UFC 86 match by match coverage

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Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 86 from Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on the show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Frank Mir is in the front row apparently having lost a hair vs. hair challenge during the TUF tapings.  


Corey Hill vs. Justin Buchholz

Strong first with Hill connecting with more flurries and a few takedowns and won the first round.  Crowd gave both a big ovation when it was over.

Second round slowed the pace down.  Buchholz throwing kicls  He hurt Hill with a nasty kick right to the chin.  Both guys started swingingly wildly at that point.  Hill took Buchhulz down to quell the situation.  Buchholz started to take over but Hill took him down.  Hill passed to side mount.  Buchholz escaped and got his back with 1:10 left.  He choked Hill out for the win.   Good opening bout.  In the post-match interview, Buchholz said that Hill came up to him before the fight and noted the bonus for fight of the night so they went for it.


Melvin Guillard vs. Dennis Siver is next. 

Guillard decked him and was pounding on him.  Siver went for a triangle immediately from the bottom.  Guillard got up.  As Silver went forward Guillard clocked him with a right cross that put Siver down.  A few more punches on the ground and it was over.  This whole thing went 36 seconds.  This will most likely make the main show and has a shot at the best knockout bonus.  

Jorge Gurgel vs. Cole Miller is next.

Hard low kick by Gurgel.  High kick by Gurgel that hit.  Trading low kicks.  Miller has "Hayabusa" on his trunks.  Trading kicks and Gurgel connected with a right and another low kick.   Miller connected with two good rights and hurt  Gurgel.  Now they're in a clinch.  Miller throwing knees .  Miller now taking advantage of his reach. Good kick to the chest by  Gurgrel.  Gurgel rocked him with a punch and went for a flying knee.  Gurgel running in connected with a few punches.  Another hard low kick by Gurgel.  Good first round, 10-9 Gurgel.


Slow round.  Gurgel with a high kick but Miller back with a right.  Gurgel's blows have more velocity on them.  Miller got a takedown with 2:50 left but Gurgel was hammering elbows .  Now Miller connecting with a lot of good punches to Gurgel.  Gurgel back with elbows from the bottom.  Flying punch by Miller.  Miller has him cradled.  Looked like he was grabbing the tights.  That's a DQ in WWE these days.   Miller has a guillotine but Gurgel popped out.  Now Gurgel is on top.  Knee to the head by Gurgel as Miller got up.  Good right by Miller.  Gurgel connected with a series of punches and then got a takedown.  Now Miller is elbowing from the bottom as time ran out.  Hell of a good round.  Very close round.  I'm guessing Miller gets it and we're even but Gurgel may have stolen it in the last minute.


Crowd pretty psycheod for round three as both riled up the crowd.  High kick by Gurgel.  Both connected with solid punches at almost the same time.  High kick by Gurgel.  Miller tried a judo hip toss but Gurgel got away.  Miller with someknees.  Gurgel with a series of punches.  Miller's nose bloodied.  A wicked head kick by Gurgel and more punches, then Gurgel took him down.   More trading.  Another takedown by Gurgel.  Miller's length is keeping Gurgel from having serious offense on the ground.  The two are trading punches, almost Frye-Takayama style but not quite.  High kick by Miller.  Another takedown by Gurgel.  Miller got a triangle from the bottom.  It's tight with 34 seconds left.  Ref Yves Lavigne stopped it as Gurgel went out.  There were 12 seconds left when Lavigne stopped it.  Huge standing ovation.  If this doesnt't win the best fight bonus than this is going to be a hell of a show.  Gurgel was going to win the decision.  Trivia note:  Last night when Miller was asked his prediction he said he would win by submission (he's a purple belt and Gurgel is a black belt) after a war.

On the scorecards, 2 judges had Gurgel in the second  and one had Miller.  All three had Gurgel in the first. 


Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Justin McCulley is up now.

McCulley is Joanie Laurer's former tag team partner in New Japan Pro Wrestling.  McCulley throwing low kicks.  Gonzalaga put him down with a low kick as McCulley lost his balance.  Full mount by Gonzaga.  He's throwing hammer punches.  More hammer punches by Gonzaga.  Gonzaga with a Kimura submission early in round one.

In the opening segment, with the video, the crowd was more pro-Griffin, which was to be expected.  They didn't boo Jackson. 

Tyson Griffin vs. Marcus Aurelio is up.

I'm getting a weak signal so I'll send you for now.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Tyson Griffin

Crowd started booing in 40 seconds.  Now we're at 90 seconds of this Zbyszko start.  Griffin threw Aurelio down.  Aurelio trying something from the bottom.  Griffin punching out of an armbar attempt.  Now punches out of a triangle attempt.  More punches by Griffin and Aurelio looking for an opening.  Griffin is just beating on his ribs.  Aurelio back to his feet.  Good body punches by Griffin.  Some low kicks by Griffin.  Aurelio tried a takedown late but Griffin blocked it as time ran out.  Griffin 10-9.

Crowd chanting "Tyson."  Good low kicks by Griffin.  Aurelio tried for a takedown but Griffin has him bearhugged against the cage and is kneeing his thigh and stomping on his feet.  Both trying knees but nothing telling.  Griffin with a high slam.  Nice reverse on the ground by Aurelio.  Aurelio has his back with 1:25 left but Griffin esdaped and is now on top, punching the ribs.  Aurelio wnt for a triangle but Griffin escaped.  Griffin with an elbow to the face.  Hard round to call because Griffin won most of the round but the most telling move was the triange by Aurelio.  Still, Griffin 20-18 at this point.

Both trading.  Good left uppercut by Griffin.  Kick and punch combo by Griffin but not substantial.  Good low kick by Griffin and he followed moving in with a punch.  Griffin with some body punches.  Aurelio shot but Griffin easily avoided the takedown and connected with more punches.  Griffin now hurt him with a kick and punch combination.  Aurelio firing back.  Another kick to the thigh by Griffin.  Griffin connecting with looping rights.  Aurelio with a nice punch.  Fans are starting to boo and Griffin took him right down.  Aurelio working for an armbar but Griffin escaped.  Aurelio working for a triangle and armbar with 30 seconds left.  Griffin is out of trouble.  Griffin with body punches as time ran out.  30-27 Griffin.

All three judges had it 30-27 for Griffin.

Jackson on the screen booed heavily.  Griffin showed and cheered heavily.

Josh Koscheck vs.  Chris Lytle is up now.

Crowd doesn't like Koscheck.   Koscheck wants to box.  We'll see about that idea.  Nice high kick by Lytle.  Koscheck tried the killer high kick but missed bad and fell down.  Koscheck got the takedown and Lytle went for a guillotine.  Koscheck is on top doing little.  A few body shots and a short elbow.  Koscheck got a hard elbow in.  Koscheck is just outwrestling Lytle.  He threw a few hard shots at the buzzer.   Not much of a round.  I guess Koscheck close at 10-9.

Koscheck took Lytle down again.  Hard knees and elbows by Koscheck.  Lytle going for a guillotine as Koscheck went for another takedown.  Koscheck wasn't in trouble.   Koscheck thrwoing some punches from the top.  He's busted Lytle's left eye with elbows.  Blood is all over the camera lense and the mat.  There is a lot of blood.  It's actually a puddle of blood.  They may have to stop this.  Lytle's right eye is cut and starting to swell badly.   Crowd cheered the round heavy.  The cut on the right side looks awful.  I don't know about this one. continuing.   Koscheck 10-8.

Lytle is coming out for three.  Lytle punched Koscheck as he stuffed the takedwon.  Lytle is working for an armbar and now a guilltone, a choke, and another guillotine.  Koscheck escaped.  Great moment.  Now Koscheck using more elbows from the top.  Methodical working of the cut by Koscheck.  They ordered a stand-up.  Corwd going jnutws for Lytle because he's covered with blood coming from the right eye and maybe the left ear.  Lytle came in punching.  Loud Lytle chant.  30 seconds left.  Trading punches.  Koscheck is an awesome heel, you had to see the finish.  10-9 Koscheck so 30-26 is the score I've got.

The two hugged when it was over.  30-26, 29-27, 30-28 for Koscheck.  Man did they boo Koscheck.  Edge wishes he could get a reaction like this.  Two judges gave Koscheck 10-8 in the second.  Two gave Lytle 10-9 in the third and the other had it 10-10.

Joe Rogan just was talking about Marvin Eastman's cut against Vitor Belfort when talking about Lytle's cut and said Eastman's head looked like a goat's vagina.  At least one of us knows what that looks like.

Joe Stevenson vs. Gleison Tibau is next.  Tibau came out to "Iron Man."  If you think that was old school wrestling, Tyson Griffin came out to "Eye of the Tiger." 

Tibau connected with a a punch.  Stevenson rushed him and got him down.  Now it's the Stevenson guilltoine but Tibau got out.  Tibau has his back working for a choke.  Stevenson knows he's in a fight right now.  Tibau got another takedown.  Elbow by Stevenson leading to a slam.  Uma plata by Tibeau.  Tibeau has Stegvenson in the hold.  Stevenson is relaxed acting like he's bored and it doesn't hurt him, trying for a stand-up.  Steve Mazzagatti is 100 yards away making no move to stand them.  Stevenson's facials aren't helping his case because the ref sees it as being challenged.  Time ran out in the round.  10-9 Tibau.

Stevenson charged looking for a takedown.  Another taekdown by Tibaue.  A f ew punches by Tibeau but nothing connecting.  Strong takedown by Tibaeau.  He's got Stevenson pinned.  Stevenson is trying to bridge out.  Full mount now by Tibeau.  High kick.  Tibaeau took him down but Stevenson grabbed his guillotine and this time Tibau couldn't get out.  Once again the guy winning ont he scorecard got submitted.  

Believe it or not, the UFC poll has 53% thinking Forrest Griffin will win and 47% for Jackson.  That's just shocking.

Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida is up.

Miguel Torres shown. No reaction.

Almeida jumped in the air to get a guillotine and essentially pulled guard to get it to the ground. Cote is in the deep water right now. Cote escaped and wants to box. Almeida tried a knee but missed. Almeida moved in for a takedown. Almeida finally got the takedown. Almeida doing some ground and pound. Some punches got through late to take the round 10-9.

Almeida pulled guard again after failing on a takedown. Cote got up. Cote starting to box. Interesting that there was some booing tonight, but all of it came during stand-ups. Even when action was slow on the ground people were fine with it. Almeida tried a guillotine but Cote escaped. Cote decked him as time ran out. Probably spelled he difference in a dull round so it's 19-19.

Cote hit Cote with a low kick 90 seconds into a nothing happening round. This is one of those matches where it doesn't matter who won, because both are coming out the worst. Cote did another low kick. Crowd actually could be turning on it worse then they were. Another low kick by Cote. Almeida scored with a punch and a second while Cote back with a low kick. Fight comes down to this last minute. Who wants it more. Or less. Almeida got the takedown. He's got side control. Now Cote is on top. I don't know how to score this. Really was close but I've got 29-28 Cote.

Scores were 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 for Cote. Cote was booed after but it still appeared 80% of the crowd thought he won as when the judge for Almeida was announced, people were pretty darn mad.

This is Bryan. Dave is doing Yahoo I believe.

Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin for the Light Heavyweight Title. We're into the fourth round here. Quinton took round one, then Forrest destroyed his leg with hard kicks in the second and may have won the round 10-8. Third round was closer as Rampage's leg looked like it was feeling better. Quinton is moving well here in the fourth. Forrest was cut over the eye and Quinton ended up in his guard. Forrest tried a triangle but Quinton powerbombed him, bad leg and all. We're going to the fifth round. Very close fight. You could argue 28-28 going into the fourth and then Quinton took that round 10-9. Very tough to tell. Rogan said he thought Forrest was winning the fight. Either way it's coming down to this round.

Forrest is going after the knee hard here in the fifth. They had a hell of a battle. Quinton tried a lunging punch at one point and his knee pretty much gave out. Fifth round is over and it's going to the judges. Win or lose, Quinton is one of the toughest dudes around, and we've known that about Forrest forever. This fight ruled.

They gave it to Forrest 48-46. The last round killed the site as well.

Here is Dave's report:

Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin is up

Jackson had no sponsors. It's the Affliction paying him to have no sponsors deal. Jackson is awesome at playing to the camera.

Griffin got a pretty huge reaction. Jackson got some boos but more cheers than boos, but this is a crowd that wants Griffin to win.

Crowd was psyched for this but not like they would be for a killer main event. Head kick by Griffin. Loud Griffin chants. Griffin connected with a quick right and more low kicks. Body kick by Griffin. Huge Forrest chant. Both swung and Jackson rocked Griffin with the best blow so far. It's a slugfest. Griffin has more style but Jackson only has to hit him once. Jackson hurt him with a series of punches. Griffin coming back but he didn't hurt Jackson. The leg kicks are taking their toll. Jackson isn't moving well. Left leg is in bad shape on Jackson. Jackson decked him though with an uppercut. Excellent round. Jackson 10-9 but both were damaged.

Griffin has him hurt with the kicks to the left leg and knees up the middle and a guillotine. Griffin on top now on the ground. Jackson's leg is gone. Griffin dropping the elbows and rubbing the forearm into Jackson's face. Griffin got side position. People went nuts at his clearing guard. He's going for a Kimura but Jackson escaped More elbows and ground and pound. More punches from the top by Griffin. Full mount. More elbows. Jackson trying a reverse but can't get it. Loud Forrest chant. Griffin continues to punish Jackson from the top. Rubbing the elbow and more elbows. Griffin just continues to punch and elbow and Jackson is doing nothing. Very close to a finish. 10-8 Griffin.

High kick by Griffin. Trading punches. Another high kick by Griffin but Jackson blocked it. Jackson still has the one punch power and Griffin doesn't. Body kick by Griffin. Low kick by Griffin. Kick to the right shoulder by Griffin cutting down his punching power. Jackson with a series but Griffin stood up to him. Another low kick by Griffin. Jackson rocked Griffin bad with a right. Another low kick. Jackson coming back. Kick to the right shoulder and right leg by Griffin. Trading and Griffin got the better of it. Another low kick by Griffin. Trading and again Griffin getting the best blow. More kicks by Griffin. Griffin with three quick ones and Jackson back but missed his punches. Griffin 10-9 so I've got it 29-27 right now.

Jackson tearing into him and got Griffin down. Trading and this time Jackson got the better of it. Jackson took Griffin down. Griffin bleeding from the right eye. He's got a triangle from the bottom. Jackson tried the power bomb but Griffin knew enough to let it go so didn't take a bad slam. Jackson with punches. Griffin with an uma plata but Jackson escaped and tagged Griffin as he got up. Griffin is tired and he's been rocked with punches. Jackson's mobility is limited. It's a war. Jackson rocked him with two more punches. Great exchange and Jackson got three good ones in. Jackson connected again. He's hurting Griffin now with the punches. Jackson connected with several more punches. Stranding ovation. Jackson's round. 38-37 going into the final round.

Final round: Jackson rocked him again with a right. Griffin with a kick to the faced and another low kick. Griffin with a good right to the jaw. Griffin with a knee and Jackson back with a punch and two hard ones. Griffin back with a hard one. This is an epic battle. Another kick to the jaw by Griffin. A left to the jaw and low kick by Griffin. Right to the jaw by Griffin. Another punch by Griffin to the face. High kick is blocked. Jackson reaches and misses. Right to the jaw by Griffin. Low kick by Griffin. Jackson back. 90 seconds left. Jackson killed him with two punches. Another right by Jackson. Jackson's knee nearly went out as he lunged for a punch. Knee by Griffin. Jackson back with an uppercut. Trading blows with seconds left. Time out. Fantastic fight. That round could go either way. I've got a 10-10 and 48-47 but if you put a gun to my head to pick a round I say Jackson and a draw because Jackson's shots were much harder.

At press row it's a split between Griffin winning and a draw. Crowd completely behind Griffin but they would be for anything close.

Byrd 48-46 48-46 49-46 Griffin. Place going nuts. Jackson said Forrest kicked his ass. Juanito was real mad thinking Jackson won. He asked who won and when someone said Griffin, he was pissed.

Here are how the judges went

Adalaide Byrd who scored it 48-46, gave 4 and 5 to Jackson and Griffin 1, 2 and 3 with 2 as 10-8

Nelson Hamilton had it 48-46 with 1 and 4 for Jackson, and Griffin getting 2 10-8

Roy Silbert had it 49-46 with only round 4 for Jackson.



Thanks very much for joining us. Bryan and I will be up in a few hours with a new radio show talking this show in detail plus all the news from the weekend, including thoughts on the new proposed MMA weight divisions. We'll talk to you then! {plug}

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