May 27 Chikara Aniversario recap

Chikara Presents "Aniversario!" 5/27/2007
ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA

Recap by Matt Hack of

1) "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee defeated Retail Dragon with a Liger Bomb. A decent opener that didn't allow Brodie to get too exposed as being too green. The guy has a LONG way to go, as the only thing really notable about him right now is that he's big and looks like a Spanish version of Claudio Castagnoli. It was still a pretty solid match to kick off the card.

2) The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black and Hydra w/ Crossbones) over The Olsen Twins after Hydra reversed a pin. A good tag match with a few really good comedy spots. The ONST came out to Brock Lesnar's WWE music, complete with Hydra doing the entire Brock routine, topping it off with jumping from the second-to-the-top step up to the ring apron, a total height of about eight inches. The Olsen Twins came out with a spray bottle filled with water, that was later used to attempt to wash away Hydra's drawn-on muscles. Fairly solid tag match that was filled with comedy, and the Olsen Twins are really starting to get the subtle things about comedic wrestling down (as they also attempted to use a magnifying glass on The Colony the night before in Hellertown).

3) Shayne Hawke defeated Create-A-Wrestler. It's a shame that this was Create-A-Wrestler's last match with the gimmick (he's being "created" next month for the Young Lions Cup), because he finally started getting a grasp on it and doing small things that got over. The most memorable bit was him looking through the crowd, then under the ring apron for a weapon, much like the N64 wrestling games. Just as he started to get the wrestling video game idea down, it's over with. A true shame.

4) Lince Dorado, El Pantera and Player Uno (replacing Equinox) defeated Los Ice Creams and Mitch Ryder (replacing Arkangel de la Muerta). Equinox was bumped up the card due to Jigsaw being unable to make the show, and Mitch Ryder was subbing for Arkangel over the weekend, as Arkangel didn't board his flight from Mexico. Fun little lucha match filled with wacky spots, but it felt as if the crowd was just tired from the heat at this point and was already waiting for an intermission (it was pretty hot while waiting in line to get into the Arena). Los Ice Creams have really showed a lot of improvement since coming in last year, and have started to actually become appreciated as workers as opposed to just a wacky gimmick.

5) Dragon Yuki defeated Kaggra. Both men came over from Japan's Kageki Pro, and...well, it apparently wasn't their weekend, as both matches were very underwhelming (they teamed together against Team FIST the night before in Hellertown). I give them credit because they kept going through a crowd that was DEAD SILENT, and it looked as if Kaggra was seriously favoring one knee as he took a nasty spill on the concrete after trying to fly early. Add this to the fact that both men were very, very soft workers and nobody really knew who to get behind (they had a hard time establishing heat for Dragon Yuki, who I guess was supposed to be the dominant one only because he was much larger in the waist). Still, though they tried pretty hard, it was a terrible match that I'd recommend skipping.

6) Giii the Space Pirate and Dusto Bunny defeated Dr. Cube and Call-Me-Kevin in the South Philly Sci-Fi Streeto~!. The crowd was VERY polarized on the Kaiju guys. I personally loved it, but they did get a few "Don't Come Back" chants from some jerks that are typically CZW fans. Even the Smart Mark cameraman and the ugly, ugly female...thing working the ring bell were shaking their head at the match, but it's their loss for not being able to APPRECIATE THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS MATCH. Call-Me-Kevin turned on Dr. Cube and walked away in the middle of the match, which led to a nasty gangup that included Dr. Cube losing his cubehead (he had a burnt, charred, rather nasty face underneath). Fun, fun stuff filled with wackiness, even if it wasn't the best wrestling.

7) Max Boyer defeated Pelle Primeau. That's really all you need to know, I mean, come on. It's MAX BOYER and PELLE PRIMEAU. Thank god this is Boyer's final YLC defense.

8) Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm and Equinox defeated The Colony. Worker Ant came out wearing a Ribera Steakhouse jacket, which made me cry in laughter. Great match that really put the Colony in as serious contenders, as Quack had to put away Fire Ant with a top rope Tiger Driver. The fact that they're giving Fire Ant a serious push gives me good hope for his chances in the Young Lions Cup next month. A really great trios match.

9) Incoherence (Delirious and Hallowicked) defeated BLK OUT (Eddie Kingston and Ruckus). Thankfully Joker and Sabian weren't around after their events last month in their match against The Colony, which were totally unprofessional. Standard tag match fare that helped continue the feud between Hallowicked and Kingston.

10) Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor (w/ Max Boyer) defeated Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Larry Sweeney (w/ Mitch Ryder) in a Battle of the Kings of Wrestling. The entire concept was that both teams were separate divisions of the KOW stable, with Icarus/Akuma/Taylor trying to prove themselves to their elders. REALLY fun trios match that had started off with a charisma overload between Chucky T. and Sweeney, and ended with an odd promo from Mitch Ryder uniting the two rivaling sides as an eight-man squad. I'd assume that they will be the rudo squad for the Cibernetico in October, with an assembly of technicos (possibly Quack, ShaneSaw, The Colony and Up in Smoke?) on the opposite side.

It was a pretty decent show, but it really lacked something. I'm sure it'll be a lot like Rey de Voladores in that it'll come across a lot better on DVD, however, last night's show seemed to be a lot better according to what I heard from people who went to that show. Still a great time. {plug}

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