TUF Finale reaction

Hi Dave,
  Just wanted to give some thoughts regarding the Ultimate Fighter live Finale rather then recap the whole fight card. I give the main card a thumbs up but the prelims a thumbs down. It was an enjoyable fight card, and in my opinion a good season of the Ultimate Fighter as well with the addition of the women. All of the main card fights were very good. A good win by Pena, and her excitement was over the top in her post fight interview. A good and quick fight in the main event between Diaz and Maynard, with Maynard totally getting stomped by Diaz, and seemingly putting an end to their fight trilogy as Maynard appeared to be in over his head. And very entertaining typical post fight Diaz interview, regardless if it's Nick or Nate, where you just don't know what the hell they are saying and not answering any of the post fight questions, it's great! But in my opinion it was a good fight card and a good season of the show. I don't know if it was just the editing of the show for this past season, but in my opinion Ronda really came off as the heel with a bad attitude most of the time and Tate came off as the face who would not let Ronda get under her skin. This especially showed in the post fight interviews where Ronda was just sitting there fuming and just making herself look bad in my opinion. And then she actually left the show while off camera to check on her fighters that she coached. I don't know, my opinion of her has seemed to change as she is starting to really come across as a female Jon Jones and not in a good way. But I've always been a fan of female MMA fights and it's good to see Dana White finally get a division going and showcasing more women. Both Tate and Ronda are products of Strikeforce, and credit to Scott Coker for getting them noticed. Hopefully the women's division will continue to grow and I think an all female cast of ultimate fighter would be very good.
Jon Southerland
Clovis, Ca.

So on the last episode, Jessica despite being undersized and pushing 40 pulls a mild upset by using her upper-echelon (8X world champion they say) boxing to skunk Raquel. Everybody goes home, rests and trains but we see the payoff card three days later.
Thumbs in the middle. Kinda flat. Too many mismatches. Pipik and Florian get worse every time out. At this point they're just fingernails on blackboard every time they open their mouths. Grating AND stupid. Some odd and in Lavigne's case, yet again potentially life-threatening reffing
Best fight: the web prelim, Sampo vs. Benoit, They get that part right but Sampo gets screwed out of the bonus because he didn't make weight. The fight was booked TEN DAYS AGO. BULL SHIT. Benoit gets the whole 100K, good for him, but bull shit.
Worst fight: Rosholt vs. Harris
KO: Diaz
Sub: Split it between Holdsworth and Sampo
Sampo will be a factor @ FlyW.  Dober in as a late sub over his weight against the much bigger and faster Spencer and gets hammered for 3, another few moral victories like that and he'll be answering phones that aren't ringing. This kind of matchmaking benefits nobody. Walter Harris, very strong and athletic, might have been 8agonjits, but telegraphed everything and gassed in less than a round (although it took Tweedledum and Tweedledumber another round to notice). Impressive grappling from the Finn Niinimaki handling Rani Yahya on the ground FTW. Dubious DQ from Yamazaki on Maxi Blanco, yes it was a blatant illegal knee and ended the fight, but that early 25s in should have been a NC. Raquel made the fight with Roxy a lot harder than it had to be, no reason for letting someone that much smaller and weaker back her up for even a second. Jessamyn should have and would have finished Peggy if she had just kept striking instead of going for the Ronda hiptoss but impressive win regardless. Chris surprising no one chokes Davey out for the men's final. Davey is a great talent but will never develop it enough to matter staying safe at home in England and training at their subpar camps. Yuli blows right through Jessica for the women's, again if they had the women's FlyW division we wouldn't have these mismatches, but Yuli seems a level above all the other girls her own size as well in natural physical ability. Dubious stop from Yamazaki (what happened to him? used to be a good ref) not because there was 1s left but because Jessica was blocking everything, but probably wouldn't have changed anything. Diaz blows away Maynard, whose chin is shot, as Lavigne lets Maynard take about 50 punches too many. He was out on his feet and had turned his back twice. They need to yank his license before he lets somebody die in the ring.

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