UFC live coverage from Las Vegas with Ultimate Fighter finals, Maynard vs. Diaz

Welcome to our live coverage of today's UFC show from the Man


First round: Sampo landed punches and took him down. Sampo tried to move to mount but in doing so, Benoit reversed to the top. The ref stood them up when nothing was happening. Mini Brock is the ref. Sampo landing punches. Benoit bleeding from the nose. 10-9 Sampo.

Second round: Sampo with some punches and got the takedown. Sampo working for a submission. He moved to mount. Benoit reversed to the top. Now he has his back. Sampo reversed to the top. Sampo back in mount. Sampo working for a choke and got it.


First round: Both trading punches. Body kick by Dober and shot for a takedown. He couldn’t get it. Nice left by Spencer. Dober shot in again. Both trading and Spencer landing solidly. Body kick by Spencer. Dober bleeding from the mount. Spencer landing more. Spencer landing a right. Dober shot in for a takedown attempt but Spencer blocking it. Nice body kick by Spencer. Hard body kick by Spencer. Hard right at the horn. 10-9 Spencer.

Second round: Spencer tiring the second round. Dober landing more punches this round. Now Dober getting tired. Left by Spencer. Spencer 20-18.

Third round: Both landing punches. Spencer now going for a takedown and not getting it. Spencer landed several punches. Spencer keeps landing the right. Body kick by Dober. Dober working for takedown. Spencer out of it landing more punches. Dober bleeding badly now. Knee by Spencer and a left hook. Hard knee by Spencer. Spencer landing big shots now. Hard knee by Spencer. Spencer with body shots in a clinch and an elbow. Dober really bloody now. Big right by Spencer and Dober again trying for a takedown. He couldn’t get it. Spencer’s round, has to win 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Spencer


First round: Harris has huge shoulders. Left by Harris. Body kick by Rosholt. Harris threw the right. Haris dropped him twice with punches and got up immediately both times. The first knockdown was left arm lariat and the second was a right hook. Trading body kicks. Body kick by Rosholt. Good left by Harris. Harris 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Rosholt. Kickand punch by Rosholt. Harris missing big punches. Rosholt back with punches. Nice knee by Rosholt. Uppercut by Rosholt. Hard right by Rosholt. Body kick by Harris. Uppercut by Rosholt. Rosholt tried for a takedown but didn’t get it. Uppercut by Harris. Rosholt with a knee. Body kick by Rosholt. Big right by Rosholt. Hard left by Harris. This is a good heayweight fight. Rosholt won the round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Fans booing now when the round started slow. Body kick by Rosholt. Rosholt got the takedown to start the round. Rosholt keeping him down. Rosholt with weak punches. Rosholt mostly holding him down and throwing some punches. Rosholt with some elbows. Rosholt’s round for sure, should win 29-28.

Scores: All three had 29-28 Rosholt.


First round: Yahya got the takedown. Niinimaki reversed to the top. Yahya trying to set up a heel hook. Niinimaki escaped. Yayha working for a heel hook but Niinimaki out of trouble. Yahya got his back. Yahya got his back, Niinimaki escaped and took Yahya down. Niinimaki on top and throwing hammer fists. Close round. Fun ground work 10-9 Yahya.

Second round: Niinimaki has a big size edge. Niinimaki got the takedown. Yahya working for a guillotine but Niinimaki on top in side control. Elbows by Niinimaki. Niinimaki staying on top. Kim Winslow ordered a stand-up. Front kick by Niinimaki. He tried a takedown but this time Yahya blocked it and Yahya worked for a guillotine. Niinimaki’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Niinimaki got the takedown. He’s in side control. Niiniamki just too big and able to take him down and control the top position. Another stand-up was ordered. Don’t know about that one. Yahya grabbed a guilloine again. Niinimkai escaped. Yahya loking for an opening but time is running out. Yahya close 29-28, but rounds one and three are close. Niinimaki could easily win.

Scores: 29-28 Niinimaki 29-28 Yahya 30-27 Niinimaki


First round: Blanco with a few punches anda takedown. Hard knee when Corassani was getting up. Corassani’s hurt. That knee was clearly illegal. This fight may be over. Corassani’s hurt bad. There’s now way this fight can continue. Blanco was doing cartwheels. Yamasaki called it a DQ, not a no contest. Keith Kizer now talking to Yamasaki. He told him he could look at the replay if he wants to, but the replay isn’t going to show the knee as any less legal.


First round: Pennington landed a right. Trading punches. Pennington landed a right. Modafferi moving forward. Modafferi pushing the pace. Modafferi landing a lot of punches. In a clinch. Pennigton with a knee. Modafferi can’t get the hip toss she’s trying. Two lefts by Pennington. Hard right by Pennington at the end of the round. 10-9 Pennington.

Second round: Modafferi with a left and now trying to use her judo for a takedown but can’t get it. Trading punches. Pennington landed a hard right. Another good right by Pennington. Modafferi trying a takedown but Pennington sprawled. Modafferri trying a triangle but doesn’t have it. Pennington landing punches late. Crowd very into this one. Modafferi now working for an armbar. Hard left by Pennington. Right landed by Pennington. Trading knees in a clinch. Left by Modafferi. This is the best fight on the show. Pennington’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Modafferi going for a takedown but can’t get it. Modafferi just isn’t physically strong enough. Left by Pennington. Right by Penntinton. Modafferi pushed her into the fence but Pennington turned her. Hard punches by Pennginton. Modafferi tried a takedown but doesn’t have the power. Pennington on top. Pennington with body shots. Modafferi tried an armbar. Pennington with hard body shots. Modafferi continuously moving on the ground but Pennington landed elbows from the top. Crowd cheering for Modafferi. Pennington now working for a guillotine. Pennington has a guillotine. Modafferri survived. Crowd gave both a big hand. Pennington definitely won rounds two and three, maybe one.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Pennington. There was no other choice.


First round: Right and left by Duke. Duke’s left eye already buirse dup. They are in a clinch. Duke with a guillotine standing. Duke moved to a triangle. She’s throwing elbows while holding the triangle. Lots of elbows. Duke 10-9.

Second round: Both standing and trading punches. Duke landing more. Duke continues to land cleaner shots. Knees by Duke. More knees by Duke from the clinch. Right and left by Duke. Duke sneaking shots in. Duke got the takedown at the end of the round. Duke’s round 20-18.

Third round: Duke keeps landing the left. Duke landing several punches from close range. Duke landing a lot of punches. Duke trying for a judo takedown, but couldn’t get it. Headlock by Duke, but that’s a bad move because you can get someone’s back from that position too easily. She did exactly that and is working for a choke. Crowd booing. Morgan is working for a choke. Morgan on top throwing punches. Kim Winslow threatened to stand them up. Kim Winslow stood them up. That’s crazy. Now Duke is taking her apart. Morgan’s face is all swollen. Crowd liked the fight. Duke pulled out the round late 30-27.

Scores: All three judges had it 30-27 for Duke.

They brought Ronda and Miesha out together.  Ronda looked totally annoyed and Miesha was smirking.  Ronda said she feels she has so many advantages she doesn't know what the biggest one in.  Tate was talking and Ronda started yawning.  Ronda refused to look at her nor at the camera.    


First round: Grant landed good shots. Holdsworth wants a takedown. Holdsworth with a hard right. Holdsworth landed a left and is moving in for a takedown. These guys are working so hard. Holdsworth tried a judo throw but couldn’t get it. Grant with a knee to the body. Grant tried a takedownand Holdsworth blocking. Grant landing some punches. Holdsworth can’t take him down. Grant tried a belly-to-belly suplex but Holdsworth blocked and ended up on top, but there’s only 20 seconds left in the round. Both worked really hard. Could go either way. Holdsworth 10-9.

Second round: Holdsworth landed a high kick. Grant caught the leg but the shin landed hard to the head. Grant caught the leg but couldn’t take him down. Grant landing to the body. Front kick by Grant. Left to the body by Grant. Holdsworth got the takedown. Holdsworth moved to side control. Holdsworth working for a choke. Holdsworth finished him with the choke. Really good fight. 2:10


First round: Pena closed hte distance and took her down. Rakoczy back to her feet but Pena smothered her. Another takedown by Pena. Rakoczy defending well on her back. Pena landing hard punches. Pena now in side control. Pena moved to full mount. Pena pounding her from the mount. Hard elbows by Pena and punches. Rakoczy trying to do a sunset flip and can’t get it. Pena pounding her . Rakoczy is in a lot of trouble. Rakoczy is blocking a lot of them. . Mario Yamasaki called it off and awards it to Pena. 4:59 Rakoczy’s face is a mess but she’s pissed it was stopped given the time.


First round: Maynard took him down right away. Diaz back to his feet, hip toss by Diaz but Maynard rolled with it. Knee by Diaz. Maynard is bleeding from the left eye. This is already better than the last fight. Diaz chants. Front kick by Diaz. Maynard landed a good shot. Maynard wnt for a takedown. Diaz hurt him with a punch. He followed with a big right. Maynard is in a lot of trouble. Diaz is creaming him. Diaz landing one clean shot after another, Maynard isn’t defending at all, and it’s waved off by ref Yves Lavigne.

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