TNA Hard Justice PPV report

By Dave Meltzer

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Sting has just arrived but he refused to answer any of Lauren's questions. She's flustered.  The rappers are performing now.  

Not sure if Ice-T no-showed, but he wasn't there at the open and Mel E. Mel was in the ring flexing.

Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed for the X title opens the show. 

Good opener with Williams winning with the Canadian Destroyer after Sheik Abdul Bashir (Daivari) hit Creed with a chair to the back.  Bashir pointed to Creed in his Apollo Creed outfit on the floor and said he was the representative of the U.S.  Bashir did a total 1970s Middle Eastern heel gimmick.  Crowd was completely behind Williams, the heel.  

Kevin Nash said he was going to find out what Sting is about. 

ODB & Gail Kim & Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Awesome Kong with Traci Brooks as ref is next.

Wilde pinned Love with a front rolling cradle in another good match, highlighted by Kim vs. Kong.

Team 3-D is with Lauren.  D-Von was trying to hit on her.  Bubba told her they were taking her to Sting.   Bubba Dudley climbed up to the rafters, but guess what, now he's afraid of heights.  Wasn't James Storm the one afraid of heights?  Lauren is making fun of him.   Bubba said they were leaving because D-Von was afraid of the dark.  He said he wasn't, she said "boo" and he got scared.  Very much lame.

LAX vs. Beer Money for the tag titles are up now.  Homicide is selling the power bomb through a glass table on TV by wearing a bandage near his right eye.

Real good match.  Title changed hands when Robert Roode hit Homicide into the left side of the face on on Homicide and Storm pinned him.  The idea was he hit him in the bad eye, except the bad eye earlier in the match was the right eye.  Oh well.  A lot of high spots and "That was awesome" chants after them.  Biggest spot was Hernandez giving Homicide a border toss way over the top rope onto both Roode & Storm.  At the end, it was a major shmazz as Jacqueline gave Hernandez a low blow, then Salinas and Jacqueline had a pull-apart. 


Kevin Nash is now in the rafters.  He and Sting are talking.  Sting todl Kevin there was no other way than what he's going to do.

Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt in the Black tie brawl and chain match.  You can win via pinfall or by stripping the opponent of his tuxedo.  TNA, where they have stipulations on PPV that they forget to tell you about on TV.   They noted many members of Jay Lethal's family are in attendance and they were shown on the air.  In wrestling, that's never good.  Val came out with Lethal and she is wearing the engagement ring.

Lethal won with the Lethal combination and elbow drop off the top rope.  The story of the match is Lethal was beating on Dutt, but Val didn't want him to, so she walked out on him in the middle of the match.  The crowd, or at least a portion of them, turned on this match bad.  Basically, the stips hurt the match rather than helped it.  A chain match that lasts a long time, or doesn't have blood, usually doesn't work, and this had both problems.  Loud "Fire Russo" chant in the waning minutes. 

Booker T said he and Sting paved the road that Joe is ruining.  He said Joe is a backyard trailer park independent level worker.  Ooohh, they're shooting.  It reminds me of when Paul Jones and Johnny Weaver used to do promos after the Flair-Steamboat matches talking about how they are really ust indie workers who have never proven themselves. 

Team 3-D vs. Christian & Rhino in a New Jersey street fight is next.  What's a New Jersey street fight.  I guess we'll find out now.  I just hope they don't have barber shop poles or they don't throw fish. 

People were super into this match.  I thought this was just a bunch of weapons shots like an old ECW match, but it got over, and there were chants of ECW along with chants of TNA.  They brawled in the stands.  Then they used all kinds of weapons shots and kicked out of near falls.  Crowd was into the hard weapons shots but not as much to the match itself as they weren't into finishes.  They just wanted to see tables.  There were tables, ladders, steps and signs used.  Christian did a frog splash on Bubba off the top of an eight-foot ladder and then Rhino speared Bubba into a table.  The table cracked but didn't break, which made the finish come off flat as Rhino then pinned Bubba.

Post-match saw Johnny Devine used a kendo stick on Christian & Rhino, until Abyss came out and gave Devine a black hole slam.   


A.J. Styles said that he talked with Sting, everything is water under the bridge.  I guess that means water isn't under the bridge.

A.J. Styles vs. Kurt Angle is next.

Excellent match.  This was a last man standing match but was really like an old school Amarillo/California version Texas death match,  Styles won the first fall with an ankle lock.  Angle won the second fall with a German superplex and third fall with an Olympic slam.   Styles won the fourth fall with a Styles clash.  The match ended with both standing on the top and Styles used a DDT off the top and got the pin.  Angle couldn't answer the bell for the sixth fall.  They tried to sell it like Angle suffered a legit neck injury in the fall.   

Styles knocked Angle off the stretcher and suplexed Angle after.  Then the lights went out and Sting gave Styles a scorpion death drop on the ramp.  So Sting has agreed to go heel.  Kevin Nash was yelling at Sting for attacking Styles.

They've overbooked certain aspects of this show, but by and large, the wrestling has been really good and this last match really delivered. 

Samoa Joe vs. Booker for the TNA title in a cage match with weapons headlines the show.  You can win by pinfall, submission of climbing out. 

There were parts of this match that were good, but too much of it was weapons shots burned out earlier in the show.  Booker's promo was prophetic, except both he and Joe came off by the nature of the garbage style as indie guys.  Finish came out of nowhere as they were running low on time, the lights went out and when they were back on, Joe had a guitar and hit Booker.  The idea is Jeff Jarrett is coming back.  Booker woke up, saw the guitar and sold it like he had just seen a ghost.  Live, this ending was real flat and didn't get over a lick.



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