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Obviously this is all a build towards some sort of Finlay/Vince match at WrestleMania. WWE is currently in the middle of a South American/Mexican tour with Edge beating Rey Jr. in the main events.

Vinny and I will be up late tonight with a FREE Bryan & Vinny Show running down this event. Also, if you're a member don't forget to check out last night's show with a complete run-down and analysis of the TNA Against All Odds PPV.

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Trenesha Biggers, who was actually in one of the Diva Searches, was the gigantic woman who debuted as Scott Steiner's manager on TNA last night.

If anyone attends the TNA tapings tonight and tomorrow we'd love a report for the front page.

Jonny Fairplay is in Orlando right now and claimed he will be signing a contract with TNA. We'll see. Years back Dixie Carter was super high on him.

TMZ.com has a WORLD EXCLUSIVE scoop: Stephanie is pregnant. This was actually in Figure Four Weekly last Tuesday.

Highlander Rory McAllister tore a pec and is out six months.

WWE Hall of Fame tickets go on sale March 1.

Brooke Hogan was at the Grammy's last night.

Miami rapper Pitbull has agreed to perform at the Kimbo vs. Tank Strikeforce show at the BankUnited Center this Saturday night. I cannot wait for that show. SLOBBERKNOCKER~!

TNA announced the return at some point of the WORLD X CUP. They said they'd be getting talent from Japan, Mexico and elsewhere for this one.

Osaka Pro "Osaka Hurricane 2008" results from DAN~!: Daisuke Harada & Takoyakida def. Robert Tanaka & Tadasuke; Ultimo Dragon, Takaku Fuke, Flying Kid Ichikawa & Atsushi Kotoge def. MASAMUNE, Hideyoshi, Kamui & Condor; Zeus def. Jinsei Shinzaki; Akebono, Super Delfin & Kuishinbo Kamen def. Miracle Man, Ebessan III & Kanjyuro Matsuyama; Naomichi Marufuji def. Billy Ken Kid in Kid's big return match; Zero & GAINA def. Tsubasa & Asian Cougar to retain the OPW Tag Titles; in the main event, Tigers Mask def. Black Buffalo to retain the OPW Title, forcing Buffalo to unmask. He unmasked as Kaisuke Yamada from IWA Japan. He was kicked out of Bad Force (the lead heel group of Osaka Pro) and was offered a chance to join Sekigun (Osaka Pro's home unit). He gave no answer, but did shake the hand of Tigers. Also on the show, Atsushi Kotoge joined Bad Force following the tag title match. Zeus also challenged Akebono.

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Mike Mooneyham on Lashley and OVW

Cena hooks up with NASCAR

A wacky Countdown to WrestleMania story

Hockey players should take heed of Benoit's circumstances

Lance Storm on OVW

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