Chikara results from April 20th

By Matthew Hack

Chikara presents "Passion and Persistence"

April 20, 2008

The Chikaradome in Philadelphia, PA!


1. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant def. Vin Gerard and Bull Pain via DQ after Bull Pain used his bat on Soldier Ant

2. Chuck Taylor def. Hydra via pinfall following an Omega Driver

3. Jimmy Olsen def. Player Uno via pinfall with "an alley-oop suplex/spike piledriver combo"

4. Tim Donst def. Ophidian via pinfall with his swinging neckbreaker

5. Helios def. Amasis via pinfall with a standing SSP.

6. Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm, Cheech and Cloudy def. Mitch Ryder, Shayne Hawke, Larry Sweeney and Robbie Ellis when Shane Storm pinned Larry Sweeney following That Japanese Move!

7. Sabian def. El Pantera via pinfall after a kick to the groin behind the referee's back

8. Brodie Lee def. Claudio Castagnoli by DQ after Castagnoli kicks referee Derek Sabato by accident.

9. Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas: Incoherence (c) def. Team FIST, 2-1

9a. Icarus pins Hallowicked following a frog splash. 1-0 in favor of FIST.

9b. Hallowicked pins Icarus following a spinebuster. All tied up 1-1.

9c. Delirious and Hallowicked pin Gran Akuma following a double-superplex to retain the Campeonatos de Parejas, 2-1.


It was announced before the show that the New Alhambra will be airing WWE's Judgment Day PPV live on the big screens after the Chikara show on 5/18. Not a bad deal if you make the trip down to the Arena, depending on how much extra they charge. A documentary on Robbie Ellis was being filmed throughout the show, and a few fans were interviewed.

The show begins, but Vin Gerard interrupts Nick Papagiorgio and brings out Bull Pain. The two lay the challenge down to The Colony, and we have our first match of the day.

1. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant def. Vin Gerard and Bull Pain. Bull Pain smells like salami. The Colony get the win via DQ after Bull breaks out the bat on Soldier Ant. All the masked technicos came out to make the save. After the match, Leonard F. Chikarason suspended Gerard and Bull for 30 days.

2. Chuck Taylor def. Hydra. A very fun match. Hydra stole Chuck's hand grenade and ate it. Bryce threw up the X to the back and no doctors came out to help, so Remsburg had to apply the Heimlich maneuver himself. Chuck got the pinfall after an Omega Driver.

3. Jimmy Olsen vs Player Uno. Jimmy gets the pin after "an alley-oop suplex/spike piledriver combo". No idea if that has a name or not, but it sounds like something Whittle would try in that create-a-finisher mode in this fall's Smackdown game. "Good match from both guys."

4. Tim Donst def. Ophidian. Donst is seconded by Crossbones and Ultramantis Black. An "odd match", though not mentioned why. Donst wins via spinning neckbreaker. "Donst = d...ONST?"

5. Helios def. Amasis. A nine minute match that saw Helios start five "clap...clap...clap-clap-clap-clap-clapclapclapclap" chains. Not too bad.

Intermission. Leonard F. Chikarason announced that Eddie Kingston no-showed. The card has been adjusted accordingly.

6. Parejas Atomico: Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm, Cheech and Cloudy def. Mitch Ryder, Shayne Hawke, Larry Sweeney and Robbie Ellis when Shane Storm pinned Larry Sweeney following That Japanese Move!. The charisma in the match is tangible and could be scooped out of the air with an ice cream scoop. 14:51 of fun times.

7. Sabian vs El Pantera. The matchup for Sabian was decided via coin flip. Decent match that saw Sabian hit a FOUL~! behind the referee's back as he kicked old man Pantera in the testicles for a pinfall.

8. Brodie Lee def. Claudio Castagnoli. A good match with a very strange finish. Claudio accidentally kicked Sabato and knocked him out, then hit the Ricola Bomb on Brodie. Bryce comes out and counts two and was about to get to three, but Sabato wakes up and calls for the bell. Bryce counts three and declares Claudio the winner, while Sabato instead disqualifies Claudio. Brodie Lee wins via DQ.

9. Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas: Incoherence (c) vs Team FIST

Primera Caida: Louden Noxious is the guest ring announcer for the main event. Delirious made sure to inform Icarus that tonight was going to be the night that he is forced to poop his pants which led to a "MAKE HIM POOP!" chant from the children in the crowd, then a "POOP YOUR PANTS!" chant. Some shenanigans from Gran Akuma helped Icarus pull off a frog splash on Hallowicked for the pin as the rudos win the first fall.

Segunda Caida: Relatively quick fall. Hallowicked pins Icarus with a spinebuster to knot it up at one fall a piece.

Tercera Caida: A really hot third fall came to a close with Incoherence retaining after a double superplex on Gran Akuma. Said to be a really fun match and one of the better in the title's history. {plug}

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