WWE Main Event TV Report: RVD, Wyatts, Cesaro, more!

By Chris Aiken

July 1, 2014

WWE Main Event from Newark, NJ followed an eventful Raw from the previous night with an uneventful show that included a change from the advertised main event. According to a plug on Raw, Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler was the scheduled main event. However, Cesaro suffered an eye injury that forced the match to be changed. Nevertheless, both Cesaro and Ziggler did wrestle on the show, albeit in a six-man tag team match.

The show opened with Paul Heyman and Cesaro in the ring. Cesaro sported an eye patch. Heyman said the main event could not take place due to the aforementioned eye injury. Heyman called Ziggler a “perennial runner-up” so Ziggler interrupted the promo, which started a chain reaction of interruptions. Big E came out to interrupt as did RybAxel. Then, Rob Van Dam interrupted the proceedings. Everyone talked about the Battleground battle royal for the Intercontinental title. RybAxel attacked RVD and a melee ensued before the babyfaces cleared the ring. All of this led to a six-man tag later in the show. The final interruption came when Luke Harper and Erick Rowan appeared on the screen to announce their impending arrival.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan beat R-Truth & Xavier Woods. Truth got in some early offense only to run into a big boot from Harper. Rowan tagged in and began to pummel Truth, who got the boots up when Rowan charged into a corner. Rowan missed a subsequent splash in the corner and Woods tagged in. Woods ran mildly wild and gave Rowan a tornado DDT for a nearfall. Rowan cut him off with a spin kick for a nearfall where Truth broke up the pin. Harper hit Truth with a superkick and dragged him out of the ring. Rowan hit a uranage slam on Woods for the pin.

The Funkadactyls beat Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox. In storyline, the match was originally scheduled as a handicap rematch (from Raw) but Stephanie McMahon appeared on the Titantron and said that was unfair to Nikki. Therefore, she announced Fox as Nikki’s tag team partner. Nikki started the match with Naomi. Cameron made a bling tag, much to the chagrin of Naomi. Cameron grounded Nikki but Nikki powered out to escape. Nikki dove for a tag but Alicia pulled her hand away at the last second. Alicia then kicked Nikki and Cameron covered her for the pin.

Renee Young interviewed Sheamus backstage. Sheamus offered an open challenge to anyone for a shot at the US title on Smackdown. Enter Alberto Del Rio to smugly accept the challenge. After a commercial break, Young interviewed Paul Heyman and Cesaro. Heyman said Cesaro is not scared of being in a match despite his eye injury. Heyman said Cesaro does not forfeit, he fights. Heyman said Cesaro’s victory speech would be in five languages and Cesaro counted to five in different languages.

Dolph Ziggler & Rob Van Dam & Big E beat Cesaro & Ryback & Curtis Axel. Big E gained the early advantage on Ryback and gave him a belly-to-belly suplex. Axel tagged in and quickly got knocked down by Big E. Axel tried to tag Cesaro but he refused to tag. Still, Axel made a blind tag to force Cesaro into the match. Ziggler tagged in and momentarily ran wild until Cesaro cut him off. Ziggler ripped off Cesaro’s eye patch and started punching at the eye. Cesaro bailed and tagged Axel. RVD also tagged in and did the rolling thunder on Axel. The match broke down and the babyfaces cleaned house to clear the ring before a commercial.

After the break, the heels began to get heat on RVD. Briefly, RVD fired up only to get cut off. Cesaro, without the eye patch, knocked Ziggler off the apron after tagging in. With Cesaro distracted by his cheap shot on Ziggler, RVD got a hope spot that included a springboard kick off the middle rope. After cutting off RVD, the heels continued to get heat on him. Ryback went to the top rope and missed a splash. RVD made the hot tag to Ziggler and Ziggler ran wild, which led into the finish.

Cesaro countered the famouser into a powerbomb but Ziggler countered that with a sunset flip. Then, Ziggler hit the famouser for a nearfall. Cesaro blocked the zig-zag only to run into a jumping DDT from Ziggler. Axel broke up a pin attempt and Big E also intervened. Ryback threw Big E out of the ring. RVD delivered a superkick that sent Ryback to the outside. RVD went to the top rope for a splash on to floor. Before he could jump, Cesaro shoved RVD off the top into the splash on the floor. Ziggler hit the zig-zag on Cesaro for the pin to end an arguably skippable show.

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