Nick Bollea to be sentenced; New fight on Dream show; Match announced for TNA PPV, more

* Sting vs. James Storm in a no DQ match

* Pole match with all the women on the roster, winner gets immunity from losing her hair on Sunday

* Matt Morgan vs. Kip James

* Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash vs. Kurt Angle & Scott Steiner

Pole match said to be really good. They announce some of the teams for Sunday's tag team tournament.

Ultimate Fighter is replayed after Impact.

We've got a major feature on WWE business in Monday's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. We also have what is the biggest long-term concern for UFC, and some really fascinating stuff as more people who were there front and center talk about Michael Hayes, Vince McMahon and the current controversy.

We have the background of the decision to strip Undertaker of the title, and what booking changes made it happen, plus more on WWE drug testing as well as how seriously wrestlers are really taking testing as well as what is being used significantly.

We not only go through the business results for the company for the first three months of the year, but break down what they mean in each category. We also have a breakdown on Wrestlemania including a look at the expense vs. drawing power of Floyd Mayweather. It doesn't answer the question directly if he was worth it, but it gives you a breakdown to look at it.

We look at why WWE had its most successful quarter as far as revenue and yet the stock price dropped greatly. We look at where the quarter profit went, and what aspects of the business are growing, as well as what aspects of the business aren't growing, including factoring out Wrestlemania.

We look at why certain types of talent are likely to be favored in hiring and a thing that many of the wrestlers should learn that they don't teach in wrestling school to make themselves more valuable in the coming years, and it's not something most wrestlers would think of.

We look at the international business, as well as a look at the domestic business for Wrestlemania and a very interesting comparison number. We look at the difference in profitability between Mania this year and last year even with similar revenues. We look at the amount Mania did on PPV, live gate as well as merchandise sales the past two years, as well as overall profit., plus the first word on the real paid attendance for this year's show.

We look at the Mayweather factor and look at questions regarding promoting the show, as well as a look at where WWE profits the greatest right now. We look at hidden expenses for movies and upgrades, as well as a look at the domestic house show business as well as overseas, the part of the world that is on fire and the market WWE is really looking at because of its perceived incredible long-term potential.

We have a look at WWE PPV shows so far this year, including what every show is projected to do, along with first notes on the new MyNetworkTV deal for Smackdown, an update on WWE 24/7, the best selling DVDs of the year as well as company projections on DVD sales for the summer season. We also look at how the web site has done since the recent changes have been implemented, as well as an interesting note about web site hits vs. web site sales.

We follow up last week's much-talked about story on the suspension of Michael Hayes, perceived racism, racial slurs and more in WWE with feedback from three people on the subject. We have a lengthy letter from a WWE writer with many years on the staff talking about agendas, the role of Mark Henry and more reactions within the writing room today of what happened. It's a great portrayal of Hayes that is well balanced, more on his proclivity for racial jokes and this will help people better understand the real situation. It's also an in-depth look and where Mark Henry was coming from, and what it appears was a mistake the company made that brought this all to a head. It also looks at pushes of certain African-American talent, where Stephanie McMahon fits into the story, as well as the husband of a former WWE Diva who is also a pro wrestler has a very interesting note about Hayes.

We also have another writer checking in regarding his tenure with a story that hasn't been told before regarding a suggestion for the world title (one I'm shocked was ever made since I couldn't imagine Vince approving it) that was turned down.

We also have another in what will be a series of features all year on the greatest wrestling memory culturally in different cities. Because New York is probably the No. 1 city for pro wrestling in North America, we this week devote a story on actually three events, one from the 50s, one from the 70s and one from the 80s, that shaped pro wrestling history on a local, regional and even worldwide basis. We look at the most famous riot, the most famous show, and a match in New York that nobody attending will ever forget, as well as the buildup of those events and what they meant historically after the fact.

We also talk about the long-term future of UFC, noting how good things appear to be right now, but why there is a very significant unanswered long-term question. We look at something that is overemphasized in pro wrestling when it comes to importance that is really far more important to the future of UFC. We look at the lessons of the death of WCW that UFC needs to heed, as well as look at Spike's deal, plans long-term for UFC and Spike as far as future programming.

We also have an update on the finances of one of the most expensive shows in history that is being put together.

We also have more on the Ashley Massaro case including some pretty staggering information that hasn't gotten out on a national basis.

We also have our weekly rundown of television ratings for the major shows, results from the major league arena events held around the world, as well as notes from all the major TV shows.

Each usual weekly issue of the Observer ranges from 25,000 to 35,000 words covering pro wrestling and MMA all over the world.

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Also in the issue:

--HHH rumored for a huge out of pro wrestling gig

--Mick Foley and Smackdown announcing, who he as an announcer is trying to pattern himself after

--A look at different television projects Foley was working on that he had to pull out of as well as one that was nixed by a network for an interesting reason

--More on Jonathan Coachman going to ESPN

--Notes on a bar fight arrest involving a WWE star

--Lots of thoughts on Mr. Kennedy's public statements of late

--More on Bret Hart speaking with WWE talent as well as TNA talent this past week

--Update on Rey Mysterio and his injury

--Great Khali as a superstar in his home land

--Current WWE star listed as one of the best in another field of all-time

--Highlights of the first Canadian house show tour in one year

--A look at the winners of the longest lasting annual tradition in pro wrestling dating back 49 years

--One of the industry's biggest international stars of the past 15 years talks retirement

--A look at huge international events over the past week

--One of WWE's biggest stars attends a non-WWE show and it results in a standing room only crowd

--Lots more news on TripleMania including U.S. stars talked with about appearing including one of the best wrestlers in the world

--Update on plans for the show

--Update on X-Pac

--Health updates on Yuji Nagata and Hiroshi Tanahashi

--Hall of Famer officially comes out of retirement at 50

--Line-up for this year's Best of the Super Junior tournament

--A look at one of the biggest shows in Dragon Gate history

--Former TV boxing star and pro wrestler in match Inoki trying to put together

--Update on Bobby Heenan

--Lots more on Hulk Hogan's Celebrity wrestling TV show idea including lots of celebrities talked about and one confirmed

--A look at what is considered the No. 1 wrestling museum in the U.S.

--Wrestling announcer passes away

--Former WWE star set to debut in June in MMA at the age of 36

--What dream match for Japan of Hall of Famers who are big names in both U.S. and Japan almost took place and how one pulled out because they thought it was a fraud booking and it wasn't

--Lots of news regarding Matt Morgan and American Gladiators

--Hulk Hogan creates more fiction abut his past

--What current star tried out for Tough Enough and never even made it to the house

--Lots of news on TNA World X Cup

--Updates on TNA talking with two of the biggest wrestling stars in the world

--Why a wrestler TNA wants badly, who would like to appear in TNA, can't be coming back

--A look at the changing physique of Kurt Angle

--Another international star expected to get a look from TNA

--Major executive from another company signs up with TNA

--Tremendous line written by Vince Russo

--Explaining a very inside term used by Jim Cornette on Impact that most wouldn't know

--What former WWE star was up for a major role in TNA and why it's looking unlikely

--Update on Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra buy rate

--Randy Couture talks Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr.

--Why I disagree strongly with his viewpoint

--More new UFC matches

--Preview of TV show indicates how UFC will handle a controversial issue on the next show

--Lots of news regarding Dream middleweight and lightweight tournaments

--Rickson Gracie with some comments about Fedor Emelianenko

--Industry TV show gets praised by CEO of Viacom

--MMA star arrested this past week

--Local newspaper comments on wrestler running for public office New subscribers ordering 24 or 40 issues have to let us know what major story (ies) of the past 11 years you are most interested in and we'll send the issue with the best coverage of that story. We've got coverage of every major PPV event and world wide spectacular, every major star switching promotions, histories of companies like FMW, Rings and New Japan, retirement and obit issues of every major star who fits into those descriptions over the past 11 years, as well as our biggest issue every year, the annual awards issue, and our most controversial issue of every year, the Hall of Fame issue. Our most requested issues in our history are:

* November 17, 1997 (full details of everything leading to the most famous wrestling match finish of modern times at the Survivor Series plus a history of in-ring double-crosses)

* December 21, 1998 (the complete Vince McMahon-Bret Hart conversation right before the Survivor Series match so you'll know exactly what was said

--the conversation played in edited form both on the inaugural broadcast of Confidential as well as in Wrestling with Shadows, but everything that was said between the two about the match that was going to take place that same night)

* August 1, 1994 (the most detailed coverage anywhere of the Vince McMahon steroid trial, an issue praised in numerous newspaper article and Sex, Lies and Headlocks)

* March 26, 2001 (death of WCW and history of pro wrestling on the Turner networks)

* October 22, 2001 (why the adult audience has left pro wrestling in such great numbers and what needed to have been done to save them)

* July 8, 1991 (Ric Flair leaves WCW as world champion/Zahorian steroid trial)

* February 8, 1993 (the life and times of Andre the Giant)

* May 13, 2002 (the life story of the most incredible pro wrestling career ever, a look at Lou Thesz, in one of the largest issues of our history)

* January 27, 2003 (part one of the two-part series covering the career and life of The Sheik)

* February 3, 2003 (Part two on The Sheik including thoughts from people who worked with him and where he stands historically)

* March 24, 2003 (history of the WWWF title, inside behind the Sammartino, Backlund and Backlund era)

* April 21, 2003 (history of WWF continues with the expansion nationally, the death of the regional territories and the rise of Hulk Hogan)

* May 12, 2003 (The life and death of Elizabeth, and the rise of fall of Lex Luger)

* June 9, 2003 (Part 1 of history of WWF vs. WCW wars and what many say was the greatest year in U.S. wrestling; plus a look at Fred Blassie)

* June 16, 2003 (Freddie Blassie through the eyes of his biggest rivals and friends)

* July 28, 2003 (Part 2 of the history of the WWF vs. WCW war and the plans to make new superstars in the early 90s, what happened, and the night where the three biggest wrestling companies in the world combined for a joint show and what happened)

* August 25, 2003 (2003 Hall of Fame issue with huge profiles on the controversial career of Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit as well as historical features on Earl Caddock and Francisco Flores)

* September 22, 2003 (Part 3 of the history of the WWF vs WCW war with the seeds that caused the collapse of the industry in the 90s, Zahorian trial, Gulf War controversy, Flair leaves WCW while holding world title and much more)

* October 27, 2003 (The fascinating life of Stu Hart plus the story of Road Warrior Hawk)

* January 19, 2004 (2003 Awards issue)

* February 2, 2004 (History of Toronto wrestling, Jack Tunney life story, Royal Rumble and Battle Royal history)

* February 23, 2004 (History of Guerrero family with Eddy's win over Brock Lesnar)

* March 1, 2004 (History of WWF continues with the period that brought the company down in early 1992, the mistakes, the real stories and how the business changed)

* March 8, 2004 (History of Wrestlemania, its greatest matches and best and worst shows as voted both by wrestlers and non-wrestlers and Wrestlemania history books)

* July 5, 2004 (A look behind the scenes and Ric Flair's book and his background with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan)

* July 12, 2004 (A look at more on Ric Flair's book and his comments on Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart and Mick Foley)

* August 16, 2004 (History of the Olympians in pro wrestling)

* August 23, 2004 (2004 Hall of Fame issue and biggest issue of the year with huge profiles on Kazushi Sakuraba, Undertaker, Bob Backlund, Masahiro Chono, Ultimo Dragon, Kurt Angle and Tarzan Lopez

--this counts as one issue if you are asking for a free issue, but ordered separately, due to size, is $6 in North America and $7 overseas)

* October 4, 2004 (the life and times of Big Bossman; as well as details of the life and times of one of the most influential men world wide in pro wrestling history, Jim Barnett)

* November 15, 2004 (the full story of what happened between Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder, plus coverage of the most important week in the history of TNA)

* January 24, 2005 (2004 Awards issue, Rock and WWE part company)

* March 14, 2005 (the 50 biggest money players in the history of WWF and a look at their Hall of Fame)

* May 9, 2005 (the life and times of Chris Candido)

* June 20, 2005 (The full story behind Paul Heyman and the death of ECW, as well as coverage of One Night Stand, Hardcore Homecoming and behind the scenes of both shows)

* July 18, 2005 (death of Shinya Hashimoto and his records with a look at the fall of New Japan, the Matt Hardy angle, tons of WWE firings, Cornette firing in detail as well as problems of a WWE developmental territory in our biggest news issue of the year which is a double-sized issue and would be $6 on its own and $7 overseas)

* August 24, 2005 (2005 Hall of Fame issue with career profiles of Paul Heyman, HHH and Freebirds plus debut of MMA Hall of Fame)

* September 12, 2005 (History of Mid South Wrestling)

* October 10, 2005 (Life and Times of the Ultimate Warrior)

* November 21, 2005 (Life and Times of Eddy Guerrero and Crusher, double issue $6 on its own and $7 overseas)

* December 5, 2005 (The Eddy Guerrero special issue, double issue $6 on its own, $7 overseas)

* January 9, 2006 (The life and times of Superstar Billy Graham, plus New Year's Eve 2005 coverage)

* January 16, 2006 (2005 Awards double issue, $6 or $7 overseas)

* April 3, 2006 (Story of Ann Calvello and the history of Roller Derby

--many called this the best issue of the Observer ever)

* April 10, 2006 (Behind the scenes at the 2006 Wrestlemania/Hall of Fame week)

* July 24, 2006 (The History of the Von Erichs and World Class Championship Wrestling

--the most unreal story ever in wrestling)

* September 4, 2006 (The Rise and Fall of Kurt Angle; 2006 Hall of Fame inductions of Eddie Guerrero, Paul Bower, Masakatsu Funaki, Aja Kong and Hiroshi Hase including tons of wrestling history around the world from the 20s through the 60s, the evolution of working to not working in Japan, and a look at Guerrero in hindsight, double issue $6 or $7 overseas)

* October 9, 2006 (A look back nine years later at the life and legacy of Brian Pillman with tons of inside information about what made him tick as his real objectives)

* November 15, 2006 (History of WCW part one, Eric Bischoff's book and how the industry was changed forever)

* November 20, 2006 (History of WCW part two, Why Jim Ross left WCW, How Bischoff changed the company, signing of Hulk Hogan, Beginning of Nitro, Jesse Ventura, Brian Pillman, Chris Jericho and signing Wrestlemania planned celebrity away)

* November 27, 2006 (History of WCW part three, When Bischoff challenged McMahon to fight; Truth and fiction around Bret Hart signing with WCW and why it didn't click

* December 6, 2006 (details behind Pride's offers to sell promotion and Part four of History of WCW part four, Hogan-Goldberg match and why there was no rematch, WCW loses NBC network deal in 1999 and the real reasons the company fell apart)

* January 22, 2007 (2006 Awards issue, double issue $7 on its own, $8 overseas)

* February 14, 2007 (Life and Times of Bam Bam Bigelow)

* March 5, 2007 (WWE begins plans that will change the business)

* March 12, 2007 (Life and Times of Mike Awesome)

* March 19, 2007 (Life and Times of Ernie Ladd)

* April 4, 2007 (Life and Times of Badnews Allen Coage

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* July 5, 2007 (Part two of the Benoit double murder-suicide)

* July 10, 2007 (Part three of the Benoit double murder-suicide)

* July 19, 2007 (Part four of the Benoit double murder-suicide)

* July 23, 2007 (Part five of Benoit double murder-suicide)

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* October 15 (2007 Hall of Fame double issue, $7 on its own, $8 overseas including inductions of The Rock, Tom Packs and the original Strangler Lewis)

* November 12, 2007 (Life and times of Fabulous Moolah and history of U.S. women's wrestling) .

* December 31, 2007 (History of Ric Flair and the heyday of wrestling at the Greensboro Coliseum)

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* March 17, 2008 (Life and times of Johnny Weaver)

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--The Nick Diaz vs. Katsuya Inoue match for the Sunday (late Saturday night in the U.S. and airing live on HD-Net) Dream show is back on. After Gary Shaw at first nixed the match because they didn't want to risk an injury that would keep Diaz off the 6/14 Elite show in Honolulu, CEO Doug DeLuca of Elite XC in negotiations with Dream and Diaz ended up okaying the fight earlier today. -The IFL is moving to a six-sided ring called The Hex (for Hexagon) starting on an 8/15 show just announced today at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ

--A first round match in Sunday's TNA tag title tournament was announced as the PPV opener with Sting & James Storm vs. Team 3-D

--TNA has announced a June house show tour with shows on 6/20 in Bloomington, IL at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum, 6/21 in Danville, IL at the David Palmer Arena and 6/22 at the Cincinnati Gardens

--The Georges St Pierre vs. Matt Hughes second match will air on Unleashed this coming Wednesday

--Ultimate Fighter this coming Wednesday will air three fights, finishing up the first round. The 4/2 Fight Night card from Broomfield,CO with Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon will air a week from tomorrow night on Spike

--Nick Bollea is expected to plead guilty tomorrow and get sentenced for his role in the auto accident that has left John Graziano, his good friend, on life support. His lawyer was evidently able to make a deal.

--Congratulations to Adam Pearce, whose son, Jacob John Pearce, 8 pounds six ounces, was born at 8:11 p.m. last night

--The Charlotte News and Observer at covers the incident where Dustin Narron was charged with assault and battery for taking a swing at Gregory Shane Helms Monday night at the N&N Sports Bar. According to Police Lt. Keith Powell, Helms was assaulted but didn't fight back after an argument broke out during a game of pool. Narron was a friend of the man Helms was arguing with, and hit the wrestler in the face.

--Poll on the 100th episode of ECW Excellent 14.8% Good 17.5% Average 19.7% Fair 12.6% Poor 35.5% 46.0% of those responding didn't see the show

--If you are interested in sending get-well cards to Sonya Szatkowski (Rob Van Dam's wife, battling stomach cancer), they can be sent to Dominion Distribution, 7224 Muholland Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068. She's making a good recovery.

--For those who have asked about my wife, Mary Anne, the foot she had surgery on got a pretty significant infection and blew up from the knee down as far as swelling. She did come home late yesterday afternoon and that's where things stand.

--Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin are working with for celebrity video messages and limited edition autographed memorabilia and

--The first 24 pages of Michael Kingston's comic book "Headlocked: Work of Art" is available for free download at

--There is an article on MMA vs. boxing at called "Interest in boxing bruised, not broken." It talks about boxing's history, reasons for its coverage being cutback and comparisons with MMA. More of a good boxing article

--Impact Zone Wrestling from Tuesday night in Tempe: Dreaded Pirate Bernie & Mike James b Terra-X & Dean Radford, Lucha Reigns & Mike G & La Shy Girl b Pasayo Asesino & Flyboy & Aguilita Guerrera, Nick Fury b Father Punishment, Marty Murphy b Frenchy Rivera, Rellik b Josh Glade, Hawaiian Lion NC Jay Garland

--Sunday results from the Revolucha Cup in Detroit: Lince Dorado b Ophidian, Josh Abercrombie b Johnny Dynamo, Angel de Guerra b Sombra, Gringo Loco b Gutter, Lince Dorado b Eddie Venom, Nacho Libre b Black Machine, N8 Mattson b Conrad Kennedy III, Mini Charly Manson b Gringo Loco 2/3 falls. . . Evening show: Dorado b Gringo Loco, Sombra won six-way, Abercrombie b Xrtremo, Ophidian won three-way over Mini Charly Manson and Gringo Loco, Mil Mascaras & Lince Dorado b Conrad Kennedy III & N8 Mattson, Bump-n-Uglies b Scarboni Brothers, Lince Dorado b Josh Abercrombie 2/3 falls to win the Revolucha Cup

--Florida Championship Wrestling this coming Tuesday will have the Canadian Bulldogs, T.J. Wilson & D.H. Smith challenging Florida tag champs Stu Sanders & Drew McIntyre, plus Jake Hager defends the Florida title against Johnny Curtis

--WWE returns to Monroe, LA on 9/13 and Rockford, IL on 8/15

--Superstar Graham was back making all his autograph appearances yesterday

--There is a huge Kevin Nash interview at As usual, he says all the smart things like TNA will be able to compete with Vince McMahon. He wants to go head-to-head with Raw,but not Smackdown because Smackdown is so bad "It's like beating a guy with one leg." A guy with no legs is talking about something with one leg being in bad shape. It's got the exaggerations, such as now the 83 weeks WCW was ahead is 120 weeks and Nitro was doing 7 ratings which they never came close to, and he claimed the AOL merger is what killed WCW. He has some interesting thoughts on the title, and said he doesn't think he should have it again, at least not for longer than a month.

--The movie "Chasing the Joneses" with Al Snow aired last night on Showtime. During a five minute span, Snow had a naked woman handcuffed while she was bleeding, stabbed a guy in the arm, poured dish detergent powder on his head, shoots the guy in the leg five times as he's chasing him and then does a fight scene. They end up in an abandoned prison in the middle of a residential area and Snow gives the guys he's fighting a tombstone on an old prison toilet that is filled to the brim. Then he shoots the guy in the head. Said to be amazingly bad (thanks to Michael Moody)

--If you're a Ric Flair fan, check this out at

--West Coast Wrestling Alliance on 5/24 in Concord, CA at the New Hope Church Gym

--Crimson Mask notes that Harry Smith, who we noted in yesterday's update (no relation to the current D.H. Smith) was a Georgia/Florida wrestler who was billed as a former Junior Mr. America and held the Florida TV title back in 1957, losing it to Ray Stevens. He opened up a gym that all the guys in the Tampa office trained at during the 70s. He's around 80 and as best we know, he still owns and runs the gym

--Rich Tate's Atlanta wrestling nostalgia:
55 years ago today: Sonny Myers beat Art Nelson via DQ
49 years ago: Dick Gunkel (Dick Steinborn) beat Skull Murphy to keep the Southern title
44 years ago: Joe Scarpa (Jay Strongbow) & Tex Riley beat Kurt & Karl Von Brauner via DQ
38 years ago: The Assassins beat Nick Bockwinkel & Doug Gilbert in a tornado match
30 years ago in Augusta: Stan Hansen beat Rocky Johnson to keep the Georgia title and Thunderbolt Patterson beat Ole Anderson to win the Georgia TV title
29 years ago in Macon: Bob Armstrong & Wahoo McDaniel beat Angelo Mosca & Bobby Heenan
25 years ago in Savannah: Jack & Jerry Brisco beat Jake Roberts & Dory Funk in the finals of a tournament to get a world tag team title shot

--3KWrestling tomorrow night at the Limerick Golf Club in Philadelphia has Jake Manning vs. Sterling James Keenan with Shane Douglas as ref plus Steve Corino and Ricky Reyes\

--Great Championship Wrestling tonight at the Great Skateplex in Phenix City, AL

--SECW tomorrow night in Hokes Bluff, AL at the Championship Arena has Buff Bagwell

--William Brown at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is looking to get in touch with Austin Idol

--Davey Richards has been added to the X8 tournament in Marion, IN for EWF on 6/14

--A correction from yesterday, we reported for a show on Saturday night in Cordele, GA that Kirby Mack beat Chasyn Rance to win the AWA light heavyweight title, but Mack as the champion and retained the title

--Elite XC will be releasing its first two DVDs on 5/13. One will be of their debut card headlined by Frank Shamrock vs. Cesar Gracie, and the other of the Kimbo Slice debut against Bo Cantrell. That was ugly. The second DVD will also include the undercard matches that weren't televised

--ECWA on Saturday night in Newark, DE at the Boys & Girls Club is headlined by Glen Osbourne vs. Ace Darling

--Lacey will not be appearing at the ROH shows this weekend. There is a storyline involving Jimmy Jacobs and Austin Aries this is building toward

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