Steve Richards talks about his future in wrestling

Stevie Richards joined the VOC Wrestling Nation to promote his upcoming appearance at Legends of the Ring on 10/5/13 in Monroe, NJ, and to talk about his official certification as an instructor for DDP Yoga.
You can hear the entire interview at; here are some highlights of what “Big Stevie Cool” had to say:

On becoming a certified DDP Yoga Instructor: It’s done me a look of good and in a lot of ways has improved my overall fitness. It lets me help other people, do something very positive and productive, and helps me to monetize something that I’m already doing everyday.

On the benefits of DDP Yoga: You can get cardio without impact, you can raise your heartrate into the exercise zone in a short period of time. I’ve broken my neck a few times, I’ve needed knee replacements. Because I’ve been doing DDP Yoga for the past few years, it’s prolonged my wrestling career and led to a healthy life.

On how hard it is for the common person to follow the routine: One you get immersed in the workout, you’re going to be hooked and you won’t want to put bad things in your body.

On his future in wrestling: I have no goals in wrestling. My goal is to continue to be booked, continue to be healthy, and continue to get paid to feed my cats. I have no delusions of grandeur that WWE or TNA is going to call and nor do I think at this point I would even be interested, considering the travel time versus the amount of money I’d make. Waiting for a call (from WWE or TNA) is one of the most poisonous things you can do to yourself because you’re not in control of the situation.

Follow Stevie Richards on Twitter @michaelmanna; for booking inquiries please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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