UFC Fight Night China prelims results: Nam Phan, Vaughan Lee, more

UFC Fight Night China

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Jumabieke Tuerxun vs. Mark Eddiva

Eddiva enters first in the red trunks, a native of the Philippines. He's 5-0 but hasn't had a pro fight since 2011. Tuerxun is in white trunks and hails from Xinjiang, China. 17-0. Jon Anik calls him "the consensus best bantamweight in China" even though this is his featherweight debut, and says "he has a nasty double leg takedown." Tale of the Tape: 27 to 28, 5'7" to 5'8", 68.5" reach to 68" reach from Tuerxun to Eddiva. Our referee is Jerin Valel. Here we go!

Eddiva lands the first strike via leg kick. Eddiva looks good in the stand-up. He knocks Tuerxun on his butt with a right hand at 57 seconds. Tuerxun tries to butterfly to keep Eddiva off. Eddiva hits rights to the body as Tuerxun slowly gets back up at 2:15. Eddiva clinches up and takes him back down, and is hurting him with hands. He gets warned to be careful with his knee strikes. 3:30. Tuerxun is back up at 3:50 with Florian and Anik debating is Eddiva landed an elbow to the back of the head. Valel calls for more work. Eddiva tries to pull Tuerxun's head down for a knee, and lands some more elbows to the ear. They're warned about fingers in the cage as the round ends. 10-9 Eddiva.

Eddiva with a hard leg kick to start R2. He turns Tuerxun around on a takedown attempt. Knees to the body as he forces Tuerxun to sprawl to block a takedown, then more knees to the head once they reset, and this fight is all Eddiva to a ridiculous degree. 2:15. Valel calls for more work even though Eddiva has done nothing but. Tuerxun goes for another takedown to no avail. His head has been cut open by the knees. Tuerxun gets a double leg at 3:40. Eddiva is back up at 4 minutes. So much for that. He turns Tuerxun into the fence and mauls him so more. Valel resets them with 15 seconds and Eddiva ducks a punch and immediately gets a takedown. Another 10-9.

Tuerxun had a few seconds of glory early in the first minute of R3 but Eddiva is quickly on his feet and controlling Tuerxun against the fence. 2 minutes. Tuerxun has dug a hole so deep I'm not sure he can get out. Florian thinks Eddiva (accidentally) landed an illegal knee. Tuerxun goes for a single leg at 2:45 but Eddiva lands on top. Eddiva tries to take the back, nearly gives up an armlock, lands in guard and has 90 seconds to work from there. Tuerxun has a triangle and is throwing some elbows off his back. Eddiva pops out with 40 seconds left and they're fighting on their feet. Eddiva stuffs and takedown and punishes Tuerxun with knees against the fence at the end of R3. Should be a clean sweep.

Winner: Eddiva by u/d (30-27x3)

Albert Cheng vs. Weng Anying

Both are TUF China competitors. Anying is in yellow trunks for his UFC debut. Cheng is in red trunks and hails from Toronto for his UFC debut. Tale of the Tape: 29 to 22, 5'11" to 6'0", 70.5" reach to 74" from Cheng to Anying. Anying is 1-1, 171 pounds, and fights out of China. Cheng is 2-3, 170 pounds. Our referee in charge is Leon Roberts. Here we go!

Both men start trading at 1:22 and Anying gets the better of it He's been slowly but surely pushing Cheng to the outside. If the round is scored on Octagon control, Anying definitely takes it. Any time Cheng tries to step in he gets popped too, but he doesn't step in very much, and by 3:56 the crowd is booing. Anying comes forward throwing kicks but does eat one right hand. Cheng looks for a takedown and Anying sprawls hard, not giving up an inch. He can't get it before the horn. Anying raises his hands like he's already won the fight.

And apparently he has - THE DOCTORS HAVE STOPPED THE FIGHT as Cheng's right eye is swollen shut and Anik thinks he may have a broken orbital bone. Replay shows a left head kick that may be responsible. Let's make it official.

Winner: Anying by 1st round TKO (5:00)

Nam Phan vs. Vaughan Lee

Lee is the first to make his way to the cage, blue trunks, 5 of his last 8 - which Anik admits is "a bit of a mixed bag." Phan has never been submitted in 31 fights - now that's a stat worth touting. He's in black trunks for this bout. He's got 7 wins by KO and got two wins on TUF 12 back in the day. 30 to 31, 5'6" each, 70" to 66" reach from Phan to Lee. Buffer intros at 7:12. Lee is 13-9-1 and fights out of Birmingham, England. Phan is 18-13 and fights out of Little Saigon. Our referee is Leon Roberts. Here we go!

R1 at 7:13 AM. Lee is landing lefts early and has Phan backing up. Florian loves his footwork. He does seem very light on his feet, bouncing around like a boxer. Lee is fluidly transitioning from body to head and countering Phan repeatedly. If anything he's getting more confident at the halfway mark as he's landing combos and repeated uppercuts. He's walking him straight into the fence with shot after shot. 3 minutes. He's even striking the lead leg with his hands. Push kick at 4:30. Leg kick. Spinning back kick. Everything is working for Lee. Hard shots to the body to end the round. 10-9.

Rapid fire kicks by Lee to open R2. Spinning kick again by Lee. Right hook. I wish we had the statistic for strikes landed - Lee is at a high pace in this bout. Phan goes for a single and loses it at 1:14. Lee is baiting Phan to chase him and hurting him when he obliges. Lee is playing a game of MC Hammer until Phan closes the distance for a quick clinch and Lee easily breaks it. Phan finally gets a few strikes off at 3:45 but the crowd is a bit restless at the methodical domination of Lee. Another 10-9.

Final round at 7:25 ET and this is Lee's fight to lose. Lee continues to tag Phan at will. They tap gloves at 1:45 apparently acknowledging a glancing low blow. Lee tries a flying knee that pops the crowd even though it didn't connect. Phan needs to sell out now with half of this round gone. He doesn't. Lee continues to kick punch and land big left hooks. If anything it's Lee pouring it on as Phan's left eye has been split open. This was a completely one-sided fight. Most disappointing performance I've ever seen from Phan.

Winner: Lee by u/d (30-27x2, 30-26)

Kazuki Tokudome vs. Yui Chul Nam

The main event of our prelims! Nam's nickname is 'The Korean Bulldozer' and he's in black trunks for this bout. He's won 7 of his last 8. Tokudome is in the blue Venum trunks. Tale of the Tape: 26 to 32, 5'11" to 5'9", 73" to 69.5" reach from Tokudome to Nam. Nam is 17-4-1, 154 pounds, fighting out of Seoul. Tokudome is 12-4-1 and fighting out of Tokyo. Our referee for this contest Jerin Valel. Let's go!

R1 at 7:40 ET. Nam swarms and knocks Tokudome down early but he quickly recovers. That was so fast we don't even have a clock on the screen. Nam knocks him down again and he knocks him down a third time at 45 seconds. It's amazing Tokudome is still standing. Another knockdown by Nam. He's pouring it on from guard but Tokudome is trying to get an armlock as we pass two minutes. Nam pops out at 2:15. These hammers on the ground could bring an end to this fight. So far the only concern on commentary is that Nam might gas out from overexertion. 3 minutes. Tokudome is back up at 3:15. Nam sprawls and then takes Tokudome back down to half guard after a flurry by both men. Another sprawl off a single leg attempt. Hard left by Nam and Tokudome eats it. Tokudome's eye is swollen shut and Nam gets his fourth knockdown with 18 seconds left. That's a 10-8.

Valel calls for time to check the eye, the doctor says Tokudome is good to go, and R2 is underway at 7:47. Tokudome gets a double leg 17 seconds into R2. He needed that badly. Nam is eating right hands while he's on one knee trying to get up, and Tokudome takes his back and keeps punching away. This is a hell of a comeback by Tokudome. He continues to chip away with hammers and uppercuts while riding Nam's back. The crowd is getting restless but that's because it's more of the same for 3 minutes straight. Nam just can't get away. They pop any time Nam gets a reverse elbow but he's not doing the damage. Valel calls for more work as Tokudome flattens out Nam with 40 seconds left. Tokudome grinds away until the horn. 19-18 Nam but Tokudome definitely won the second.

R3 at 7:53 and Nam has another knockdown in the first 15 seconds but Tokudome goes for and gets the takedown at 28 seconds. Tokudome is bleeding on Nam's chest. It looks like Tokudome is going to grind out the third. 2 minutes. Nam gets back up at 2:25 but Tokudome has the head trapped, then goes for a double, but Nam counters and ends up on top at 2:47. Valel warns them to keep their hands outside the gloves. Nam is throwing some hard lefts. Tokudome is back up at 3:30. Nam gets a takedown 10 seconds later. He pulls him away from the fence at 4:13. Tokudome is back up at 4:24. They both trade and Tokudome gets a double leg right at the horn.

Winner: Nam by split decision (29-27,x2, 28-27 Tukodome)

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