WWE Raw TV report: Wrestlemania 30 go home show brings out the stars

March 31, 2014 - Washington DC

By Rob McCarron

Noteworthy: Daniel Bryan returned and stood tall to close the show. Brad Maddox was added to the Andre Battle Royal, thus altering the scope of the WWE. John Cena willfully wore a sheep mask. AJ Lee lost to Naomi one on one.

The Undertaker’s Final Message for Lesnar

The Undertaker’s message to Lesnar is that the streak has stayed alive because he goes further than anyone else when it comes to WrestleMania. Taker, in the ring, then pulled a Hogan and asked Brock “Whatchya gonna do, Brock!” Will Brock sink or swim at Mania? The Undertaker says everyone else before him has sunk. There are three things that can’t be beat, according to Undertaker. Death, taxes, and the streak. As Taker was finishing up, Brock Lesnar’s music interrupted him. Brock timidly walked out, while Paul Heyman smirked in stride. Paul said Brock beating Taker will be the most memorable WrestleMania moment since Hogan pinning Andre. Paul finished by saying it wasn’t a prediction, but rather a spoiler. We then got about a five minute tease (maybe less, but felt like it) of Lesnar entering the ring to battle Taker. Finally, with Paul being a distraction, Lesnar entered the ring and got the better of Taker with a clothesline. Brock then delivered an F5 to the legend and gained the momentum leading into WrestleMania. Absolutely what had to be done here, with Lesnar being scared but still getting the better hand.

WWE Network: WWE will be debuting WrestleMania Today on Thursday, which will be a two hour show each day leading up to WrestleMania. Plus, the WrestleMania pre-show will be airing for two hours from 5-7pm EDT.

Big E vs Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio pinned Big E after the superkick to the face. Maybe “3 ain’t enough, man, I need 5” refers to how long of a count he needs to avoid losing.

Bray Wyatt, from backstage, got the kids attention as he spoke about his Mania match with John Cena.

Natalya vs Summer Rae

Summer Rae pinned Natalya in a match stemming from an argument between the two on last night’s Total Divas. Vickie Guerrero, on commentary, gave us the rundown on this Diva’s Championship Invitational. It will be a one-fall match with all the Diva’s in the ring at the same time. What a mess that should be. First fall wins, basically ensuring that AJ will not win. And now, possibly won’t take the fall, either, ensuring a singles match between AJ and the new champ either on Raw or Extreme Rules. Anyway, as for the match, Summer won via pinfall after catching Natalya with a pretty weak looking kick. Summer delivered the kick on the ring apron, as Nattie was trying to drag Summer through the ropes by her hair back into the ring.

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were on their way to the ring to deliver a proper farewell to the Yes Movement.

HHH & Stephanie McMahon Say Farewell

To The Yes Movement, that is. Triple H and Stephanie came out and really buried the crowd for playing along with the Yes! chants, and especially buried them for Fandango’ing after last year’s WrestleMania. Trips said the crowd has no loyalty. It’s a myth, a fad. The crowd wants to believe that Bryan is some big main eventer, but he just isn’t, no matter how loud the crowd gets for him. Stephanie claimed that Bryan won’t be here tonight. Hunter then put himself over, saying he got to the top and has stayed at the top because of his dominance in the ring. No matter what flavor of the month came his way, Triple H stayed on top. The crowd loudly chanted ‘boring’ here. Triple H then cut to a Stephanie McMahon narrated video package on all the “flavors of the month” that Triple H has dominated. The video included such names as RVD, Booker T, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, and Randy Orton. All fads, apparently. Triple H is the only man who knows how to play the game, Stephanie claimed. This really was something. Triple H, after the video, said that he has decided that he will beat Daniel Bryan, then win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, all because the crowd wouldn’t stop crying about it.

As Hunter and Steph turned to leave the ring, Batista’s music hit. He got a mixed reaction, more positive than recent weeks. Batista came out and said he couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t in Hunter’s video. That’s because Hunter has never beaten big Dave. He then called Hunter the brains in the operation, while Steph is the braun. Batista got some good verbal jabs in before Randy Orton interrupted. He asked Hunter, again, to reconsider being in the Triple Threat match. Hunter said that Orton’s ass kissing won’t change Hunter’s mind. Hunter tried to motivate Orton into becoming the Viper, because that’s the only way Orton will retain the title on Sunday. Odd for Hunter to be motivating his potential opponents. Hunter, because he still is the boss, made Orton vs Batista tonight a No DQ match.

Michael Cole hyped up a Piper’s Pit segment for tonight.

8-Man Tag Team Match

Los Matadores & The Usos beat The Real Americans & Rybaxel when the Matadores got the pinfall victory over Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger got a haircut. Must be Mania season!

Goldust & Cody Rhodes beat Fandango & Damien Sandow when Goldust pinned Sandow after the Final Cut.

Brad Maddox is official for the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, as announced on the Raw pre-show on WWE Network.

We got a video package on the recent history between The Shield and Kane. Backstage, The Shield spoke about their upcoming match with Kane & The Outlaws. Dean, hilariously, said they were going to teach those kids a lesson about attitude on Sunday.

Washington, DC… they’re here.

Bray Wyatt vs R-Truth

Pretty much a squash as Bray won after Sister Abigail. Boy, I don’t see how John Cena’s going to have much luck with this guy when not even R-Truth can put up a fight against Bray. After the match, Bray said that this wasn’t the beginning. It’s the end.

Then, as Bray bowed to the heaven’s and the lights went low, a fourth man joined the Wyatt’s. The man was wearing a sheep mask. All three Wyatt’s looked at him, not knowing what to do. The man, of course, was John Cena, and he proceeded to give the AA to Rowan while Bray escaped.

Naomi beat AJ Lee with the Rear View in a Lumberjill’s match.

Backstage, John Cena faced his fear. Bray has forced John to fight and John will be a monster. He finished with, “You’re going to have to change the way you walk, because I’m going to put my foot in your ass!” Language, John.

Josh Mathews with panelists Booker T, Bad News Barrett, and Alex Riley. The group discussed Cena’s actions tonight. A small crowd tried to chant for Barrett, but it never picked up.

WWE App Poll: Who will face Kane tonight? Dean Ambrose got 9%, Seth Rollins got 11%, and Roman Reigns got 80%.

Roman Reigns vs Kane

DQ win for Kane. The finishing sequence began when Kane went for a chokeslam, but Roman powered out. Roman proceeded to gain momentum and seemingly put Kane out, until the New Age Outlaws came down to ringside. As they were walking down, however, the remaining members of the Shield attacked them from behind. With the Outlaws taken out, Reigns delivered a Superman punch to Kane. Ambrose and Rollins came in to join Reigns in a three on one attack on Kane. The trio went for their team power bomb, but the Outlaws recovered to pull Kane out of the ring. This match ended in a DQ victory for Kane.

Piper’s Pit

Roddy Piper was about to give us his odd’s on favorite to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The Miz cut him off, and they had a “Really?” off. Miz said he was the favorite to win the battle royal because he’s actually won a main event of WrestleMania, unlike Piper and Andre. Sheamus cut him off, and Piper was equally upset here. Then, Titus ONeil showed up saying that he deserved to win. As if. Dolph was out next. Piper super upset that he keeps getting interrupted. Dolph’s fresh bleach job claimed that he will win and steal the spotlight of WrestleMania. Piper said he was going to help them all out. So, to help, he poked Miz in the eye and then a huge brawl began. Other entrants in the battle royal, including Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, came down and we had a brawl in the ring. After a few moments, Big Show’s music hit and the giant came down to prove his dominance. Everyone ganged up on Show as the announcers said this would be the strategy on Sunday, too. Show cleaned house until he was alone in the ring with Rey Mysterio. Big Show sparred Mysterio, but his favor was returned by Mysterio 619’ing him in the gut. Show finished by throwing Rey over the top rope and standing tall in the ring as Piper held up his arm.

Randy Orton vs Batista

Hunter and Stephanie guested on commentary during our main event. The two brawled in and out of the ring right away, utilizing many weapons including steel chairs and kendo sticks. The crowd actually got really into it as the two man were beating eachother up. As Randy Orton gained the advantage, and had set up for an RKO, the crowd suddenly erupted.

The cause? Daniel Bryan showed up! Bryan entered from out of the crowd and attacked Triple H at commentary. Randy Orton rushed out of the ring to get Bryan off Hunter. After throwing Bryan into the ringside steps, Orton got Bryan into the ring. As Orton followed, Batista hit a spear on Orton. Bryan was able to recover and nail Batista with the Knee Plus. Bryan then set his attention back onto Triple H. Bryan beat Trips up all over ringside as the crowd erupted. Bryan got some licks in with a kendo stick for good measure. Bryan was a house of fire taking out everyone until finally standing tall in the ring as he led the crowd in YES! chants.

Good primer for Sunday.

Next week: The fallout from WrestleMania! Will we have a new champion? Who will have to carry around a 7 foot tall solid gold statue each week? Will the Real Americans be celebrating their WrestleMania (pre-show) moment? No more How I Met Your Mothers to look forward to, so I guess I'll have to deal with WWE RAW!!

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