Bellator live results: Rampage Jackson, King Mo, post-fight pull apart

Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's Bellator season debut on Spike TV, with two tournaments going on.


First round: Richman got his eye poked.  Actually it was pretty funny.  John McCarthy looked at him and asked “Am I ugly?” to Richman and he said “No.”  Killed the joke dead.  And John didn’t stop the fight.  Richman landing low kicks.  Green hasn’t been able to get close enough to try takedowns.  Takedown by Green.  Richman up but Green landed some punches as he got up.  Richman landed a few solid shots.  Left landed.  Richman 10-9

Second round: Green landed a right.  Green got a takedown and now behind Richman standing.  Green put Richman on his back.  Green in side control.  Boring fight.  Green on top the entire round in side control and doing little damage.  19-19 going into the third round.

Third round: Green wht a left and right.  A takedown attempt by Green but Richman stuffed him.  Green seems to be landing a little more.  Neither guy really won the round so this is a pick-em decision.  Boring fight.  I’ve got Richman 29-28.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 Green.  Green could win, but 30-27 was a bad score because Richman won the first round.


First round: Nunes got him down and is going to work on the ground.  Crowd into Bessette since he’s from the area.  Bessette almost got a triangle out of nowhere but Nunes saw it coming.  Beesette up and threw a knee and Nunes took him down off it as   10-9 Nunes

Second round: Body kick by Nunes.  Nunes landing several punches.  Nunes landing more.  Left and right by Nunes.  Bessette decked him with a right and Nunes is hurt.  Uppercut by Bessette.  Nunes tied him up.  Bessette landed a good right and Nunes back with a right.  Nice head kick by Bessette.  Spin kick to the body by Nunes.  Body kick by Nunes.  Takedown by Nunes with eight seconds left.  Bessette’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Body kick by Bessette.  Both swinging and missing.  Nunes landed a right.  Nunes with a left.  Nunes with a right.  Nunes more active in this round.  Nunes with a knee to the body from close range.  Bessette with a nice conter and landed a head kick.  Knees by Nunes.  Very close round.  I don’t think Bessette pulled it off in the last minute but it’s close.  29-28 Nunes.

Scores: 29-28 Nunes 30–27 Bessette 29-28 Bessette.  The crowd went crazy for that one since Bessette is from Hartford.  Bessette outright said the judge got it wrong who gave him 30-27 because he didn’t win the first round, but said he won two and three.


First round: Mo got the takedown.  Zayats back up.  They are in a clinch.  Trading knees.  Mo landed a good right.  Zayats missed on several shots and Mo landed a jab.  Left to the body by Mo.  Trading punches.  Zayats throwing big punches but missing.  Zayats landed a right.  Mo, but close 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Zayats.  Crowd booing because nothing is happening.  Zayatas now landing.  Mo went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  Mo’s wrestling just isn’t what it used to be and it hurts him bad.  Mo got the takedown now.  But Zayats right back up with no damage dojne.  Mo got another takedown.  He threw a knee to the thigh.  Crowd booing more.  Mo with more knees to the body as people boo.  Low kick by Zayats.  Crowd booing a lot.  Mo close again so he’s up 20-18.  This fight is not good.

Third round: Zayats landed a punch.  Low kick by Zayats.  Mo couldn’t get the takedown.  Body shot by Mo.  Mo again going for the takedown.  Mo got him down.  Mo is behind him but not doing any damage and fans are booing again.  Mo with knees to the body.  Zayats up but Mo controlling him some more. Good knee to the body by Mo. Zayats back up.  Mo with jab and another jab.  Zayats landed a right.  Zayats missing a spinning back fist.  Mo couldn’t take him down again.  Crowd booing this round bad.  I think Mo won.  Definitely took the third, but first two could go either way.  I’ve got 30-27 Mo.

Scores: All three judges have it 30-27 Mo.  Crowd booed that one.


First round: Rampage doesn’t look in great shape to me.  But M’Pumbu is the size of a welterweight.  Crowd booing them right away.  90 seconds, nothing happened yet.  Jackson moved in with punches until M’Pumbu tied him up.  M’Pumbu slipped and went down and Jackson threw three hard punches on the ground and M’Pumbu was out.  He still has his power.  Jackson yelled at him after the fight.

Rampage cut a freaking awesome promo.  How could he not figure out how to do that in wrestling.  It turned into a brief pull-apart with King Mo and they cut away real fast. 

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