TUF 19 Penn vs. Edgar ep. 3 live blog: The Preacher vs. The Martial Artist

TUF 19

By Josh Nason, Wrestling Observer

I'm back for week 3. Let's hope for some heat in this episode as so far, it's been tension free. If you're late to the game, Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn are coaching this season and will fight this summer.

Segment 1 --

We kick off with Cathal Pendred (Team Edgar) mentioning how the tension in the house is higher. (There's hope!) The guy he beat last week -- Hector Urbina -- kinda stares him down while talking about the fight. He jokes later that he'll shank him later.

Renzo Gracie stops by to help coach Edgar's team for the day. He's a bubbly guy that everyone instantly likes. Penn runs his practices tough, ensuring that his guys are prepared for whatever comes next. So we're off to a rollicking start already.

Segment 2 --

We are re-introduced to Todd Monaghan, who's "a Christian first". He puts on Christian MMA camps and is a Baptist preacher. He's hosting a 10-minute sermon every Sunday in the house. About 10 guys show up, listening to Monaghan's story about coming up tough and finding God. I guess Jon Jones and Monaghan would get along just fine.

As the van takes off to practice, Pendred isn't buying the act, saying Monaghan is on the show for TV time. "If he's got all these cars and gold and stuff, why doesn't he sell it and give it to the church?," Pendred (paraphrasing) says. That causes some banter in the car about Monaghan's intentions, Chael Sonnen's views on church and the cage, and more. Good stuff.

Daniel Spohn (Team Penn) is doing just fine getting ready for his fight against Monaghan. He's a well-built 205'er that hits hard and has some skills.

Segment 3 --

Edgar gives Monaghan tips to avoid the mistakes he's making with his stand-up. He is a really good coach and shows personality that he doesn't show in interviews promoting fights. We head back to the house and the Penn guys set up mats in one of the bedrooms. Spohn has an extensive martial arts background and is teaching the guys some intriguing workout techniques.

Segment 4 -- 

Monaghan's teammates are concerned that he's not thinking about the negatives of being in a fight and what happens if he runs into problems. It's a good debate to have: are blinders better when going into a fight as opposed to looking at all potential outcomes? Penn is curious how things will play out as Spohn is quietly throwing punches while on his knees while Monaghan is doing the usual warmup routines with plenty of noise.

Segment 5 --

Both guys are fairly close in the tale of the tape. The fight starts with 20 minutes left in the show, so we're likely going to a decision, a drawback of how the taped shows are formatted.

R1: This was a fairly boring first round until the last two minutes. Spohn held Monaghan down most of the round and only after Monaghan was attempting a kimura (I think?) on the mat, Spohn got busier with a rear naked choke attempt. Spohn 10-9.

Segment 6 -- 

Round 2 begins with everyone knowing Monaghan has to win this round. Spohn was smart; everytime Monaghan would start doing anything on the feet, Spohn would get a takedown. Monaghan can't do anything off his back, so he needs more time with Gracie apparently. We get an inset of Dana White saying that it's a tough fight for Herb Dean that while Spohn is in a dominant position, he isn't doing anything from there. He did nearly choke Monaghan out in the fight's closing seconds, but the horn saved him. 10-9 Spohn and 0-0 for yours truly.

Spohn went from having a quick knockout win on the show opener to this amazingly dull fight. While doesn't like it. He's frustrated with Monaghan for not listening to his corner. He doesn't like how Spohn went about his business. I agree.

Spohn wins via u/d. Monaghan prays. Dana wears a UFC Network hat. Penn makes the next fight: Tim Williams (Penn) vs. Dhiego Lima (Edgar). Dana is looking forward to the fight, saying it's impossible for it to be any more boring than the one we saw tonight.

Next Week: Lima vs. Williams. Tensions rise in the house. 'Nuff said.

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