UFC 169 results & live coverage: Renan Barao/Urijah Faber ends in controversy, Overeem/Mir, Aldo/Lamas

By Dave Meltzer

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 169 from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Umalatov looks just like Rick Hawn.  Umalaotv with a body shot.  Magny landed several punches.  Umalatov bulled him into the fence but Magny shoved him off and landed a punch.  Left by Magny and a knee.  Left by Umalaotv . Nice takedown by Umalatov and moved to side control Nice up kick by Magny and got back to his feet with no damage.  Magny went for a takedown.  Nice counter shot by Umalatov.  Magny moving forward and landing.  Umalatov couldn’t take him down.  Magny working hard for a takedown.  Umalatov tried a judo takedown but Magny whizzered him.  Magny took Umalaotv down and has his back and working for a choke.  Time is running out so he’s not going to get it.  Magny 10-9

Second round: Magny using his reach to dominate the striking game.  Magny continuing to land.  Big right by Umalatov  Magny trying for a takedown.  Umalatov working for a guillotine but gave it up.  They are struggling against the fence.  Magny with knees to the body from the clinch and more punches.  Magny continues to land.  Umalatov working for a takedown but can’t get it.  Magny got the takedown and has his back with ten seconds left.  Magny was pounding him as the round ended.  Magny 20-18.

Third round: Spin kick by Umalatov but didn’t really land.  Big right by Umalatov.  Magny landing a few.  Both trading punches.  Umalatov got the takedown .  Umalatov behind Magny standing.  Umalatov landed a hard body shot.  Body kick by Magny.  Takedown by Umalatov with 1:15 left.  Magny back to his feet.  Umalatov swinging and missing.  Umalatov tried a guillotine but gave it up.  Umalatov tried to throw him again but couldn’t.  Close third round, gave Umalatov the third but still lost 29-28.  Magny has to win tho.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27


First round: Both guys making their UFC debuts.  Martin immediately went for a takedown.  Nice trip but he couldn’t get Madomedov down.  He finished the takedown and into side control.  Martin with a head scissors and trying for an armbar.  He has the armbar but Magomedov escaped.  That was fantastic how that went down.  Magomedov was screaming in pain and spun out.  Trading body kicks.  Martin 10-9.

Second round: Martin tried a takedown but Magomoedov wound up on top.  Magomedov landing punches, busted Martin’s left eye.  Magomedov with a body kick as Martin got up.  Head kick by Martin.  Left by Magomedov.  Body kick by Magomedov.  Crowd booing as not much action late in the round and Martin is mostly dancing around.  Magomedov’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Martin trying for a takedown and can’t get it.  Magomedov defending well.  Magomedov has a guillotine.  Martin escaped.  Kick and right by Magomedov.  Uppercuts by Magomedov.  The ref separated them from the clinch.  Martin bleeding a lot.  He exploded for a takedown, didn’t get it and got hit in the face.  Martin’s face is a mess.  He took a kick right to the face which is what busted his face up.  Magomedov with another kick to the face.  Magomedov’s round so should win 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Magomedov.  Really only score possible.


First round: Body kick by Hester.  Hester dropped him with a left and dropped him a second time.  Uppercut and punches from the top by Hester.  Enz got a takedown but Hester back up.  Hard left by Hester. Body kick by Hester.  Enz with a right and body kick. Hard right by Hester.  Left to the body by Hester.  Enz with punches and a high kick. Hard left by Hester.  Body kick by Enz and a right.  Hester back with a right and left.   Right by Hester.  Enz back with body kicks.  Good round.  10-9 Hester.

Second round: Hester with a takedown.  Hester landing punches and got a high kick.  Body kick by Enz.  Front kick by Enz.  Left by Hester.  Another takedown by Hester.  Body kick and right by Hester.  Spin kick by Enz missed.  Big right by Enz.  Body kick by Enz.  Right by Hester.  Fans booing, pretty impatient since the fight has been good.  Hester up 20-18.

Third round: Enz’s corner told him he was down 2-0.  At least they were telling him the truth.  Hester with a high kick.  Trading punches.   Right by Enz and body kick.  Hard right by Hester. Right by Hester.  Low kicks by Hester.  High kick by Enz.  Enz with another nice punch.  Body kick by Hester.  Left by Enz.  Left to the body by Hester.  Crowd booing again.  Big left by Hester.  Takedown by Hester.  Enz right back up.  Left by Hester.  Hester’s round 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 for Hester


First round: Lee landed a left and right.  Iauqinta decked him with a left but Lee back up.  Knee by Lee.  Left by Iaqunta.  Lee with a takedown.  Iaquinta grabbed a a heel hook.  Lee punched.  Lee blocked the heel hook and escaped.  Lee has his back.  Iaquinta 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Lee.  Nice right by by Iaquitnaa.  Lee with a takedown and got his back.  Lee going for a choke.  Iaquinta’s is in a lot of trouble.  Iaquinta slipped out.  Lee had a body triangle Lee and again going for a choke.  Lee is keeping his back.  Lee’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Iaquita landed a right and another right.  Another right.  Left by Iaquinta.  Uppercut by Iaquinta.  Lee got the takedown again.  Lee throwing punches but Iaquita back up.  Knee by Lee.  Iaquinta bleeding for the nose.  Left and right by Iaquinta.  Left by Iaquinta.  Lee tried an enzuigiri but Iaquinta blocked it.  Lee with a right.  Iauqinta with a nice combo.  Iquinta landing several shots late.  Iaquinta’s round 29-28.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 28-27 Iaquinta


First round: Catone landed a right.  Watson throwing low kicks.  Takedown by Catone.  He put Watson on his back.  10-9 Catone.  Boring round.

Second round: Watson with a left.  Kick to the face.  Low kicks by Watson.  Nice right by Catone.  Watson with a  body kick.  Fans booing. Takedown by Cartone into side control.  Watson up quickly.  Another takedown by Catone.  Catone in side control.  Watson back up.  Catone has a bloody nose.  Catone’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Catone with a left.  Catone got an eye poke.  Watson starting to land low kicks.  Catone can’t get the takedown. Knee by Watson.  Kick to the head by Watson.  Left by Watson and low kick.  Catone landed a left.  Catone’s left leg stated to hurt.  Uppercut by Catone.  Takedown by Catone.  Watson back up.  Catone bleeding now.  Another takedown by Catone.  Catone has his back.  Watson out of trouble.  Watson’s round 29-28 Catone overall.

Scores: 29-28 Watson 29-28 Catone 30-27 Catone


First round: Martinez with punches and going for a takedown.  Cariaso with nice kicks including one to the head.  Martinez trying for a takedown.  Martinez took him down.  Cariaso 10-9

Second round:   Both trading punches.  Both throwing punches.  Fans are booing.  Cariaso landed a head kick.  Cariaso landing kicks.  Martinez back with punches.  Martinez got the takedown.  Martinez continually going for and not getting a takedown.  Cariaso 20-18

Third round:  Martinez landed a nice ring.  Both trading.  Nice left by Martinez.  Martinez got the takedown in the middle.  Martinez punching and going for a takedown.  Cariaso threw more late.  Martinez landed a hard right.  Cariaso landed a right and Martinez with a right.  Martinez’s round, Cariaso 29-28

Scores: All three had it 29-28 Cariaso


First round: Patrick going for a takedown.  Patrick took him down against the fence.  Makdessi right back up.  Patrick 10-9.

Second round: Makdessi with a spin kick.  Patrtick with a takedown again.  Patrick did a knee.  Makdessi with a spin kick.  Makdessi’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Nice head kick by Patrick.  Patrick going for a takedown.  Fans booing this like crazy.  Makdessi 29-28.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 Patrick.  I’ll have to look at those scores.


First round: Trujillo moved in with punches.  Varner with a front kick.  Both trading punches.  Varner landed as Trujillo missed.  Trujillo went for a takedown, Varner got on top and got his back.  Varner had a North-South choke on for a long time but never fully locked it in.  Varner let it got.  Truijllo to his feet.  Both swinging.  Crazy fight.  Both trading and Trujillo with a knee.  10-9 Varner.

Second round: Varner landed a big left.  Varner landing more.  Trujillo lnaded.  Hard uppercut by Trujillo. Varner getting the better of it now.  Varner landing a lot of punches.  Varner spun to get his back.  Varner throwing a lot of punches.  Varner landing a lot and Trujillo swinging wildly and mostly missing.  Varner landing a ton of punches and knees.  Trujillo knocked him out, he came from the brink of being knocked out himself into Trujillo nailed him with a great right hook.  Okay, that was a freaking great round.  This will be in the fight of the year contention.  2:32


First round: Lineker threw a punch and Bagautinov took him right down.  Ali throwing punches.  Lineker went for a heel hook.  Ali going for a heel hook now.  Lineker out and to his feet.  Lineker with a kick, Ali grabbed the leg and took him down.  The crowd is booing.  Ali with a few punches from the top.  Ali 10-9.

Second round: Ali tried a takedown, didn’t get it.  Ali with a few punches.   Lineker landed.  Lineker landed  body shot.  Another body shot.  Ali isn’t liking this.  Ali with af ew punches. .  Linkeer hurt him with punches.  Ali ducked for a takedown.  Linker with elbows.  In a clinch.  Lineker with a knee.  Left by Aldo.  Left and right by Ali.  Body kick by Ali and another.  Ali landed but Lineker with a punch and a knee.  Good round.  Lineker so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Ali got the takedown.  Lineker back up.  Ali tripped him down a second time and crushed him.  Ali with elbows to the ribs.  Lineker back to his feet.  Another takedown by Ali.  Ali controlling him.  Lineker back up.  Left by Ali.  Another takedown.  Ali with punches and started flexing as the time ran out.  Ali’s round has to win 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Bagautinov.  No other score possible.


First round: Mir landed a left.  They’re in a clinch.  Mir shoved him away.  Mir landed a right.  Left by Overeem.  Knee by Overeem.  Overeem pounding on him.  Hard punch on the ground by Overeem Knee to the body, another hard knee to the body by Overeem.  Mir back up.  Another hard knee by Overeem. Mir shoved him off.  Mir missed a punch bad.  Overeem took him down.  Overeem landing punches on the ground.  Overeem 10-9.

Second round:   Left jab by Overeem.  Hard left by Overeem and he threw Mir down in something like a captured suplex.  In a clinch.  Overeem with a knee to the body.  Fans booing.  Dan Miragliotta separated them.  Overeem landed a few punches.  Mir got a takedown.  Mir working for a guillotine.  Overeem out and punches and elbows from the top.  Overeem with punches.  Hard punches and elbows.  Elbow to the body by Overeem.  Mir bleeding badly from the right side of his face.  Overeem backed off.  Overeem 20-18.

Third round: Mir pretty much went to his back.  Overeem staying on top.  This is definitely not what people would have expected.  Overeem with a hard left.  Overeem just staying on top.  Overeem wanted Mir to get to his feet.  Overeem with a hard right.  Mir’s face is a mess.  Who would have thought they’d go the distance.  Crowd booing them as well.  Overeem’s round 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Overeem.

Overeem said he heard Brock Lesnar was coming back, he said he's waiting for him.

They just announced Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort at UFC 173, which would be the 5/24 show.
I believe this ties the record with nine fights on one show going the distance.  So the record could be set tonight.


First round: Let’s Go Aldo chant.  Aldo with a left and right.  Aldo looks 170, he’s thick and muscular.  Punches and low kick by Aldo.  Spin kick by Aldo.  Body kick by Lamas.  Aldo landed a series of punches.  Aldo landed a right.  Aldo with a left to the body.  Aldo missed the flying knee at the bell 10-9 Aldo.

Second round: Lamas throwing low kicks but Aldo is checking them.  Front kick by Aldo.  Aldo with punches and a low kick.  Right by Aldo.  Body punches by Aldo, Lamas with a punch ot the head.  Aldo with a left and a right.  Aldo with a right .  Brazilians are chanting for Aldo.  Aldo starting to hurt him with punches.  Lamas landed a left.  Great low kick by Aldo spun him around.  Punches and great low kicks.  Lamas missed a spin kick.  Lamas is hurting now.  He keeps landing the low kicks.  Nice spin kick by Lamas.  Aldo’s round 20-18.

Third round:   Aldo with another hard low kick.  Aldo is taking him apart.  Lamas went for a takedown but Aldo danced away.  High kick by Lamas.  Brutal low kick by Aldo.  Lamas is just being outclassed.  Aldo with a hard body shot.  Each landed a right.  Aldo’s round again 30-27.

Fourth round: Lamas working for a takedown.  He’s picked him up .  They are in a clinch.  Aldo tripped Lamas and is on top.  Aldo got full mount.  Now he’s got his back.  He’s looking for a choke.  Lamas escaped.  He’s working for a takedown.  Aldo throwing elbows as Lamas tried for the takedown.  Also’s round 40-36.

Fifth round: Nice body kicks by Lamas.   Aldo took Lamas down.  Aldo moved to full mount.  This fight hasn’t been exciting at all.  One-sided and not explosive.  Lamas swept to the top.  Lamas landing a few elbows.  More elbows by Lamas.  Elbow by Lamas.  More punches by Lamas.  An elbow by Lamas blocked.  Elbow by Lamas.  Lamas landing punches as time ran out.  Lamas won the round, but Aldo has to win 49-46

Scores:   All three had it 49-46 for Aldo.


First round: Aldo caught the kick and landed two punches.  Loud Faber chant.  Barao landed several punches.  Faber with a right.  Both trading punches.  Hard low kicks by Barao.  Barao knocked him down but Faber up.  Barao with knees.  Faber with a knee.  Barao landing more punches.  He knocked Faber down again and finished him wiht punches on the ground.  The big punch was an overhand punch.  Faber blocked every punch on the ground and gave a thumbs up but Herb Dean waved it off.  Barao wanted Dean to stop it and Dean stopped it early.  3:42

It was 15 punches on the ground by Barao, but Faber blocked all of them.  Faber was in trouble and in a lot of trouble the last minute plus, but the story is going to be the early stoppage.

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