WWE Cyber Sunday ongoing play-by-play

By Bryan Alvarez
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Welcome to our ongoing WWE Cyber Sunday PPV live play-by-play. We'll be updating throughout the evening, so please keep checking back. Vinny and I will also be up with a brand new radio show for members by around 12:30 AM PST, running down this PPV in detail plus this past Thursday's Smackdown show.

Thanks to ANCHOR~! and Admin Tony for their help with this report:

1. Rey Mysterio vs Finlay in a Stretcher Match

The Results were

Stretcher - 40%

Shillelagh on a pole - 24%

36% for No-DQ

Good match, even though it was a Stretcher match, Finlay/Rey tried to get the Shillelagh off the pole. Mysterio won after countering Finlay and put him on the stretcher then pushed him over the line

MVP met with Hardy, Hardy revealed MVP will defend the US Title against either Khali, Henry or Kane. GO TO WWE.COM TO VOTE


2. CM Punk vs The Miz for the ECW Title

The Miz - 39%

Big Daddy V - 28%

John Morrison - 33%

"YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" chants were shouted at The Miz. Punk won with the GTS to get the pinfall.


Shawn Michaels won with 59% of the vote to face Orton. Regal announced Hardy vs Kennedy to take place now

HBK - 59%

Hardy - 31%

Kennedy - 10%

3. Jeff Hardy vs Mr Kennedy in a Non-Title Match

Fine match, Hardy went for a Whisper in the Wind but Kennedy moved out of the way, so Hardy took a bump. Kennedy pinned Hardy clean.

Foley was pretending to be a ref with the fathead wallstickers of Undertaker/Batista. JBL interrupted him and got his promo video played. Foley called JBL a "FATHEAD".

4. MVP vs Kane for the US Title

Henry - 9%

Khali - 24%

Kane - 67%

Kane beat MVP up for most of the match. Kane won after MVP got counted out, but Kane doesn't win the title.

Orton cut a promo, he reminded us what he did to Shawn Michaels this past May.

5. Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels for the WWE Title

Great match, HBK dominated early on. Orton took control, but then Shawn made a comeback. HBK went for the Superkick but Orton hit a lowblow to get DQ'd

Orton keeps the title due to DQ, shame it was a good match too.

HBK hit the superkick after the match to get revenge on Orton

6. Triple H vs Umaga in a STREET FIGHT

Streetfight - 57%

First Blood - 17%

Steel Cage - 26%

Very good match that went back and forth. Umaga hit a splash on HHH onto the announce table. Finish came when HHH hit Umaga with a Sledgehammer and a Pedigree to get the pinfall.

Mickie James won the Halloween Costume contest

7. Batista vs Undertaker for the World Title

JBL hit the ring before the announcement and said he was the winner, Foley then came out. We then got the announcement.

Steve Austin - 79% Mick Foley - 11% JBL - 10%

JBL then attacked Foley, Austin then hit the ring and stunned Foley. JBL hit a Clothesline from Hell on Austin and did a beatdown. Austin made a comeback and stunned JBL.

Well this was a great match, Both hit there finishers on each other for near falls. Batista pinned Undertaker clean after 2 straight Batista Bombs to get the pinfall.

The latter part of this ppv was enough to make this show good overall.


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