Ongoing delayed TNA PPV coverage

By Bryan Alvarez
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Our ongoing coverage of the TNA Slammiversary PPV is about to begin. Check back throughout the evening for the latest results.

1. Petey Williams vs. Kaz for the X-Title. Petey is wrestling with a protective face mask on. Petey won with the Canadian destroyer, which begs the question why Kaz is getting a world title shot Thursday. They said he was outnumbered because Steiner and Rakha interfered, but Kaz survived all that and lost clean. Anyway, bad guys destroyed him afterwards but then Abyss ran down and beat them all up. Yes, including the girl.

Eric Young showed up and said Elvis Presley was on the way.

2. Beautiful People & MOOSE vs. Gail & Roxxi & ODB. That was one long match. ODB made the hot tag and ended up pinning Moose with a bodyslam. Hell of a debut for Moose here. Match was pretty good overall.

3. LAX vs. Team 3-D for the Tag Titles. Pretty good match but it went on forever and was hurt by the fans not being into LAX. Homicide school-boy'd Brother Ray for the pin as the heels were setting up for the 3-D on Hernandez.

Kong destroyed some girls. First she killed Serena Deeb, billed as an MMA fighter, and then killed Josie of Derby City Wrestling fame. Josie was over big since they billed her from Memphis. Didn't help her here. Violence.

Elvis debuted here. Eric brought him out and then bailed, and after all the weeks of TV, my God was this horrible. Kong almost immediately killed him with a brutal awesome bomb. Embarrassing.

Speaking of embarrassing, the wedding was the worst wrestling wedding ever. It was low-rent. Sonjay crashed the party, so Ace Young tried to make the save and failed. Koko B. Ware and Kamala then beat up Dutt and Jake Roberts put the snake on him. George Steele at a turnbuckle and they played Lethal's music. That was it. It was worse watching than it sounds reading it here.

4. Angle vs. AJ. Angle is alive. That's the good news. Bad news is it looked like every bone in his body was broken. He had the best match a man with a broken neck can have, ending when Karen teased giving him a chair but then refused, and AJ hit the Styles clash for the pin. Angle hit him with a chair and put him in the ankle lock forever afterwards. There was a scary spot early where AJ hit him in the neck with a flip dive. Watching Kurt work was painful.

5. King of the Mountain with Rhino, Robert Roode, Christian, Booker T and Samoa Joe. Match was fine, but again, poor crowd heat hurt it. Finish was also anticlimactic as Joe just gave Roode a muscle buster and then climbed up and won. Nash didn't turn on him or anything, so anyone buying the PPV to find out what he was going to do didn't get what they paid for. The good news is that this would be 0 people.

Vinny and I will be up before 1 AM PST with a rundown and analysis of this show. Thanks for joining us! {plug}

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