AAA on Galavision TV report featuring new Hart Foundation and great Reina de Reinas

AAA on Galavision
By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 06/21/2008
The show opens with a video that recaps last week's events. The "Hermandad" debuted with a victory over the Tijuana Family. Mesias lost another match, thanks to Vampiro. The Hart Foundation 2.0 defeated the Hell Brothers, with the help of Zorro. For this show, the "Reina de Reinas" Universal Tournament will take place, plus Cibernetico takes on Kenzo Suzuki.
*Pretaped Segment: The Real Fuerza Aera guys talk about the support Octagon has given to them. They also say the Legion and Konnan are selfish, but Superfly is worried because he's facing them in a match. Aerostar and Pegaso cheer Fly for his upcoming match.
1) Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr., Hijo del Pirata & Barba Roja vs. Gato Eveready, Pegaso, Aerostar & El Angel
-First Fall: The Piratas immediately attack the tecnicos. Gato is put in the crowd chairs, and the Piratas launch one of their members into Gato for a sick visual. The young Piratas apply a triple team hold on Aerostar, until Pegaso makes the save. The comeback begins, and the tecnicos are in control. Both teams return to their corners, and Gato takes out the young Piratas. Aerostar uses a Springboard Back Plancha to take out two Piratas on the outside. Angel takes out Morgan with a Diving Plancha. Every tecnicos flies to the outside to knock the young Piratas. Back in the ring, the young Piratas lock various Armbars on the tecnicos, whule Morgan makes Gato submit to the Morgan Special.
Winners: Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr., Hijo del Pirata & Barba Roja
2) Reina de Reinas Universal - Group I
Carlos Amano vs. La Diabolica vs. Cinthia Moreno vs. Estrellita vs. Ayako Hamada
Prematch Comments: A video of Carlos Amano airs, and she says she's coming to punish the Mexican female wrestlers, just wait for her.
-First Fall: Ayako and Diabolica double team Estrellita, and Amano helps them. The rudas turn on each other, but Amano is stronger than her fellow ruda partners. Estrellita recovers, and takes out Amano with flying moves. Cinthia takes out Ayako with a Silla off the apron. Cinthia eliminates La Diabolica with La Rueca. Amano accidentally kicks Ayako and Estrellita. Cinthia hits a Flying Stomp on Amano, but the referee counts two. Cinthia argues with the referee, but Amano eliminates her with a Schoolgirl. Estrellita uses a Backslide on Amano, for a two count. Estrellita eliminates Amano with a German Suplex. Ayako tries a Moonsault, but Estrellita lifts her feet. Ayako lands outside, and Estrellita hits an Asai Moonsault. Estrellita locks an inverted Leglock, but Ayako reaches the bottom rope. Powerbomb by Ayako on estrellita for a two count. Ayako uses the Michinoku Driver to pin Estrellita.
Winner: Ayako Hamada
Order of Elimination: La Diabolica, Cinthia Moreno, Carlos Amano and Estrellita
*Noti AAA:
-Hype for TripleMania 16, and the high profile matches are announced.
-Video Package for Mesias vs. Vampiro, which includes images from their past matches.
-Another reminder for fans to bring keys for the statue.
3) Reina de Reinas Universal - Group II
Martha Villalobos vs. Chikayo Nagashima vs. Sonoko Kato vs. Sexy Star vs. Mari Apache
Prematch Comments: Chikayo introduces herself, and says this is her second appearance in the tournament, so she's winning it this time.
-First Fall: The Japanese target Sexy, but the remaining Mexicans help her, before assaulting her. Sonoko attacks Mari, and Chikayo helps her partner. The Japanese turn on each other, until Big Martha enters to destroy them, and the crowd is fully behind her. Mari tries to help the Japanese, but Martha is way too much for the trio. Sonoko is eliminated, after a devastating top rope Plancha from Martha.
Victory Roll of Sexy on Chikayo for a two count. Chikayo eliminates Sexy with a Bridging Suplex. Big Martha enters again, but misses her Plancha. Chikayo eliminates Martha with a modified Armbar. Chikayo reverses Mari's Powerbomb into a Hurricanrana for a two. Mari locks La Tapatia on Chikayo, but nothing. T-Bone Suplex by Chikayo on Mari for a close two count. Mari pins Chikayo with a Michinoku Driver.
Winner: Mari Apache
Order of Elimination: Sonoko Kato, Sexy Star, Martha Villalobos and Chikayo Nagashima
4) Reina de Reinas Universal - Group III 
Vicky Carranza vs. Dinamite Kansai vs. Mayumi Ozaki vs. Akino vs. Fabi Apache
*Promo Video: Yet another one, recaping the awful Apache feud.
-First Fall: Dinamite dominates every girl she sees. Akino takes out Fabi with a Diving Plancha. Mayumi eliminates Vicky with a Polish Hammer. The three Japanese attack Fabi, and they step over her body. Mayumi's manager also gets to attack Fabi. Fabi manages to make the comeback, but Mayumi slows her down. Dinamite tries a Crucifix Powerbomb, but Akino eliminates her with a Hurricanrana. The referee is accidentally knocked down, and Mayumi's manager enters the ring. The manager mistakenly gives Mayumi a chairshot, and Fabi kick him out. Fabi eliminates Mayumi with a Shining Wizard. Akino gets Fabi into a Wheelbarrow Package for a two count. Akino applies La Casita on Fabi for another near fall. Fabi pins Akino with the Dragon suplex.
Winner: Fabi Apache
Order of Elimination: Vicky Carranza, Dinamite Kansai, Mayumi Ozaki and Akino
*Pretaped Segment: Konnan talks to Kenzo, and tells him to do his part with Cibernetico. Konnan wants to see the monster within Kenzo to destroy Cibernetico, while he finishes La Parka. Zorro also tells Kenzo to forget about mercy, and to unleash his Samurai spirit.
5) Reina de Reinas Universal - Finals
Ayako Hamada vs. Mari Apache vs. Fabi Apache
-First Fall: The rudas double team Fabi to kick off the finals. Ayako terminates the alliance, by hitting a Moonsault on Mari. Hurricanrana by Fabi on Ayako for a close two. Ayako tries a Fisherwoman Suplex, but Fabi reverses it into a Tiger Suplex, and Ayako is out. El Gran Apache arrives to ringside to support her daughter Mari. Fabi is distracted, and Mari takes advantage of the situation. Apache pulls Fabi feet, and Billy also arrives to stop Apache. Fabi knocks Apache off the apron, and Billy takes him out with a suicide dive. Mari goes for the Michinoku Driver, but Fabi reverses it into a pin. Mari successfully hits the move again, but Fabi kicks out at two. Mari argues with the referee for the slow count. Fabi hist the Dragon Suplex on Mari, and it's over.
Winner and NEW Reina de Reinas: Fabi Apache
-Aftermath: Joaquin Roldan enters the ring to put the belt around the waist of the new Queen. Billy celebrates with Fabi, but Apache interrupts. Apache says he doesn't care about Mari not winning the belt, but cares more about Fabi's hair. Apache asks Roldan to make a match between Fabi and Mari with their hairs on the line. Roldan simply says that Fabi can take that decision, because she's the new Queen. Fabi accpets the challenge at TripleMania 16, and Roldan makes the match official.
*Pretaped Segment: Konnan enters the ring, and wants Roldan to get him what he's been asking for a while: his own locker room, a massage lady, and an exclusive car with driver included. Roldan arrives to the ring, to tell Konnan he's tired of him running his mouth on the promotion that gives him money to eat. Roldan asks Konnan that if he doesn't like the company, then what's he doing in it. Roldan is not scared of Konnan. The Legion leader tells Roldan if he interferes in the match at TM 16, he will treat him like a wrestler, and not like a promoter.
6) La Parka, Chessman & Superfly vs. Hart Foundation 2.0 (Teddy Hart & Jack Evans) & Konnan
-First Fall: The Harts and Konnan attack the tecnicos upon their arrival. The Americans apply their signature moves early on the tecnicos. Konnan is destroying the mask of Parka. Evans uses a chair to attack the tecnicos. Hart hits a Chair Moonsault on Fly from the announce table. La Parka is bleeding buckets, thanks to Konnan. Parka wears a new mask, but the heels attack him again. Hart hits a Monkey Flip on Chessman, but he lands on his feet and clotheslines Evans and Konnan. The comeback begins, and the tecnicos unleash a hard beating on the heels. Chessman hits the C-4 on Hart from the apron, and both land on Evans and Fly. Kenzo enters the ring to attack La Parka, and the referee awards the DQ.
Winners: La Parka, Chessman & Superfly
*Promo Video: Another video of Mesias/Vampiro
*Pretaped Segment: Cibernetico and Chessman say they will avange the injuries of Charlie Manson, and everyone will pay. Apocalypsis Ahora!
7) Cibernetico vs. Kenzo Suzuki (w/Zorro)
-First Fall: Zorro distracts the referee, allowing Kenzo to use some illegal blows on Cibernetico. Kenzo is taken down by a Spear of Cibernetico. Knee Drop by Kenzo on Cibernetico for a two count. Kenzo jumps off the apron, but Cibernetcio kicks his abs. Chessman arrives to the ring, but the referee stops him. Zorro enters the ring to hit Ciber with the kendo stick, but Kenzo receives the impact. Zorro is taken out with a Stunner, and Kenzo is pinned after a Chokeslam from Cibernetico.
Winner: Cibernetico
FINAL COMMENTS: Overall, a good show. This edition included excellent women's wrestling, and the tourmament was great. I just didn't like the fact that the finals match was used to push the Apaches feud, so blame the Roldans for that. Superfly has talent, but in my opinion, that's not the correct guy to push, because Aerostar has way more talent.
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