Bobby Roode talks tomorrow night's TNA PPV show


TNA 10 Reunion PPV Conference Call w/ Bobby Roode
- Steve Juon (@AngryMarks) reporting for Wrestling Observer

Opening remarks from Eric Barnes, Director of Public Relations: "For the past decade many champions have made their mark in TNA, building a legacy that transcends the wrestling world. The classic matches, the most personal rivalries, and the unforgettable moments. For one night only, the past and present collide. Prepare to witness the epic reunion you never expected. The TNA 10 PPV premieres this Friday, August the 2nd, and is available the entire month of August. The length of the event is approximately three hours." The co-main event is Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle and the main event of the show is Bobby Roode vs. James Storm, hence Roode's participation in the call.

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Roode says that he's been with the company from almost the beginning, and has watched it grow from Wednesday nights in Nashville to broadcasting on Fox Sports to prime time on Impact. He's asked about the rivalry with Storm and how they manage to keep feuding after so long: "I think the chemistry that we have in the ring, whether as a team or when we face each other, it's very very good and can produce some entertaining matches. We're the two guys that pretty much built this company along with guys like AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Kazarian and Daniels. We take pride James and I in going out there and proving to the fans we are who think we are and we say we are, and we're professional wrestling stars. We go out there and give 110% and our work ethic shines through in our matches."

Roode is asked about his frustration with the Bound For Glory Series: "At this point in my career, I need to be a World Champion, I want to be a World Champion, and like I said the games are over. That interview was taken literally as I walked through the curtain as I lost that match with Austin and had a little bit of a meltdown on television. Now that I've had a couple of weeks off it's time to change and it's time to get serious. Hopefully this Thursday I've got a match with Hernandez and I'm looking forward to turning things around."

Roode talks about his thoughts on the #August1Warning from Impact: "I'm looking forward to it. I'm anxious to get to the building and I'm anxious to see who is hanging around. I honestly don't have any guesses on who it is. I'm kind of baffled by the whole thing."

Roode talks about going from 12 live events a year to 4 and keeping the taped matches fresh: "The story itself of James and I could probably live on forever. We became one of the best tag teams in the world at the time. Beer Money is kind of synonymous with tag team wrestling if you ask the fans. I think when I did what I did and became the champion - the beer bottle shot heard around the world I guess - people never forget that. James Storm has a lot of loyal fans. Our rivalry will live on for a very long time. Whether we have a match-up tonight, tomorrow or five years from now I think that's going to be the same."

Roode reflects about the growth from 10 years ago to now: "There was a dream, it was everybody's dream at the time, but honestly at the time back in Nashville we felt like we were going to week to week. We never knew if we were gonna come back for the next PPV the next week - but I always knew. Jeff Jarrett at the helm, at the time, I was a true believer in Jeff and still am. I knew this company would get big, and we have, and we've continued to grow at an amazing pace. Considering back in 2004 doing the Wednesday night PPV for 10 bucks and going to Sportsnet and Spike TV two hours every Thursday, international television, our ratings everything it's grown so much in a short amount of time - the sky's the limit and TNA will continue to grow."

Roode on whether managers still have a place in wrestling. "I'm an old school wrestling fan so I always love the Bobby Heenans, the Mr. Fujis, Captain Lou Albanos that's what I grew up with. They're always entertaining. The Jim Cornettes. Back then those managers were great but in today's business it's different. I think if you want to be a top guy a true superstar in this business you're going to have to be able to talk - talk the talk and walk the walk on your own. Be an individual. Not rely on anybody else. I think the days of the managers have kind of come and gone."

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