Second batch of Payback feedback

A huge Thumbs Up
Best Match Cena vs Bray Last Man Standing Really Fantastic match, should have been the Extreme Rules match. 
Worst Match Bo Dallas vs Kofi segment
Overall it was great show, way over exceeded what you would have thought going in.  Had a good flow to the show too, the time flew bye.  Reigns with a shield sweep I imagine a big fav to win Money in the Bank Hope Raw carries the momentum.
Kyle Schroeder
 Thumbs up
Best match: Shield vs. Evolution
Worst match: Torito vs. Hornswoggle
The main roster would not be out done by NXT Takeover. Spectacular main event with The Shield reigning supreme over Evolution. John Cena and Bray Wyatt had a helluva Texas death match. Stephanie, what did five fingers say to the face? SLAP! YES!
Payback delivered. The talent delivered. Seth Rollins is like Ricky Morton meets Sabu times ten. Everyone in the main event worked hard and the all from the top to the bottom of the card brought it.
No real complaints about the show. Torito vs. Hornswoggle wasn't necessarily bad but after watching CMLL from Arena Coliseo before Payback, it just seemed like pseudo-lucha that hasn't humorous. Hornswoggle's rant during the post-match "press conference" was EPIC~!
Chris Aiken @lariatrope

Thumbs downs
Best Match : Shamus vs. Cesaro
Worst Match :  All the others are tied
This was brutal to watch. Thank god its to me a bonus for having the network to watch the old stuff. The main event was just long and dragged. The Waytt and Cena... best thing is that the feud is over. I never purchased any PPVs in the past except for Wrestlemania and if they were all like the last two you all can understand why. This product is absolutely horrible and I really hope they change something soon.
Scott Bernard

Wwe Payback Thumbs Up Best match: Shield vs Evolution Worst Match: Rusev v Big E
Great PPV, even without Daniel Bryan wrestling, they really picked it up a notch. Even with the main events being retreads, they tried new stuff and the crowd stayed hot.
 Tough to see who the next opponent is for Bryan, unless they're going to rocket Rusev to the top right away. Barrett would be a one-show stopgap at this point, but who knows.
Crowd wanted Alicia to be nuts. Too little time.
CM Punk and Adam Rose were two of the most over babyfaces NOT to appear on this card.

jeffrey Cohen
Flushing, NY

Payback Ramblings….
CM Punk chant as soon as the “Kickoff” show comes on…Torito/Hornswoggle was entertaining, but I am hoping the feud is over…Great stab from Heyman!  Cesaro/Sheamus  was a tremendous opener.  I would hate being the other guys on the card thinking I would have to follow this. (***3/4) Love watching these guys work each other…Rybaxel/Rhodes had a solid basic tag match.  Good build for the finish. (**1/2)…Rusev/Big E good quick bout.  Surprised to see that bump to the floor by Rusev….Kane kills Kofi, but Bo Dallas was entertaining…Good solid bout with RVD/Barrett (***1/2).  Looked real stiff in spots….Daniel Bryan will easily turn heel with Brie at his side every week.  Stephanie shoots on Punk.  We got a “Bitch!” chant. Brie is stiff! It was either cold out there or that excited Steph.  Still no idea on what is going to happen to the belt??...Cena/Wyatt finally had a good match.  Great brawl.  Steps over the top rope onto Bray was awesome! Crazy spots with the tables with Usos.  Superplex to floor!  Fun finish. (****1/2)…No matter how much people like Fox, she is NOT over with me.  Perfect spot to put that bout in the card.  The girls tried, but crowd was dead.  Yeah, that Alicia Fox is SO OVER. Lol Why are they killing Paige so much.  She gets nothing in matches (*)… Shield/Evolution  was not as good as it should have been.  I think the Cena/Wyatt match burn me and the crowd out.  Surprised to see HHH left against all three of Shield.  I think HHH must have been reading the dirt sheet s today.  (***3/4).
BEST BOUT: Cena/Wyatt
Brian Tramel

rating- Thumbs Up but I didn't pay and never would have based on the card. Granted the network isn't available where I live (I would buy that)
best match- Shield vs Evolution
worst match- Rhodes Bros vs Rybaxel.. Sad to see how far the Rhodes Bros have fallen. I didn't care about this match at all and either did the crowd. I cared much more about the woman's title match 
The Bryan/Bella angle was the only thing that interested me headed into this show. I thought their thing tonight was very good. Steph did a great job intervening when the CM Punk chants came. Is Bree pregnant which would make the firing stip legit for a while? Bree with that stiff slap to Steph was good stuff.
What was Cena thinking when he threw those steps at Wyatt? lol Bray went flying! That was a hell of a match.
Seth Rollins is the only other guy i care about in WWE other than Bryan. I just don't care about many of the WWE characters or angles so I'm sure others would have enjoyed this show more than me.
Dan Petrucci

Thumbs Up
Worst Besides Divas (that's the real name of the category)--Rusev/E and there was nothing wrong with it at all.
Have marked out badly for the Wyatt Family, having sparked my interest again, I was very disappointed in the result, but awesome match.
Didn't feel like watching the 6 man.
Mike Devlin

I'm not sure if you are getting feedback regarding the Network feed for Payback, but it has been freezing all night long on my end. This is the worst the feed has ever been for me. Show is unwatchable because of it.
Annette Boyer


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