harvey Parker (The paper doesn’t give result, but I think this is where Bothner started claiming the world’s lightweight title.)

Brooklyn Eagle: February 8, 1901
Pons claims that he defeated Nouroulah in Paris a few years ago, but the Turk says that no such thing ever happened.

Newark, NJ: March 1, 1901
(Castino Music Hall) ... (catch as catch can) John Piening vs Dennis Gallagher
Note: In a recent match Gallagher stood off the heavyweight Leo Pardello.

Cleveland, Ohio: March 15, 1901
George V. Tuohey, manager of Tom Jenkins, the world’s catch as catch can champion, challenged Nouroulah, Paul Pons, Charles Wittmer to meet his man. Jenkins meets John Rooney here on March 26.

New York City: March 22, 1901
(Grand Central Palace) ... (catch as catch can) Nouroulah beat James McWeeney (2-0 falls in a contest where the 350 pound Turk had no trouble with the smaller Chicago wrestler)

New York City: March 27, 1901
(Palace Hall) ... (mixed styles) Dennis Gallagher vs Joe Ramsey ... (graeco-roman) Fred Weyle vs Leo Pardello

Hoboken, New Jersey: April 25, 1901
(Lyric Theater) ... (amateur tournament) Max Wiley is claimed to be wrestled in Rochester last Tuesday against a professional named Haslop. If so, any metals he wins will be held until the charges are cleared.

Boston, MA: April 29, 1901
(Mechanic’s Hall) ... (mixed styles) Ernest Roeber vs Harvey Parker

New York City: May 7, 1901
(Madison Square Garden) ... (catch as catch can) Nouroulah beat Tom Jenkins (2-0 falls for the world’s title) ... (referee-George Bothner) ... (Att.-4,000)
Note: At 346 pounds, the Turk was just to heavy for the Cleveland wrestler.

New York City: May 13, 1901
(Star Theater) ... Harvey Parker beat Tom Clark (5 minutes) ... (Parker here all week)

Brooklyn Eagle: May 20, 1901
Roeber has long been recognized as America’s graeco-roman champion having secured the title from Muldoon nine years ago.

New York City: May 24, 1901
(Academy of Music) ... (graeco-Roman) Ernest Roeber beat Nouroulah (foul) ... (Att.-3,000)
Note: The Turk was to throw Roeber three falls in 1 hour. After 26 minutes, Nouroulah grabbed Roeber below the waist and sat on his face. Referee O’Donnell was unable to get Nouroulah off. A policeman entered the ring to get the Turk off his foe. The referee disqualified him as holds below the waist are not allowed in graeco-roman contests. Roeber can now go around the country as the only man to defeat Nourolah, and the later will sail back home.

New York City: May 24, 1901
(Miner’s Bowery Theater) ... Harvey Parker failed to throw George Bothner (15 minutes)
Note: Parker had recently defeated Roeber.

Patchogue, New York: June 22, 1901
(Brooks Boxing School) ... Leo Pardello vs Carl Smith

Cleveland, Ohio: July 4, 1901
(Forrest City Park) ... Gus Johnson beat Tom Jenkins (2-0 falls) ... (Att.-5,000) (likely reversed)

New York City: July 9, 1901
(Madison Square Garden) ... (graeco-roman style) Gus Rublin beat Bob Fitzsimmons (2-0 falls) ... (Att.-3,000 which would just pay the training expenses of the two men. Boxing was outlawed in New York during this period.. Roeber trained Rublin and Charles Leonhardt trained Fitzsimmons.) New York City: July 18, 1901
(Navy Yard on ship-Vermont) ... (exhibition) Mike Donovan vs George Bothner ... plus boxing

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: July 23, 1901
(catch as catch can) Tom Jenkins beat Charles Moth (2-0 falls) Atlantic City, NJ: August 8, 1901
Tom Jenkins beat Peter Maher (2-0 falls)

Worcester, MA: August 8, 1901
(Worcester Coliseum) ... (catch as catch can) Hjaimer Lundin beat Francois Pascol (2-0 falls)

Buffalo, NY: August 15, 1901
(Lyceum Theater) ... (mixed styles) Dan McLeod beat Charles Wittmer (2/3 falls) Wittmer won the graeco-roman bout, then McLeod won both catch at catch can contests.

Brooklyn Eagle: August 31, 1901
Harry Pikiniski of New York is out with a claim to the lightweight wrestling championship of the country. Pikiniski claims that Harvey Parker, who is now in Europe, has no legitimate right to the title, as he has not been able to make the lightweight limit in years. Pikiniski wants to meet George Bothner or Max Wiley.

Brooklyn Eagle: September 13, 1901
Recently in England Jack Carkeek failed to throw Harvey Parker in the time limit. The two may wrestle in a finish match. Martin Julian announces that Nouroulah will return this fall. He is now in Turkey, but will leave in the middle of next month for Paris and Germany. When he arrives in this country efforts will be made to match him with another Turk by the name of Zirlach.

Rochester, NY: September 30, 1901
(Fitzhugh Hall) ... (catch as catch can) Max Wiley vs Farmer Bennett ... A. Oliver Nelson vs B.J. Hackett

Worcester, MA: October 17, 1901
(catch as catch can champion) Tom Jenkins beat Hjaimar Lundin (2-0 falls)

New York City: October 21, 1901
(catch as catch can) Jack McCormick failed to throw George Bothner (twice in 1 hour, no falls)
McCormick weighed 220 against the lightweight wonder.

Brooklyn Eagle: October 30, 1901
Managers of George Bothner and Harvey Parker were unable to come to terms on a match.

Paterson, NJ: October 31, 1901
(graeco-roman) Harvey Parker drew with Emil Selva (3 hours)

Philadelphia, PA: November 2, 1901
(catch as catch can) Harvey Parker vs Jack McCormick New York City: November 7, 1901
(Miner’s Bowery Theater) ... Harvey Parker beat Fritz Mohl (13 minutes)

Grand Rapids, Michigan: November 8, 1901
Charles Leonhardt vs Professor M.J. Dwyer

Worcester, MA: November 16, 1901
Chief of Police Stone ordered that the strangle hold be barred from all future wrestling contests taking place in Worcester. This is the result of a match taking place last week between Hjalmer Lundin and M.J. Dwyer last week in Mechanic’s Hall. Lundin twice got the strangle hold on Dwyer and rendered him unconscious.

Newark, NJ: November 19, 1901
(graeco-roman) Charles Leonhardt vs Jack McCormick

New York City: November 22, 1901
(Lenox Lyceum) ... (graeco-roman) Ernest Roeber beat Mehmet Nechad (result found 12-16)
Note: Roeber retired after this bout and took Nechad under his wing.

New York City: December 2, 1901
(Lenox Lyceum) ... (catch as catch can style) Harvey Parker failed to throw George Bothner (twice in 1 hour, no falls)

New York City: December 6, 1901
(Grand Central Palace) ... John Pienig beat Raoul de Cahors (2/3 falls) ... (referee-Charley White)

New York City: December 19, 1901
(Grand Central Palace) ... Mehmet Nechad vs Carl Norbeck



New York City: January 2, 1902
(Grand Central Palace) … John Piening beat Mehmet Nachad (result found 3-3)

Brooklyn Eagle: January 8, 1902
Max Luttbeg will appear at Minor’s Bowery Theater next week. The St. Louis wrestler claims the world’s lightweight title. Fred Burns, his manager, says that George Bothner and Harvey Parker rival claimants don’t care to met him.

New York City: January 13, 1902
(London Theater-Manhattan) … John Piening vs Billy Edwards of New York and Fred Mohl

Hartford, CT: January 15, 1902
(Polo Hall) … George Bothner vs Jack Harvey ... John Fox vs Thomas Roach

Worcester, MA: January 15, 1902
(Worcester Theater) … (catch as catch can) Hjalmer Lundin vs Francois Pascol ... (likely referee-John Anderson former Brooklyn firstbaseman)

New York City: January 17, 1902
(Miner’s Bowery Theater) … Max Luttbeg vs George Bothner (canceled) Note: Bothner refused to wrestle unless the strangle hold was barred.

New York City: January 18, 1902
(Forty-seventh Regiment Armory) … William Kubrehera vs Louis Steinbach

Davenport, Iowa: January 24, 1902
John J. Rooney beat Mouradoulah, the Turk (The Turk won 3/4 falls, but the third and fourth were awarded to Rooney because of the strangle hold. Frank Gotch will wrestle either.

Brooklyn Eagle: January 26, 1902
John Piening, the “Butcher Boy” is negotiating for wrestling matches with Jim Parr, champion of England or Tom Jenkins. In the meantime he may meet Norbeck or Wittmer in this city.

New York City: February 25, 1902
(Star Theater) … Tom Jenkins beat Teddy Sittler (14 and one half minutes) Jenkins is meeting all comers and will face Sittler again Saturday night. (March 1)

Brooklyn Eagle: February 26, 1902
Theobaud Bauer, former wrestling champion of the world, has just died in San Francisco, an imbecile millionaire.

New York City: February 27, 1902
(Star Theater) … Tom Jenkins vs Jimmy Clark

New York City: February 28, 1902
(Star Theater) … Tom Jenkins beat Nick Elliott (8:40)

New York City: February 28, 1902
(Lenox Lyceum Theater) … John Piening beat Carl Norbeck (wof) for the graeco-roman title

Brooklyn, NY: March 3, 1902
(Unique Theater) … (non title) John Piening* vs Carl Hansen (15 minutes)
Note: Piening is billed as graeco-roman champion of the world and meets all comers this week.

Brooklyn, NY: March 7, 1902
(Unique Theater) … (non title) John Piening* vs Teddy Sutter and William Stevenson

New York City: March 11, 1902
(Star Theater) … Harvey Parker wrestles at all performances this week.

Brooklyn, NY: March 11, 1902
(Unique Theater) … John Piening beat August Holtzman (6:20)
Note: Piening may go to England to face Bulldog Clayton, their champion.

Brooklyn, NY: March 12, 1902
(Unique Theater) … John Piening vs George Kelly and Otto Hertel (both heavyweights)

New York City: March 15, 1902
(Star Theater) … Harvey Parker vs Orville W. Holmes

Brooklyn, NY: March 15, 1902
(Unique Theater) … John Piening vs August Holtzman and Sebastian Miller (throw both in 30 minutes or forfeit $25)

Brooklyn Eagle: March 20, 1902
Leo Pardello recently defeated Steven Farice for the Italian championship.

New York City: March 22, 1902
(Lenox Lyceum Theater) … Harvey Parker drew with George Bothner (one hour & 20 minutes) ... Leo Pardello vs John Fisher
Note: Parker and Bothner have wrestled eight times under different conditions with no falls scored.

Paterson, NJ: March 31, 1902
(Bijou Theater) … John Piening beat Jim Galloway

Paterson, NJ: April 1, 1902
(Bijou Theater) … John Piening vs Charley Stager and George Weber

Brooklyn, NY: April 2, 1902
(Academy Hall) … (Stag party exhibitions) George Bothner beat William Brown ... Teddy Sitter drew with Frank Ryan (10 minutes)

New York City: April 8, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening beat Otto Muller (7:30) ... John Piening failed to throw Leo Pardello in the rest of 15 minute time limit

New York City: April 9, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening vs Big Bill Brown and Orville Holmes

New York City: April 11, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening vs Leo Pardello

Brooklyn Eagle: April 16, 1902
Last week John Piening threw Ed Casey, Big Bill Brown, John Remmerl, Jack Neary and Stephen Douse. Johnny Dunn is the manager of Piening.

Chicago, Illinois: April 18, 1902
(Industrial A.C.) … Dan McLeod failed to throw Jim Parr (3 times in 1 hour, no falls) ... Louis Steinagle (of Buffalo) drew with Tom Riley (of England) (1 fall each)

New Haven, CT: April 18, 1902
Farmer Martin Burns failed to throw Professor M.J. Dwyer (2 falls in 1 hour, Burns won 1 fall)

New York City: April 23, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … (catch as catch can) John Piening beat George Leonard

New York City: April 24, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … John Piening vs Franz Bauer

Brooklyn, NY: April 28, 1902
(Varuna Theater & Hall) … (greaco-roman) John Larkin vs Sam Mende ... (catch as catch can) Ed Casey vs Harry Curley ... (graeco-roman) Jim Casey vs Billy Edwards (both Brooklyn middleweights ... James Clarke vs Joseph Lawlor (world’s heavyweight collar & elbow champion)
Note: Likely the Clarke-Lawlor contest was canceled.

New York City: April 28, 1902
(London Theater) … John Piening beat Oscar Hansen ... John Piening failed to throw Fritz Mohl in rest of 15 minute time limit

New York City: April 29, 1902
(London Theater) … John Piening beat Orville W. Holmes (heavyweight champion of Brooklyn)

New York City: April 30, 1902
(London Theater) … John Piening failed to throw Phillip Krieg (heavyweight champion of Harlem) (15 minutes)
Note: On May 2, Johnny Dunn said he disqualified Kreig for not getting back on the mat after 13 minutes.

New York City: May 1, 1902
(London Theater) … John Piening beat Fritz Mohl “the Terrible Iceman” of Zurich, Switzerland

New York City: May 2, 1902
(London Theater) … John Piening beat Orville W. Holmes (sub for Phillip Krieg who claimed an arm injury. Johnny Dunn, Piening’s manager, offered Kreig a $25 forfeit and he could choose any referee from the audience.)

New York City: May 3, 1902
(London Theater) … John Piening vs Jack Kammen and Franz Bauer

New Orleans, LA: May 25, 1902
Tom Jenkins failed to throw Professor Otto Schoenfeld (3 falls in 90 minutes, winning 2 falls before time ran out)

New York City: June 16, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening beat Orville W. Holmes (under 9 minutes) ... John Piening failed to throw Billy Edwards in the remaining time-15 minutes total)

New York City: June 17, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening vs Otto Hansen

New York City: June 18, 1902
(Star Theater) … (catch as catch can) John Piening beat Carl Richards (sub for Billy Edwards)

New York City: June 19, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening beat Fritz Mohl

New York City: June 20, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening vs Teddy Sitter and Jim Galvin (of Ireland)

New York City: June 21, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening vs Jim Galvin and 2 other men in 15 minutes.
Note: Piening has defeated Jack Neary, Stephen Douse and Whitey Hesse in less than 10 minutes. Possibly on June 20.

New York City: June 23, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening to wrestle at testimonal for W.I. Bissell, Star Theater manager

Cleveland, Ohio: July 4, 1902
Tom Jenkins vs Dan McLeod

Brooklyn Eagle: July 20, 1902
Next week graeco-roman champion John Piening is to meet all comers at Inman’s Theater and Casino at West Brighton, Coney Island.

Newark, NJ: July 28, 1902
(Seifert’s Hall) … John Piening vs Charles Leonhardt (Piering needs 2 falls in l hour)

Brooklyn, NY: August 27, 1902
(Unique Theater) … Max Luttbeg beat Teddy Sitter (14:30)

Rochester, NY: August 28, 1902
(Empire Theater) … (catch as catch can) Harvey Parker vs Max Wiley

New York City: September 22, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening beat Neil Olsen (14:28)

New York City: September 23, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening vs Billy Edwards

New York City: September 26, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening beat Otto Mueller

New York City: September 27, 1902
(Star Theater) … (matinee) John Piening beat Neil Olsen ... (evening) John Piening beat Peter Hansen

Brooklyn, NY: September 29, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … John Piening beat Neil Olsen (14:48) ... Johnny Dunn wouldn’t start the bout with Otto Hansen (Peter’s brother) as there was not enough time left.

Brooklyn, NY: September 30, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … John Piening vs Otto Hansen

Brooklyn, NY: October 1, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … John Piening beat Billy Edwards (13:50)

Brooklyn, NY: October 2, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … John Piening beat Peter Hansen ... John Piening failed to throw Neil Olsen in the remaining nine minutes of the 15 minutes time limit

Brooklyn, NY: October 3, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … John Piening beat Billy Edwards (13:02)

Brooklyn, NY: October 4, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … (matinee) John Piening vs Franz Bauer ... (evening) John Piening vs Neil Olsen

Brooklyn, NY: October 14, 1902
(Unique Theater) … John Piening beat Carl Larsen

New Haven, CT: October 15, 1902
August Faust failed to throw Professor M.J. Dwyer (twice in 1 hour, no falls) ... Jacob Smith beat M.P. O’Connell (2-0 falls)

Brooklyn, NY: October 15, 1902
(Unique Theater) … John Piening beat Joe Miller

Brooklyn, NY: October 16, 1902
(Unique Theater) … John Piening vs Carl Larsen

Brooklyn, NY: October 17, 1902
(Unique Theater) … John Piening vs Michael Sardis

Buffalo, NY: October 22, 1902
(Olympic A.C.) … Walter Willoughby drew with Max Wiley (85 minutes) ... (amateurs) Jack Mills beat Bert Hartwell

Montreal, Quebec: October 24, 1902
George Kennedy beat Max Wiley (foul) for the international lightweight championship

Baltimore, MD: October 28, 1902
Joe Grant drew with Americus (Gus Schoenlein) (2 hours-no falls)

New Haven, CT: October 29, 1902
(handicap match) J.C. Comstock failed to throw Professor M.J. Dwyer (4 falls in 1 hour)
Note: Comstock won two falls, then Dwyer won a fall to win the match.

New Haven, CT: November 12, 1902
(mixed styles) Professor M.J. Dwyer beat J.C. Comstock (3/4 falls) Rochester, NY: November 12, 1902
(Fitzhugh Hall) … (mixed styles) James Parr beat Alois Gonthier (2/3 falls)

New York City: November 17, 1902
(Star Theater) … Tom Jenkins beat Cuban Wonder (8 minutes) ... Jenkins is wrestling all this week at both matinee and evening shows

New York City: November 20, 1902
(Star Theater) … Tom Jenkins vs Teddy Sitter ... (evening) (catch as catch can) Cuban Wonder beat Teddy Sitter (6:41)

New York City: November 21, 1902
(Grand Central Palace) … (catch as catch can) John Piening failed to throw George Bothner (4 falls in 1 hour) Piening (55 pounds heavier won only two falls before time ran out. Piening was the graeco-roman champion and Bother was lightweight champion ... Max Luttbeg, Bill Brown and George Whitting won preliminary bouts over opponents not named. ... (referee of main event-Hugh Leonard)

New York City: November 21, 1902
(Star Theater) … (graeco-roman) Tom Jenkins failed to throw August Faust (15 minutes) ... Cuban Wonder vs Teddy Sitter
Note: August Faust is billed as the graeco-roman champion.

New York City: November 22, 1902
(Star Theater) … (catch as catch can) Tom Jenkins vs August Fault

Fall River, MA: November 24, 1902
(Fall River A.C.) … (catch as catch can) Alfred Laiscelle beat John Cavannagh (for state title)

Baltimore, MD: November 25, 1902
Charles Reinecke drew with August Schoenlein (Americus) (1 hour)

New York City: November 25, 1902
(Madison Square Garden-Concert Hall) … Tom Jenkins beat Joe Carroll (2-0 falls)
Note: This was the Joe Carroll from Ireland, not Frank Gotch’s early manager.

Cincinnati, Ohio: November 27, 1902
(graeco-roman) Charles Wittmer beat Leo Pardello (2/3 falls)

Waterbury, CT: November 27, 1902
John E. Kelly beat John (Rober) Reagan (2-0 falls)

Baltimore, MD: December 12, 1902
(catch as catch can) August Schoenlein (Americus) beat Charles Reinecke (utc-2nd fall)

Cleveland, Ohio: December 15, 1902
Tom Jenkins beat Tom McMcInerny (2/3 falls)

New York City: December 15, 1902
(Star Theater) … (matinee) John Piening beat Neil Olsen (10 minutes) ... (evening) John Piening beat Neil Olsen (14:10)

New York City: December 16, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening beat Carl Lundstrom

New York City: December 17, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening vs Billy Edwards

New York City: December 18, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening beat Franz Bauer ... John Piening beat Neil Olsen

Buffalo, NY: December 19, 1922
(American catch as catch can champion) Tom Jenkins* beat James Parr (2/3 falls) ... Alois Gonthier beat two local wrestlers

New York City: December 19, 1902
(Star Theater) … John Piening vs Carl Lundstrom

New York City: December 20, 1902
(Star Theater) … (matinee) ... John Piening vs Neil Olsen

New York City: December 22, 1902
(Grand Central Palace) … Tom Jenkins failed to throw George Bothner (4 falls in 1 hour, won only three) ... (referee-Tom Shawkey)

Brooklyn, NY: December 23, 1902
(Gayety Theater) … John Piening vs all comers

Worcester, MA: December 25, 1902
Dan McLeod beat Tom Jenkins (utc-3rd fall) to win the American catch as catch can title

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