WWE house show report 2-28 North Charleston, SC

By Jamei Sessions

 I attended the WWE house show in North Charleston, SC last night.John Cena was far and away the biggest star on the show, the ovation for his entrance was unlike anything else. I did happen to notice that not once during the entire show did the crowd seem to wish that Daniel Bryan were there. Absolutely zero in the way of Daniel Bryan or Yes chants. Bryan was not on the show, but I have been to non Cena shows where the slightest mention of his name or shot of him in a video package sets the crowd off. Daniel Bryan did not have this effect in the least
  1. Fandango vs. Ryback vs. Big E – About half the crowd was singing and dancing along to Fandango's music. Ryback got a decent sized pop, scattered “Feed Me More” chants throughout the arena. Big E was loved by this crowd. Heels would work over Big E, individually until E would dump a heel, and the other one would jump in. Big E got the pin over Fandango in about 9 minutes. Not a great match, but certainly not offensive either.
  2. Curtis Axel vs. Tyson Kidd - The crowd did not care a lick about this match, Kidd seemed to be favoured by the crowd, but chants of USA were echoing throughout the building so perhaps this was simply a fickle crowd won over by jingoism. Kidd won in 11 minutes of a nothing match.
  3. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara – Del Rio was booed, and Cara was cheered, but it seemed like the crowd was simply going through the motions and reacted this was because they were supposed to. Noticeable CM Punk chants during this match for whatever reason. They must have been working in Memphis, Mexico recently because Del Rio milked a good five minutes from a handshake spot, trying to get Sin Cara to shake his hand. This included shaking the referee's hand, and eventually dropping to his knees in order to get Sin Cara to give over to this gesture of good sportsmanship. Sin Cara takes advantage of the on his knees Del Rio and delivers a dropkick. (So much for Del Rio's offer of friendship). Sin Cara eventually rolls Del Rio up for the win after about 12 minutes. Match was something different, which was a nice change of pace.
  4. Swagger & Cesaro vs. Cody & Gold Dust – Easily the match of the night. Zeb comes out and talks about how great it is to be here in North Carolina, which is immediately and massively booed. Zeb had more heat than any other heel all night. Zeb said that contrary to reports there was absolutely no dissension between the Real Americans. This would come into play later when Cesaro nearly ran into Swagger, and in the confusion, Gold Dust kicked Cesaro in Swagger, which did not make Swagger happy. Extended heat on Cody, including a 9 rotation giant swing that everybody counted to 10 for. Gold Dust got the hot tag and cleaned house. Cody returned and hit the beautiful disaster on Swagger for the pin after 17 minutes.
Josh Matthews gave us an extended tutorial on how to order the network which led to intermission
    1. Wade Barrett vs. Miz - Both men were booed vociferously, though Barrett was much more noticeably hated. Barrett said he got into wrestling to make millions of dollars and meet hot chicks, not perform in front of fat inbreeds like us. Miz says that he has some bad news, that Barrett is standing in Charleston, South carolina, which is the greatest city in the greatest country on earth. While I understand this shameless pandering is done in every city, I must point out that Charleston isn't even one of the 5 best cities in the state of South Carolina, let alone the whole country. Miz wins after 9 minutes. Match was perfectly acceptable, but the patriotic babyface rah rah was the whole point of this segment, the wrestling was obviously and afterthought
    2. Bellas vs. Aksana & Alicia Fox – The fans had been encouraged to vote all night as to whether there would be match or a dance off. The fans chose a dance off, which was mercifully short. Bellas were declared the winners, which angered the heels and caused them to attack. Bellas quickly dispatched of the heels and danced some more
    3. John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a cage match – Randy came out to the biggest reaction of the show, about 70% cheers and 30% boos. Cena then came out to a massive ovation. The biggest of the night, which was all cheers as far as I could hear (though it was quite deafening, if there were pockets of people booing him I certainly couldn't hear it). Going to a house show amongst these people really made me rethink my positions on a great deal of their characters. I often forget that I get swept up into the “Internet Wrestling Bubble”. They had a 15 minute match that was pretty boring and safe, even by WWE standards. They did a ref bump, and Orton slid out the door, and was declared the winner by the referee outside the cage. Orton got a chair and attacked Cena post-match, but Cena fought him off and hit the AA, they then played his music again, and the crowd went nuts for him again. He said that the doctors told him he had a torn groin muscle, and that he should take the weekend off to be ready for raw, but Cena told those doctors NO WAY! He would never disappoint the great people of Charleston, South Carolina by not showing up. He promised that next time he was in town, it would officially be whoopass season. The crowd basked in John Cena's warm, glowing, warming glow, and gave nothing but adulation and the music blared again, and he walked to the back.
For all the crap often given to the product, I had a blast at this show. Of course I wish I could be watching classic masterpieces put on by Cesaro, Bryan, Zayn, etc. but the people here who paid their hard earned dollars to come to this show had a blast, and they got exactly what they wanted. Everytime WWE comes near me I make it a point to go, and I am never disappointed with the spectacle of a show they put on, and if the people keep coming back, they must be doing something right
-Jamie Sessions
@JamieSessions on twitter

Dave here is a report for tonight show (2/28) from the North Charleston Coliseum.

Big E. v. Fandango v. Ryback

Big E won clean. He was super over. Ryback got a big pop when he was announced but quickly got the crowd to turn on him. Fandango did not look good here, but Big E and Ryback worked hard.

Curtis Axel v. Tyson Kidd

Crowd actually stayed reasonably hot for this.  Not the smoothest match, but Axel really worked hard to make all of Kidd's offense look good, and it was solid stuff for undercard filler.  Kidd won clean with his finisher.
Sin Cara v. Alberto Del Rio

Semi-sloppy match, but they recovered and it ended up being pretty decent. Sin Cara won on a flash pin counter off of an attempted armbar.

Real Americans v. The Rhodes Brothers

This was a legitimately great match.  Zeb cut a great pre-match promo that got the crowd going and they stayed with them through all of this.  Long, building, tag match with both Rhodes Brothers working face in peril, with Goldust in particular looking incredible working underneath.  Lots of creative and smart cut off spots.  Real Americans teased dissension all match.  Rhodes Brothers won clean.

They the network hard during intermission.

Wade Barrett v. The Miz

Surprisingly good match.  Some solid near falls.  Barrett won clean when the Miz jumped off the top into a big forearm.
The Bella Twins v. Aksana and Alicia Fox

This ended up as a brief dance off.  Nothing really.

Randy Orton v. John Cena - Cage Match

The pop for Cena was incredible.  I've been going to live shows for close to thirty years, and have been to hundreds of them in total, and this is one of the loudest live pops I've ever heard.  Tremendous match.  Cena sold the leg injury and they worked in some good near falls and some good escape teases.  Crowd stayed incredibly hot throughout.  Orton won after knocking the ref into Cena, giving him a low blow, and sliding out of the door. 

Post-match Cena fended off an Orton attack with a chair and cut a promo saying he had an injured groin and was told to take the weekend off but said "hell no."  The crowd ate this up and the show ended with huge "Cena" chants.

I got a text during the show from a friend who works for the building saying it was the highest paid attendance for a non-televised WWE event in some time, and that seems entirely believable to me.  I would guess between 7 and 8 thousand were in the building, with every "sold" portion of the Coliseum being at least 75% full and most of them being about 90% full. 

Overall it was a very good show.

Dylan Hales
Charleston, SC

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