WWE Smackdown TV report - Cena & Rhodes Family vs. Real Americans & Sandow

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It's all just a little bit of history repeating. Cena kicked off SmackDown, coming down to the ring as the new World Heavyweight Champion. He said he and Fridays were going to get real comfortable, and it was a new day on SmackDown. It was a mostly young crowd who were into his lines, the last few were a hair's width away from being a rap. Defiantly rhymed.

The Real Americans then came out and Zeb introduced himself to Cena. He addressed Cena as John, telling him he had a lot in common with the Real Americans. He's an American hero, a real patriot and a real American legend like Zeb, Jack and Antonio. He invited Cena to join their fight and become an official Real American. They we-the-people'd to him out of respect, then Zeb offered a hand. Cena instead did the you can't see me shake. He asked Swagger what happened to him, then likened him to Biff from Back to the Future. He then said he'd heard a lot about Cesaro and his giant swing but all he can concentrate on are his giant nipples. He said he didn't have enough time left on the show to get through with running down Zeb.

Cena laid out his problem with them. He said freedom of speech was their right, but they're full of of BS. Which stands for... “Bad stuff”. He told them to leave before there were repercussions. Sandow them stormed to the ring for the first time since losing his briefcase. Cena stood ready for a fight, but Sandow wanted to talk. He called him a hypocrite, saying he knew nothing of the American way. He said you have to make your own opportunities, like he did by screwing Cody for the briefcase. But Cena's been handed everything since his arrival in the WWE. He called him a false champion and himself the uncrowned World Champion. He said from this point on his sole purpose was to end the Cena era in the WWE, by any means necessary.

Sandow was done talking and ready to fight with the Real Americans in a three on one fight, give or take a Zeb. Cody and Goldust ran down to stand by Cena and the back guys backed off. Vickie then came out and booked a six man, which the the good guys were all for. I may be reading too much into it, but Vickie has been distancing herself from Maddox and seems to be helping the faces lately, though still acting like a bitch. I'd love for her to be doing what she can to get revenge for being fired not too long ago, and just be messing with the status quo. Though a six man main event isn't that out there for SmackDown.

The Shield cut a promo on the Usos, who keep sticking their noses in the Shield's business, even though they get beaten every time. Rollins said they can beat any team on earth as a united group. Ambrose said he would speak for the Shield when he, as the United States champion, and Seth take on the Usos and justice will be served. This was news to Reigns, who took a moment to take it in, then ended by telling us to believe in the Shield. Certainly a stronger tease than Raw.

Match Number One: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins w/ Roman Reigns Vs. The Usos.

Not too long into the match, Ambrose gained control and threw the non-legal Uso to the floor so that Reigns could get in on the action while he kept the other Uso and ref in the ring. But this was Big E. Langston's cue to come out and protect the Usos, who had protected him from a three on one from the Shield.

The match eventually broke down with the four men in the ring after Rollins saved Ambrose from being pinned by a superkick. Reigns got on the apron but was hit with a double kick to the gut. Jay then hit a dive over the ropes onto Rollins and Reigns. In the ring, Jimmy hit a jumping school boy for the clean pinfall, without any real help from Big E.

Winners: The Usos, Pinfall.

Ambrose couldn't believe it and went straight to work on Jimmy before being run over by Langston. Big E. set up the Big Ending but Reigns got Ambrose out of the ring. Reigns stayed inside himself and was on the wrong side of a three on one staredown. Langston yelled for him to come on, but Rollins and Ambrose got in to hold Reigns back, who was game for the fight.

They replayed Shawn Michaels' and Bryan's interaction on Raw in preparation of Michaels appearing on MizTV. They also showed the Wyatt's beating on Bryan in the back, then Punk in the ring.

Match Number Two: Prime Time Players Vs. Luke Harper & Rowan w/ Bray Wyatt.

Bray cut a promo from the tron, blew out his lantern and when the house lights came on he was in his rocking chair while Harper and Rowan were in the ring.

Except for the hot tag to Titus and the few moments afterwards, this was basically a squash, which is fine. Harper pinned Titus with the tornado clothesline after O'Neil used Young as a dart to take out Rowan. After the match Bray was creeping toward O'Neil, so Young tried to save him, but got hit with the Sister Abigail instead.

Winners: Wyatt Family, Pinfall.

Miz came out for MizTV, but before his guest Shawn Michaels could come out Orton cut him off. Orton didn't like Miz thinking that Michaels was the difference at Hell in a Cell. He said Michaels wasn't there because Miz isn't relevant and no one cares about MizTV. He said the WWE Universe practically cheered him when he was beating Miz in front of his own parents. Awkwardly true. He said Miz should be fired like Show. He said “the Authority” had banned Show from WWE for life. He asked Miz how it made him feel, then before Miz could say a word he got RKO'd. I don't want to see Miz wrestle, but I would rather see him wrestle than be humiliated every appearance.

Match Number Three: Natalya & The Bellas Vs. AJ Lee (C), Tamina & Alicia Fox.

Brie's been working very hard lately. She started the match with Fox and looked good, then threw herself around, especially the first bump, for Tamina. AJ came in when Tamina was on top of Brie and AJ jumped into a guillotine. Neither JBL or Cole picked up on AJ using one of Bryan's spots on his fiance. Brie broke out and AJ knocked Nikki off the apron, so Brie tagged in Natalya.

The match broke down when Fox had to break up a pin by Natalya on AJ. Nikki took out Fox but was stopped by Tamina. Natalya threw Tamina out of the ring and she was double clotheslined by the Bellas. This distracted AJ which let Natalya lock on the Sharpshooter for the submission.

Winners: Natalya & The Bellas, Submission.

They showed another WWE.COM exclusive interview between Cole and Triple H. They showed Cole bringing up Otunga's legal thoughts on Show's case. Hunter lost his cool and banned Show from WWE for life.

Match Number Four: John Cena (C), Cody Rhodes & Goldust Vs. Damien Sandow & The Real Americans w/ Zeb.

Good to see Cesaro back in a main event of SmackDown. Only four matches on this show, and up to this point none of the matches had gone longer than usual. This on the other hand got plenty of time and was fun throughout.

Cesaro worked with Cody and Goldust to start, before the good guys cleared the ring after an early all in brawl to send it to an ad break. Sandow cut off Cena after the break by targeting the arm. The beating didn't last long as Cena jumped up into a rana on Cesaro. He then got a hot tag to Goldust who may be having the best run of his life. He grabbed Swagger in a bulldog and jumped at Sandow to kick him off the apron while still holding the bulldog and used Sandow to bounce back to the ring to finish it off.

Goldust took on all three outside but when he got back in the ring Swagger took out his leg. They got the heat through a segment and an ad break, before Goldust got a tag to Cena which the ref missed when dealing with Cesaro and Sandow. Swagger, Cesaro and Sandow were great together. Goldust got the hot tag to Cody after Sandow took the time to knock Cena off the apron when Goldust had started to show signs of life again.

Rhodes ran over Sandow and hit the top rope moonsault for a nearfall. Sandow avoided a Cross Rhodes and got a blind tag to Cesaro before actually being hit with the Cross Rhodes. Cena got back to the apron as Cesaro got the big swing on Cody. No idea on rotations. A lot. So many he didn't see Cena take out Swagger on the outside. Goldust broke up the pin after the swing, then sacrificed himself to take out Sandow.

At this point Cesaro and Cody were down, but Cesaro had no one to tag, while Cody had Cena. Cena got the tag, ran through his routine and tried the AA, but Cesaro turned it into a deadlift gutwrench. Cesaro then called for the giant swing on Cena, but when Cena fought back he hit the very European uppercut instead, which Cena went up with and sold well. The finishers then started coming fast with Cody hitting the disaster kick on Cesaro, then Sandow hitting the You're Welcome on Rhodes, Goldust hitting a bulldog on Sandow, Swagger hitting a big suplex on Goldust and being left along with Cena in the ring. He put on the Patriot lock and Cena struggled before rolling through and hitting the AA for the pinfall.

Winners: John Cena, Cody Rhodes & Goldust, Pinfall.

Cena, Rhodes and Goldust all held up their titles to end the show. The show was different enough that it was easy to watch. Still lots of Raw recaps but at least we got first run Cena rather than replays of what he'd already done.

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