UFC Fight Night China main card results: Hathaway vs. Kim, Mitrione vs. Jordan

UFC Fight Night China

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Hatsu Hioki vs. Ivan Menjivar

Menjivar is out first in the black trunks. Menjivar the white/green. 70" to 66.5" from Menjivar to Hioki. Hioki is 25-11, 5'6", 146 pounds and fighting out of Montreal. Menjivar is 26-7-2, 5'11", 146 pounds, fighting out of Nagoya, Japan. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta. Here we go!

R1 at 8:12 AM. Menjivar lands some nice shots on a Hioki takedown attempt but then gives up his back and Hioki is going for a rear naked. 1 minute. Menjivar is trying to spin out as Hioki tries to keep control of the right leg. Menjivar is out at 1:58 and strikes Hioki until he has to move away. Miragliotta warning to let go of the shorts. Hioki has underhooks on the fence at 3:05 and they spin around until Hioki gets a leg trip takedown at 3:25. Hioki grinds away from half guard, side control, takes the back with 30 seconds left and goes for an arm then a knee bar with 10 seconds. Menjivar survives but is on his back to end R1. 10-9 Hioki.

R2 at 8:18 AM ET. Menjivar is working kicks to start. Anik and Florian praise the switch stance of Hioki, as the crowd starts booing at 1:35. Menjivar pushes him into the fence but Hioki turns him around and trips him to the ground at 2:06 getting right into side control. Hioki takes the back at 2:48. He's got an arm lock and a triangle but Menjivar pops out on top trying to drop hammers. Knee to the body by Menjivar until Hioki gets another takedown. Guard pass at 4:05. Hioki goes for a straight arm bar then a shoulder lock and Menjivar flips him for a second. One knee to the body by Menjivar before R2 ends but another 10-9 for Hioki.

R3 at 8:24 AM ET. MENJIVAR WITH A KNOCKDOWN AT 1:20. Hioki is busted open. The right side of Hioki's face is covered in blood. Hioki needs to be very careful now. Menjivar is finding the range with elbows. Hioki checks a head kick. Menjivar is trying to walk Hioki down with 2 minutes left. Spinning backfist attempt. Hioki is wisely dancing away any time Menjivar throws a hook or jab.There's a trail of blood running straight down Hioki's chest to his navel. The crowd boos for a few seconds at the 4 minute mark. Hioki gets a takedown at 4:35 and that will keep him out of harm's way until the horn - or not - Menjivar goes for a knee bar late but Hioki survives. I'll give Menjivar R3 but Hioki the 29-28.

Winner: Hioki by u/d (29-28x3)

Matt Mitrione vs. Shawn Jordan

For a lot of UFC fans watching a Fight Pass replay later today this will be the fight they came to see. Jordan is out first at 8:39 ET in the black trunks to Johnny Cash performing "Hurt." He's in black trunks tonight and as Anik & Florian note he's built like a fire hydrant. Mitrione responds with "Simple Man." I've got to call that a draw on entrance music. White trunks for Matt. 35 to 29, 6'3.5" to 6 foot, 82" to 75.5" reach from Mitrione to Jordan. Buffer intros at 8:42. 15-5 is Jordan fighting out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 6-3 is Mitrione fighting out of Boca Raton, Florida. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta. Here we go!

R1 at 8:44. Both guys are trading. Jordan rushes Mitrione into the fence and the video pixellates for a few seconds again. Mitrione breaks clean. 1 minute. Good left by Jordan. Neither one is giving up much of the Octagon control. Mitrione lands a left. 2 minutes. Rights and uppercuts from each man. We're dead even so far at 3 minutes. The crowd senses that and is getting restless again. Good left hook by Mitrione as Florian and Anik go silent. Jordan presses with the jab, eats a kick and looks for a single leg. Mitrione fends it off and turns Jordan around. You can hear both men breathing hard. Mitrione lands a flurry and Jordan tries to get away and MITRIONE KNOCKS HIM DOWN AND MIRAGLIOTTA STOPS IT RIGHT AT THE HORN. Can't argue with it - Jordan was on Dream Street. He's slow to get up as we watch the replay. Mitrione comes over and raises his hand as a show of respect.

Winner: Mitrione by KO (Round 1 - 4:59)

Anik interviews him. "What's up China!! What's up Macau?! I'm going to D2 tonight if anybody wants to get CRAZYYY! I had such a damn good camp bro." He has a hand written note full of people to thank. He points at somebody in his corner. "If you slap my fat friend I'll buy you a beer!" He also asks people to check his Twitter @MattMitrione so he can help his friend whose ENTIRE FAMILY DIED IN A FIRE the day he left for this fight. Ouch.

Welterweight TUF Finale: Wang Sai vs. Zhang Lipeng

Lipeng is in the red trunks. He's got three first round submissions. He comes out to "Eye of the Tiger." Sai comes out to "Wild Boys." Our second draw in the battle of entrance themes! Sai is in the yellow trunks. Tale of the Tape at 9:04 AM is as follows: 28 to 23, 6'0" to 5'11", 71" to 70" reach from Sai to Lipeng. Lipeng is 7-7-1 and fights out of Beijing. Sai is 7-4-1 and also fights out of Beijing. Our referee in charge is Jerin Valel. Here we go!

R1 at 9:06 ET. Sai is the heavy favorite in this fight as you can imagine just looking at their respective records. Sai's size advantage makes him look like a fight class up. Just as the crowd starts to boo at 2:15 there's a double leg into side control and Lipeng takes the back. Sai tries to turn out to get on top but Lipeng has his neck going for a RNC. He pries the arm off and he's on top with 90 seconds left. Sai starts using his elbows and Lipeng has to tie him up. Sai pulls away from a triangle then nearly winds up in one, and now it's Sai who has Lipeng's back with short time. Lipeng keeps wrist control to avoid a choke before the horn.

R2 at 9:12 AM. Sai with a body kick. Crowd is restless again at 0:35. Lipeng goes for a double and Sai defends well, but Sai takes his back standing. 1 minute. Lipeng turns out at 1:14 looking for a double and eats some elbows. Valel gives Sai a warning for knees to a grounded opponent but doesn't take a point since it was a glancing blow. Lipeng gets a double off the restart, Sai gets back up. Lipeng has a body lock from bhind and takes Sai down, then throws him down again looking to get hooks in. Sai escapes the hooks and now he's got Lipeng's back with 1:25 left. Sai steps out of a heel hook then goes back down into the full guard. Valel calls for work at 4:30. Lipeng doesn't take much damage before the horn thanks to good buttefly guard. There's a discrepancy between UFC's clock and the one in the ring becaue the actions continues for at least 10 seconds after what seemed like the end.

R3 at 9:19 AM. As highly touted as Sai is coming into this fight, I expected a more dominant performance. Lipeng is going toe to toe. Sai gets a takedown 40 seconds in and Lipeng uses his defensive guard again, looking for a possible triangle. Valel stands them at 1:45 for inactivity and Sai gets him down and takes his back. Lipeng turns out and is on top at 2:34. Lipeng tries to pass to half or side and Sai escapes. Lipeng lays on his back taking leg kicks, tries to bait Sai into a single leg, then Sai jumps on and is on top with 80 seconds left. Crowd is restless again. Valel calls for more activity at 4:20 and Sai responds with a big right hand. They're stood up with 15 seconds left, albeit reluctantly, Sai not seeming to want to give up the position (I don't blame him). We go to the judges.

Let's get the decision at 9:26 AM courtesy Bruce Buffer. THE JUDGES SCORE THIS CONTEST 29-28 LIPENG, 30-27 SAI, 29-28 FOR THE WINNER BY SPLIT DECISION AND ULTIMATE FIGHTER CHINA WINNER - THE WARRIOR ZHANG LIPENG. That can officially go down as the low point of the entire show. A mediocre fighter just won a season of TUF nobody in the US has even seen.

* Welterweight: Dong Hyun Kim vs. John Hathaway

Time for our main event! The 17-1 Hathaway comes out to "All Along the Watchtower" at 9:37 AM ET. He's in black Venum trunks with red & white accents. Kim is in red trunks. Tale of the Tape: 32 to 26, 6'1" each, 76" to 75.5" reach from Kim to Hathaway. Buffer intros at 9:40 for our main event. 17-1 vs. 18-2-1 1 NC from Hathaway to Kim. Leon Roberts is our ref for this main event. Here we go!

R1 underway at 9:43. Hathaway gets rocked early and then socked with another left hand and Hathaway has to clinch up to clear the cobwebs, and he gets a takedown at 44 seconds. Anik notes he's 6-0 in UFC when he gets at least one takedown. Kim pops right back up and they start trading hands. Hathaway clinches up again and tries to keep Kim's back to the fence but he's free at 1:53. Kim chases Hathaway across the cage. Anik: "Both guys just throwing power shots!" Hathaway ties up again at 2:36. Kim slips away 12 seconds later. Kim knocks him down with a left at 3:16 and is trying to pound it out. Hathaway tries to keep him at bay in full guard. Hathaway goes for a triangle and Kim backs out. He walks away to avoid an upkick. Solid R1 for Kim 10-9.

R2 at 9:49 AM ET. Kim pushes Hathaway into the fence but doesn't get a takedown and Hathaway lands an elbow, a big right and a jumping knee coming across - Kim avoids a takedown though. Now Hathaway and Kim trade backs on the fence and break at 1:10. They clinch and break again at 1:50 and they trade shots. Hathaway looking for a takedown at 2:25 but he takes some stiff lefts. 3 minutes as they clear. Hathaway spins out of Kim and then ends up on his back at 3:47 after Kim counters. Kim wants a crucifix but Hathaway gets out. Kim gets the knee on belly but can't get full mount. Hathaway is warned to keep his toes ut of the fence as he pushes off. Kim doesn't get the mount but does get a double fist to finish the round. 10-9 Kim.

R3 at 9:56 AM. Roberts warns them not to grab the cage. KIM KNOCKS OUT HATHAWAY COLD WITH A SPINNING BACK ELBOW. He runs into the crowd to celebrate then starts doing backflips in the Octagon to celebrate. What a finish!! Just sensational.


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