ROH TV report - More tournament matches Cole vs. Mark Briscoe

8/31/2013 ROH TV Report

The show opens with footage of last week’s Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt match as part of the first round of the tournament for the vacant ROH World Title.

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from the Rhode Island Convention Centre in Providence, Rhode Island. Kelly previews that the tournament starts tonight including Karl Anderson vs ACH and Adam Cole vs Mark Briscoe. Nigel McGuinness is on commentary

1) ROH TV Title Match: Brian Fury vs ROH TV Champion Matt Taven with Truth Martini, Saleyzia and Kasey Rae. It is discussed on commentary that Saleyzia has a bodyguard license and Kasey Rae has a wrestling license so they are allowed at ringside. Taven is getting his shoulders rubbed by Saleyzia and Kasey Rae in the corner when Fury attacks him. Fury goes for several pin attempts but is cut off by a clothesline from Taven. Fury hits an enzuiguri but Taven hits him with a superkick. They criss-cross and Fury hits a reverse neckbreaker. Nigel goes after Truth Martini which distracts the referee allowing Kasey Rae to hit a hurracanrana off the top rope onto Fury. Taven hits a big splash for a two-count. Fury comes back and picks up Taven in a backbreaker and slams him into the mat. Taven hits Fury with a leg lariat followed by his front-facing DDT to score the pinfall. Truth takes a page out of the Book Of Truth and stuffs it in Fury’s mouth after the match.

Mark Briscoe is interviewed and says that all these hippies on the internet are saying the Briscoes are gone from ROH, that SCUM took them out and the Briscoes are casualties of war. Mark says he’s right here and SCUM are the casualties. Mark says he has a doctor’s note and has been cleared from his concussion. Mark says he is coming for Adam Cole tonight and the title is coming back to the Briscoe house.

After a commercial break Michael Elgin comes to the ring for an interview. Elgin says there is nothing that means as much to him as the ROH World Title. He was the # 1 contender and when he heard the title was going to be handed to him he told Nigel there was a better way. Nigel put sixteen of the best wrestlers in the world in a tournament for the right to call themselves ROH World Champion. Elgin says that is him and fifteen other guys. He tells them to look in his eyes and know that it is the truth that he does not have to worry about them, they have to worry about him. Kevin Steen comes to the ring saying “Liar, liar, pants on fire Mr. Elgin.” Steen says that Elgin is worried about the one guy in the tournament he can’t beat who happens to be Kevin Steen. He says that when he held the ROH World Title people said Elgin would be the one to beat him and when they went into the ring in Toronto Steen beat him. Steen says that now most people are saying Elgin will win this tournament but Steen is here to “tell you and your mullet it’s not happening.” Elgin says that Steen did beat him but that was ten months ago and it took a package piledriver off the top rope and he promises that won’t happen again. Steen says “Try me.” Mike Bennett comes to the ring with Maria Kanellis and says that he sees two guys who have been given opportunity after opportunity and main event after main event. Bennett says he sees the past of Ring Of Honor. Bennett says that while they were being given opportunities and main events he was being told “Not right now” and “You’re not getting this opportunity because you’re leaving ROH.” Bennett says that he is staying. Tomasso Ciampa’s music starts and he comes to the ring and faces off with all three guys and says he will be the next ROH World Champion.

2) First round tournament match: ACH vs Karl Anderson. They exchange hold until ACH hits a hurracanrana sending Anderson outside. ACH goes for a dive but stops himself as Anderson moves out of the way. Anderson comes back inside, takes control and kicks ACH repeatedly. They go outside again and ACH goes for a split-legged moonsault to the floor but lands on his feet when Anderson moves. Anderson hits a dropkick and the show goes to commercial. On return, they are in the ring and Anderson has ACH up in a delayed vertical suplex and drops him. ACH hits a sunset flip from the apron into the ring but Anderson beats him down. Anderson bodyslams ACH but misses a senton. ACH punches Anderson several times in the corner. ACH flips Anderson out of the ring and then hits his tope with the jump off the second rope. Anderson is back inside and ACH hits a cross body off the top rope for a two-count. ACH hits Anderson with a flatliner. ACH goes up top but Anderson hits him with a dropkick. Anderson goes for a superplex but ACH knocks him off. ACH jumps at him but Anderson moves and hits a big kick. Anderson hits a running powerbomb for a two-count. Anderson picks up ACH on his shoulders but ACH gets out and hits a face-buster for a pin attempt. ACH hits a 450 splash off the top rope for a pin attempt. They struggle for control and ACH kicks Anderson in the face. ACH misses a 450 splash. Anderson follows up with an Ace Crusher and pins ACH to advance in the tournament.

After a commercial break footage is shown of SCUM beating down the Briscoes on the 7/20/2013 episode.

3) First round tournament match: Adam Cole vs Mark Briscoe. Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness spend a lot of time in this match discussing the effects of concussions. Cole and Briscoe exchange hold until Cole hits an armdrag and then a dropkick. Briscoe hits a northern lights suplex. Briscoe hits a headbutt and then chops. Cole blocks a suplex attempt but Briscoe hits a back elbow followed by a vertical suplex. Cole fights off Briscoe in the corner and gets him on his shoulders but Briscoe gets out and hits a big boot. Cole goes to the floor and Briscoe hits him a dropkick. Briscoe goes to the floor where Cole hits him with a superkick. The show goes to commercials and on return Cole has Briscoe in a chinlock. Cole picks up Briscoe in a fireman’s carry and hits a neckbreaker across his knee. They each block kick attempts until Cole hits an enzuiguri. They collude and got to the mat. Cole hits forearms and Briscoe hits a chinbreaker. Cole is in the corner where Briscoe hits a clothesline. Briscoe climbs the ropes and hits a dropkick follows up with a mule kick. Briscoe blocks a superkick and gives Cole an enzuiguri followed by a head capture suplex. Briscoe headbutts Cole and then jumps off the top rope and Cole hits him with a superkick. Cole picks up Briscoe in a vertical suplex position and does a neckbreaker across his knee. Cole hits forearms but Briscoe fights back with redneck kung fu. Briscoe misses an enzuiguri and Cole hits him with a shining wizard. Briscoe blocks a Florida Key attempt and hits elbows. Cole fights back with kicks but Briscoe hits a death valley driver. Briscoe goes to the top rope and Cole kicks him in the face. Briscoe blocks a superplex attempt and headbutts him. Briscoe hits a frog elbow. Both men are on the mat and the referee holds off Cole in order to check Briscoe for signs of a concussion. Cole rushes in and hits a superkick followed by a Jay Driller and pins Briscoe to advance in the tournament.

The show was quite good this week with the tournament matches standing out. Anderson and ACH had a fun match that showcased the talents of both without being too over-the-top. The commentary about concussions really added to the main event and helped get over Cole as someone doing whatever it takes to win. It is really difficult to tell right now if the tournament is booked for him or Elgin to win but either would be a good option.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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