After Dark Radio Show details for tonight: How to participate, main topic of the night (ANIMAL FAILS), plus a bunch of weird articles to get you ready for the show

After Dark Radio returns tonight with open lines and emails on any topic you'd like to discuss outside of pro-wrestling or mixed martial arts. The topic of the week is ANIMAL FAILS. If you have pets, guaranteed you have seen your animal FAIL. For example, I had a cat fall 20 feet off an upstairs railing during Raw and splat right next to me. The key is, the cat was totally fine afterwards, just freaked out, so please no FAIL stories where your pet DIED or was seriously injured. Of course, you're free to call about anything else as well, and there is plenty going on in the world of weird. A few links are below.

Phone numbers are on the front page, but as a reminder, main number is 425-482-1686. If you have a landline or a phone without free long distance, you are welcome to call 1-855-478-4478. Skype calls will also be accepted. Our skype handle is "f4wonline".

Phone lines open at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC/3 AM EASTERN.

Emails can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on any topic with "After Dark" in the subject line.

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