G-1 Climax feedback from first night

Hi Dave,

Thumbs up.
Best match: Tanahashi vs. Kojima
Worst match: Tenzan vs. Shelton Benjamin

A very good show to start the G1. Everything in the first half was ok to good with Shibata vs. DBS Jr the stand-out match and a nice change of style. Things really got going after intermission. All the matches were good to great, though for me the constant interference, turnbuckle tampering and dumb ref routine in Devitt's matches is wearing thin. It's ok once in a while or for a Yano type mid-carder (who actually did a lot of the same schtick in the opener) but it doesn't suit a main eventer. Finish aside, Tanahashi and Kojima had a really great match. Whilst it wasn't as good as Kobashi Hansen it was reminiscent of it. Kojima's offence looked brutal and Tanahashi sold it like a champ.

Will, London

Best: Suzuki-Nagata
Worst: Ishii-Archer
Missed most of the Ibushi-Yano and Makabe-Goto to real-life distractions, so don't know about those.
Ishii vs Archer. No good, but had one or two decent spots. I wonder if anyone can get a match out of Archer with his current no-sell-thingie. Seems like he's doing a more "c'mon-dude-wrestling-is-fake" rather than a tough guy.
Smith Jr. vs Shibata. Really good. As was Naitou vs Takahashi. Great to see Takahashi get his win back. To me he looks to be one of the smoothest guys out there, and I also enjoy his character immensly. Still expect Naitou to come out somewhere at the top and wouldn't be surprized if this will be Takahasi's only points.
Suzuki vs Nagata. Really effing great! Not only does Suzuki seem to have a great mind for wrestling, but he's got enough charisma for two! Never seize to amaze. And probably the best performance I've seen Nagata give as well. It almost seemed like they compensated less impact with more colour-play, which totally works for me. I don't remember the january match being close to this, but I probably need to watch that again. Loving this.
Nakamura vs Anderson. Looked like it was another really good one, but I had too many streaming issues during the second half so must watch again later.
Tanahashi vs Kojima. Some more streaming issues at the climax, but this was yet another great one. Kojima looked to be on fire, like it was his last opportunity for a showcase, and gave a whole lot more than I expected. I almost feel bad for having low expectations on this match.
Okada vs Devitt. Was good, no more than that (could be me feeling a bit burned out on preceding greatness).
On the whole, many huge thumbs up!
Peter Johansson

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