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11/30/2013 ROH TV Report

The show starts with footage of BJ Whitmer announcing his retirement and asking Nigel McGuinness to give Jimmy Jacobs a chance, saying that he has more heart than anyone he has ever met in the business. (This footage was also shown last week). Comments are provided from Jacobs saying that anyone who doesn’t feel accepted by the people around him understands how much a comment like that means. McGuinness discusses that he gave Jacobs five matches and if he wins three of the five matches he will be instated and receive a shot at the ROH World Title. Jacobs says he wants nothing more than for the people who don’t believe in him, to give them no choice but to believe in him. Jacobs is shown losing to Michael Bennett and Kevin Steen but also defeating Adam Page, Roderick Strong and Silas Young. Adam Cole is shown saying that this is a dream come true for Jacobs to get a world title shot in his hometown. Jacobs says last time they were in Dearborn, he almost defeated Cole. Jacobs says the ROH World Title has evaded him his whole career. Cole says the title belt is going nowhere. Jacobs says that Dearborn is twenty minutes from where he lives. Cole says he doesn’t care if it is Jacobs’ hometown or his chance at redemption. Cole says he is champion and the belt will be his forever. Jacobs says “You’ll have my back, right?” and Whitmer is shown saying he will and that he’ll be there.

Kevin Kelly and Steven Corino introduce this week’s show and preview the matches of Davey Richards vs Roderick Strong, Mark Briscoe vs Michael Elgin and Adam Cole vs Jimmy Jacobs.

1) Davey Richards with Eddie Edwards vs Roderick Strong: Richards and Strong shake hands to start. They tie up and trade wristlocks. Richards gets Strong in a surfboard. Strong gets a roll-up and they get to their feet. Strong goes for a Stronghold Boston Crab and Richards blocks it as the show goes to commercials. After the break, Richards does a handspring but Strong catches him in a backbreaker. They’re both down and when they get to their feet Strong hits a clothesline and starts chopping Richards. Strong hits a forearm in the corner and gives Richards a slingshot falcon arrow. Strong goes for a full nelson but Richards fights out and rolls him up with a crucifix. Strong hit an Olympic Slam and gets a two-count. Strong blocks Richards’ attempt at an O’Connor Roll but Richards hits a kick to Strong’s head. Strong goes for a Gibson Driver but Richards floats over into a roll-up and the hits a double-stomp. Richards goes to the top rope for a double stomp but Strong gets out of the way. Strong backdrops Richards over the top rope and Richards applies an armlock using the ropes. Richards goes to the top rope and Strong hits him with an enzuiguri. Strong gives Richards a top-rope superplex for a two-count. They get to their feet and trade forearms, kicks and knee-strikes. Richards hits a German suplex and Strong responds with a sick-kick. They get to their feet again and trade kicks and forearms. Richards gives Strong an alarm clock kick to the arm followed by a running kick to the arm in the corner. Richards hits a double-stomp off the top rope and then applies an ankle lock. Strong fights back and Richards cinches it in. Strong then rolls up Richards in a small package and gets the three-count to win the match. Richards and Strong hug after the match.

2) Mark Briscoe vs Michael Elgin: They shake hands to start. Briscoe starts out with redneck kung fu including chops and a headbutt. Elgin takes him down with a shoulder-block. They both try to establish offense and come to a stalemate. Briscoe hits a spin-kick and then charges Elgin in the corner but Elgin catches him and slams him to the mat. Elgin holds up Briscoe for a really long delayed vertical suplex before dropping him to the mat. Elgin goes for a powerbomb but Briscoe gets out and hits a back elbow. Elgin his Briscoe with a back elbow and Briscoe hits a chinbreaker followed by a dropkick. Briscoe hits a belly-to-back suplex followed by an elbowdrop. Kelly and Corino talk about Briscoe having a strap match against Silas Young at Final Battle. Briscoe starts headbutting Elgin who spills to the floor. Briscoe hits a dropkick through the ropes and then jumps at Elgin from the apron but Elgin avoids him. Briscoe charged Elgin who catches him and hits a black hole slam on the floor as the show goes to a commercial. On return, Elgin has control in the ring and calls for a buckle bomb but Briscoe rolls over into a pin attempt. Elgin charges with a clothesline and Briscoe gets his boot up. Elgin blocks the boot and hits a forearm smash. Briscoe hits Elgin with flying chops as part of his redneck kung fu and then starts chopping his head in the middle of the ring. Elgin whips Briscoe to the corner and Briscoe goes up top and flies at Elgin with a chop to the head. Elgin starts hitting elbows to Briscoe’s head but Briscoe gives him a uranage. Briscoe goes up top but Elgin gets to his feet and strikes Briscoe to the apron. Elgin goes for his deadlift superplex but Briscoe floats over and attempts a belly-to-back superplex that Elgin manages to stop. Elgin charges but Briscoe catches him in a Death Valley driver. Briscoe goes to the top rope but Silas Young tries to interfere but Jay Briscoe pulls him away and brawls with Young on the floor. Elgin hits a baseball slide dropkick to Young and Jay. Mark goes to the second rope and does a moonsault to the floor on Elgin, Young and Jay and the referee calls for the bell and rules the match a no-contest.

3) ROH World Title Match: Jimmy Jacobs with BJ Whitmer vs ROH World Champion Adam Cole. They shake hands with a staredown. They do an extended lock-up struggling around the ring until Cole slaps Jacobs in the face. They do some mat-wrestling leading to a pin attempt by Cole who again slaps Jacobs in the face when they get to their feet. Jacobs starts throwing punches and gives Cole a belly-to-back suplex. Jacobs charges Cole in the corner but Cole gets a boot up and then attempts a pin with his feet on the ropes but Whitmer puts a stop to it. Jacobs kicks Cole in the knee and then this a dropkick. Jacobs starts slamming Cole’s head into the mat and finishes up with a curb-stomp. Jacobs elbows Cole in the corner and then whips him into the ropes but Cole rolls outside. Jacobs hits a baseball slide dropkick and rolls Cole back inside. Cole dropkicks Jacobs off of the apron and goes for a drive but Jacobs hits him in the head with a forearm. Jacobs ties up Cole in the ropes with a guillotine choke. Jacobs lets go and Cole falls to the floor. Jacobs goes for another baseball slide dropkick but Cole catches him and gives him a wheelbarrow suplex onto the apron. The show goes to commercials and on return Cole hits Jacobs with a flying knee in the ring. Cole goes for his Florida Key (butterfly suplex) but Jacobs rolls out of it. Cole blocks a roll-up attempt and applies the figure for leglock. Jacobs eventually gets the ropes to break the hold. Jacobs throws Cole out of the ring and Cole tries to pull him to the floor but Jacobs gives him a flying headscissors. Jacobs goes for a tope suicida but Cole gets out of the way and Jacobs crashes to the floor. Whitmer is checking on Jacobs as Cole grabs him and rolls him inside. Cole hits Jacobs with a superkick but Jacobs kicks out after a two-count. Cole goes for the Florida Key again but Jacobs fights out with elbows. Cole puts Jacobs on his shoulders and gives him a neckbreaker across his knee followed by a knee-strike. Cole picks Jacobs up off the mat but Jacobs puts Cole in a guillotine choke. Cole gets to his feet and puts Jacobs in a fireman’s carry. Jacobs adjusts into a sitting position and hits a reverse hurracanrana. Cole kicks Jacobs in the face but Jacobs responds with a spear and they both down on the mat. Cole slides to the apron and Jacobs follows as Cole kicks him in the face. Cole goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Jacobs attempts a contra code. Cole stops him but Jacobs runs into the ring and then spears Cole to the floor. They’re both down on the floor and Jacobs gets back in the ring first. When Cole returns to the ring Jacobs jumps off the second rope and catches him with an ace crusher. Jacobs then puts Cole in a guillotine choke. Cole manages to get to his feet and lifts Jacobs into a suplex attempt but collides with the referee in the process. Cole then grabs his title belt to hit Jacobs but Whitmer stops him and grabs the belt. Whitmer throws it to Jacobs who throws it down and gives Cole a contra code for a two-count. Nigel is putting over on commentary that Jacobs passed on using the belt and tried to win the title the right way. Jacobs goes to the top rope and goes for a senton but Cole moves out of the way. Cole goes for a figure four but Jacobs kicks him into the corner. Jacobs goes for his ace crusher off the ropes but Cole kicks superkicks him in the head. Cole gives Jacobs the neckbreaker across his knee and then hits a Florida Key but Jacobs kicks out at two. Cole then stares at the title belt but takes Jacobs to the top rope and goes for a Florida Key. Jacobs fights out with elbows and attempts a contra code but Cole stops it by hanging onto the top rope. Cole then jumps off the top rope and hits Jacobs with a Canadian Destroyer to pin Jacobs and win the match.

This week’s episode was really good. Richards vs. Strong and Briscoe vs Elgin were both kept shorter and simpler than those matches usually would be in ROH and they filled their purpose really well. Cole vs Jacobs was a really fun match that told a good story. Cole is shaping up into a solid champion. Corino was fun on commentary as usual.

Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario

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