UFC 169 feedback

Thumbs in the middle. One of those cards. 

Best fight: Trujillo-Varner, duh
Best performance: Barao
Worst fight: pretty much the whole midcard sucked except Iaquinta-Lee
KO: Trujillo
no subs
Weblims weren't bad. Career best performance by Neal Magny, skunking favored Umalatov for a UD. Great first round by young Tony Martin before Magomedov takes over and busts him up for a 29-28 UD, actually very good fight. Clint Hester can't get rid of durable Andy Enz and has to settle for a competitive UD with one 30-26.
Impressive debut from 21 year old Kevin Lee taking highly rated Al Iaquinta to a close UD opens the midcard. Some odd scoring as one judge apparently gave Lee a not unreasonable 10-8 for having Iaquinta's back and threatening with chokes for the entire 2nd R, then gave Iaquinta a phony hometown 10-8 in the 3rd to make sure he won. Three stinkers follow about which the less said the better---Cutone dubious SD Watson, Cariaso lackluster UD Martinez, Patrick dubious (but not as bad as Rogan was making it sound) UD Makdessi. He also kept insisting Barao-Faber 1 was 'close' which it was not, Barao having won at least 4 out of 5 rounds.
PPV opens with Trujillo and Varner doing their best to save the card with an all out war. Varner is leading all the way until Trujillo knocks him cold with a single right hook midway through the 2nd.
Bagautinov grounds Lineker through the 1st and 3rd and survives his body attack in the 2nd for a workmanlike 29-28 UD.
Overeem looking way leaned down and staying under control systematically batters Mir for a lopsided 30-27 UD.
Aldo as expected just far too talented for Lamas, who turns in a credible performance winning the last round but Aldo does whatever he wants most of the fight. Appears he will vacate the title and go up and challenge Pettis for the LW.
Unfortunate premature stop from Dean in the main but it probably didn't matter. Barao was nailing Faber with full power shots way too easily for Urijah to have had much chance and they were doing way too much damage.

Crimson Mask

Hi Dave,

Thumbs in the middle - probably due to the existing high standard of UFC shows
Best Fight - Varner & Abel
Worst Fight - Aldo & Lamas

I watched the last 2 Fight Pass prelims and the PPV card.

Barao has now I think surpassed Aldo.  He fights with less reservation and is utilising a broader skill set.

I think the main event stoppage might have been a little early, but I wouldn't go so far as to say a bad stoppage.  Prior to that Faber had taken a fair beating and that should be part of the decision.  I wonder if this is something that Dana will consider as a rematch for a TV card main event.  Probably depends on how much heat he cops on twitter.


Ufc 169 was a thumb in the middle maybe slightly down shown. The fight pass matches were good. but only two of the tv matches were.
Fight of the night was tujillo/ varner. Worst  was probably a lamas/ aldo for being five rounds of snooze. The was also the best and worst of Joe Rogen, he seems to be really excited about explaining and describing techniques. But he also sometimes picks a side in a fight and thinks what or who he is talking about is what is occurring. Overall it was an ok show but I have some Buyers remorse after paying for that many blah matches.
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