WWE Payback results & recap: Shield vs. Evolution, Cena vs. Wyatt LMS classic

By Dave Meltzer

Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's WWE Payback show from the  All-State Arena in Chicago.  We're looking for your thoughts on this show, on Thursday's NXT Takeover show and on Friday's opening of the Super Junior tournament so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Torito got the pin with a quebrada after Hornswoggle pulled Torito's mask off, to reveal a second mask.  Torito started cutting his hair.   First part of the match was 50s midget comedy spots.  The second part saw Los Matadores, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, and Hornswoggle all do dive spots.  The big spot was Torito giving Slater a huracanrana sending him off the apron into everyone else. Torito shaved his head after the match.

The crowd is super hot.  We'll have "This is awesome" chants any time a match has a few high spots.  There were loud C.M. Punk and Hawks chants as well throughout the pre-game show. 

They look to be adding Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel to the show.  There was something backstage with the four shown just before the actual PPV was starting.


Good opener.  Sheamus retained.  Cesaro did 16 reps with the giant swing (although the crowd counted higher) but Sheamus as soon as he landed caught him with an inside cradle for the pin.  They went back and forth with near falls doing most of their usual moves although neither did their finisher.  Crowd is pretty hot.  They booed Sheamus and cheered Cesaro, which got stronger as the match went on.


Solid match for the most part.  Short.  Cody and Ryback looked like they bonked heads when Cody did a moonsualt block on both guys.  Lots of near falls ending when Cody went for a disaster kick but Ryback caught him in shell shock and pinned him.  They pushed that Ryback & Axel are now contenders for the Usos, as if they haven't done that match a bunch of times already.  Cody after the match told Goldust, "Brother, you need a better tag team partner than me," and walked off on him.


Usual Rusev match except Big E did that crazy tackle through the ropes spot on him.  Finish saw Rusev hit E with a thrust kick and use the camel clutch in a short TV style match except for the one spot.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are shown backstage.


No match.  As soon as the bell rang Kane came out.  Bo Dallas jumped out of the ring and Kane destroyed Kingston with a choke slam and tombstone piledriver.  Dallas got in the ring and told Kingston he'd be back on his feet and be better than ever and all you have to to do is "Bo-lieve."  People didn't seem to react much to Dallas yet.


A little more elaborate than a TV match.  RVD missed a frog splash.  Barret missed a Bull hammer and hit the post.  But in the ring RVD went for a split legged moonsault, Barrett got the knees up and hit the Bull hammer for the pin.  Better than average match. 

The Daniel Bryan decision

Stephanie McMahon came out.  Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella out.  Stephanie talked about if they conceive some weird bearded babies will he do the right thing for the people and his wife and not be selfish.  Daniel Bryan said did she notice the reaction you got and people booed.  She said she was still the boss and you have a decision to make.  Bryan told her to change her mind and for her to do the right thing.  Super loud CM Punk chant.  Bryan laughed.  These people want you to quit like CM Punk did.  She said surrender the title or I'll fire your wife.  Bryan said I hope your chldren are watching so they can see their mother is a narcisisstic self centered and Brie called her a bitch.  That got the biggest pop of he show by far.  Stephanie said the only thing Brie did wrong was make a poor choice in picking a husband.  Daniel Bryan teased giving the belt back.  He was going to but Brie wouldn't let him.  Brie said you don't control me, you can't fire me, I quit.  Stephanie started laughing at her.  She slapped Stephahnie in the face.  Stephanie left the ring.  This was a good segment.  Big pop for the show and they still keep the story going in a different way tomorrow.


This may have been the best last man standing match ever.  There were so many incredible spots here you couldn't keep track of it.  The finish was Cena by where the controls are giving Wyatt an Attituade Adjustment off a big box through another box.  Cena then put a third box and tipped the box over so Wyatt couldn't get up.  The Wyatts and Usos interfered several times during the match with the Usos doing dives, Luke Harper doing a dive.  Wyatt got up after an Attitude Adjustment in the ring.  He did it on the floor but Harper & Rowan interfered and picked Wyatt up.  Cena also picked up the ring steps  and fired the steps over the top rope and hit Wyatt hard but Wyatt got up.  Wyatt's elbow was all cut up.  Luke Harper superplexed one of the Usos out of the ring through a table on the floor.  The other Uso did the Rikishi hip attack through a table on Rowan.  Wyatt did his cross body on Cena through the barricade but Cena got up.  A match of the year candidate and worth going out of your way to see.


Paige won clean with the Scorpion cross.  They were put in the death spot but did okay.  The reaction to Fox after the match was really loud with "You tapped out."  She started screaming "Silence" to the crowd, and then just ran to the back.  It was running late so no post match.


Very good match.  They went more than 30 minutes, and The Shield won in three straight falls.  The first elimination didn't come until 27 minutes with Reigns using a spear on Batista.  Ambrose then pinned Orton after the headlock DDT.  This left HHH by hiself.  Orton gave him the sledge hammer but Rollins came off the top rope with a springboard knee and Reigns speared HHH for the pin.  Really long match with a lot of gimmicks.  Most of the match was Evolution beating them down including a triple power bomb on Reigns through the Spanish table.  Orton back suplexed Ambrose on a chair and HHH gave Rollins a pedigree ona chair.  The killer spot was everyone brawling on the stage when Rollins came off the Tron, which looked to be 9-10 feet high with a crossbody on everyone.

Bryan and I will be back late tonight for members only covering the show as well as any late news after the show.

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