Larry Csonka's TNA TV report for August 21 with Gail Kim's Last Stand

-We get a video package from last week’s show.

-JB catches up with Angle. He is here to get his medal back and to get revenge for last week. We all know who it is. This is planet Angle now, and he will stick his flag right up his ass to prove it.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show.

Hernandez w/Hector Guerrero and Salinas vs. Robert Roode w/James Storm and Miss Jackie Moore

Roode attacks Hernandez as he tries to enter the ring and they brawl to the floor. Roode loses his advantage as Hernandez battles back and tosses him into the ring. Roode catches Hernandez on the way in, but Hernandez comes back with chops and a whip to the corner and the splash follows. Stalling vertical suplex by Hernandez, Roode rolls to the floor for a time out. Hernandez looks for the dive, but holds up as Rood and Storm run. Jackie now distracts the ref, which allows Beer Money to trick Hernandez into a game of chase. They whip Hernandez into the steps, roll him back in and Roode covers for 1. Roode tries to rip the nose of Hernandez off. To the corner, chops by Roode and a snap mare and Hennig neck flip. Boots and a knee by Roode, a neck breaker follows and a cover of 2. Roode goes to the chinlock, but Hernandez stands and slams him to the corner. Corner splash is countered, Hernandez to the apron but flies in with the shoulder block. Big backdrop to Roode, and then the Mexican Back Breaker into the DDT gets 2. Shoulder blocks in the corner by Hernandez, to the other corner and an elbow by Roode. Blockbuster by Roode! 1…2…kick out by Hernandez. Roode sets for the payoff, Hernandez powers out and gets the gourd buster. Salinas SPEARS Jackie as she comes into the ring, that stops the border toss try but a shoulder block by Hernandez levels Roode. Storm holds Hernandez now, Roode almost hits him and Hernandez slams them together! Reverse back breaker into a gut first Samoan drop (HE’S NOT EVEN SAMOAN) and that’s all.

Winner: Hernandez @ 6:10 via pin

  • That was a fine little opener. They saved the junk until the end and Hernandez overcomes the odds once again and gets the win. If they do the LAX split I can see Homicide coming back, taking the pin again in the title match and Hernandez getting pissed about it because he has won on his own and could say that Homicide is holding him back.

    RATING: **½

    -JB is with AJ Styles. He’s wearing the Gold Medal and says to address him as a Gold Medallist. AJ says the soap opera will unfold and it won’t be pretty. He also knows Kurt wants this back and he will give him a chance, in a ladder match tonight. Last week was Kurt’s way, but tonight it is his way. Angle, who is being held back by security is here screaming that he wants his medals back.

    -Tenay and West speculate about the bat and guitar appearances and then hype the rest of the show.

    The Motor City Machineguns (Shelley and Sabin) vs. Eric Young and BG James

    Sabin and Eric to begin. Lock up and Eric to the arm, Sabin escapes and gets an arm drag. Lock up again, to the corner and rights by Sabin. An Irish whip and float over by Eric, gets a dropkick and a cover for 1. Sidekick by Sabin, tag to Shelley and Eric works the arm, tag to BG and he gets a boot to the face. Off the ropes, jabs by BG, dances and Shelley catches him and Sabin gets a missile dropkick into a flatliner by Shelley. Double-teams now by the Guns, basement dropkick by Sabin and then as they try to get the advantage BG gets a double DDT. Tag to Eric and he cleans house. Flair corner flip, Shelley to the floor and he slides in and rolls up Sabin for 2. Rights by Eric, cross body by Shelley and then a dropkick to BG James. Double team corner attacks by the Guns on Eric, Shelley slingshots to the floor and misses BG. Wheelbarrow neck breaker by Eric to Sabin and that’s all.

    Winners: Eric Young and BG James @ 4:25 via pin

  • Well Eric Young and BG James are a completely random pairing. The Guns continue to lose, which is disheartening. They look to be headed towards a heel turn, which I don’t exactly get.

    RATING: **

    -After the match Shelley shakes with them, BG does the little brother head rub to Sabin and he slaps BG! They all brawl and security breaks them up. BG promises to take respect from them.

    -JB is with Angle, and he warns Angle to respect Booker’s Locker room. Angle goes in and Booker demand she take his shoes off. Angles does and asks a favor, and Booker seems to be using a Hispanic accent this week. Tremendous. Angle explains that he has a ladder match, and asks Booker to be in his corner just in case a certain someone with a guitar shows up. Booker agrees, and discusses his bout with Rhinoceros. Booker offers him champagne, but Angle says he doesn’t drink so Booker says all the more for him. Angle doesn’t drink? The Pittsburgh police would beg to differ.

    -We get a history video package of Val, Lethal and Dutt.


    Karen’s guest is Val this week. They discuss her courtship with Jay, and the drama with Sonjay. Val doesn’t know what to do and feels lost. Karen says Jay said she had to make a choice, but she says she doesn’t deserve to be stuck in the middle. Dutt arrives and says he is in love with her, and would never put her in that position. Dutt says to pick him and that he will do anything to help her make that choice. He goes to kiss her and Jay DIVES into the scene and attacks him. They brawl and as Jay goes to hit Dutt, he accidentally hits Val. Karen freaks out.

    -Tenay says Val has a concussion and facial bruising.

    -We get more rough cuts with Consequences Creed. Kurt Angle was a huge influence on him, going back to the 1996 Olympics. They studied him in high school wrestling. They highlight his success as a high school wrestler.

    Matt Morgan vs. Frankie Capone

    Capone attacks at the bell, jumps on his back but gets slammed down. Rights by Capone, Morgan tosses him to the corner and charges in with the big splash. Morgan chokes him over the ropes and gets the big boot over the back of Capone. Lays Capone on the bottom rope and delivers the leg drop. Big bicycle kick by Morgan leads to the HELLEVATOR for the win.

    Winner: Matt Morgan @ 1:25 via pin

    -Brother Ray is out and calls Morgan stupid. He says Morgan beat a guy that has no future in the business. Ray enters the ring and says if Morgan wants to fight, he can fight him. Devon attacks from behind and they lays the boots to him just like last week. Abyss is out once again and he and Morgan clear the ring.

    -Gail Kim prepares for her final TNA match.

    -Tenay talked with Kevin Nash earlier in the day. Nash explains his relationship with Joe. He helped get Joe into TNA, he saw tapes of him and saw a uniqueness to him that could help TNA. They spent time together, and he likes him, they are friends. Nash says he hasn’t got to Joe that the mental game is just as important as the physical. His temper hurt him, and it could cost him the world title. Talk turns to Sting, and Nash says he will not speak for Steve, but they go back 20-years, and it was a different business then. There weren’t boys there, they were all men. He gave Harley Race respect right away, and did business the right way. The kids these days don’t do that. Nash says the kids don’t care about the pecking order, and maybe that is why Sting is upset. Sting will be here next week and will speak for himself.

    -Earlier today Lauren caught up with the Beautiful People, and at No Surrender Angelina Love will face Taylor Wilde for the Knockouts Title. She will beat the midget for the title and give it a makeover. Kip arrives and kicks out Taylor’s stylist. He messes up her hair and the Beautiful People attack and give her a “makeover.”

    -JB is with Rhino. Rhino says that there is a lot of drama around here, but none of it has to do with wrestling. People are choosing side, but he is here to wrestle. He has to face Booker T, and he will defeat him and get in the main event match for the TNA World Title. He’ll GORE him. GORE him he says, for sure.

    Qualifying Match for the No Surrender Four Ways to Glory TNA Title Match: Rhino vs. Booker T w/Sharmell

    They circle a bit, lock up and a go behind by Booker. Reversal by Rhino, off the ropes and a clothesline by Rhino gets 2. Chops by Rhino in the corner, snap mare and leg drop follows and a cover for 2. Rights by Rhino in the corner, chokes him out and then an eye poke by Booker. Misses a kick, rights by Rhino, off the ropes and a spinebuster by Rhino gets 2 as Sharmell puts Booker’s foot on the ropes. Christian Cage makes his way to the ring and she tries to slap him and Cage snags her up and carries her to the back. We’ll head to commercial @ 3:00.

    Back from commercial @ 7:00 with Booker in control, landing a sidekick and covering for 2. Snap mare and a chinlock by Booker. During the break Rhino missed the gore, which allowed Booker to gain the advantage. Rhino battles back to his feet, off the ropes and a leaping sidekick by Booker takes him right back down. A boot by Booker, off the ropes and misses the Ax kick, and Rhino levels him. Rights by Rhino, to the corner and a clothesline to Booker. Corner spear by, belly-to-belly follows. Rhino goes up top and MISSES the head butt or splash, whatever it was looked a bit sloppy. Ax kick by Booker and that is all.

    Winner: Booker T @ 10:00 via pin

  • The man you expected to win won the match, so there you go. It was fine, the commercial killed some of the flow and it just never kicked into high gear.

    RATING: *½

    -Updated line up for the Four Ways to Glory TNA Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Booker T vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

    -Lauren is with Kim, and they discuss her feud with Kong and her injuries. She asks if she should just pack her bags and leave because of the match, foreshadowing. She isn’t a good girl that follows the rules, tonight she will do anything and we’ll see a different side of Gail Kim.

    X-Division Title Match: Petey Williams © w/Rhaka Khan vs. Consequences Creed

    They lock up and trade go behinds, to the mat they go and Williams gets the ropes and they break. Arm drag by Creed, another and into the arm bar. Creed now works the cross arm breaker and then into the hammerlock. Williams escapes and they stand off. Right by Creed to the gut, but Williams back with a knee. Creed then takes him down, Williams escapes again and then Creed gets a summersault into the clothesline. Williams to the floor, Creed follows and gets sent into the railing. Khan lays the boots to Creed and gets her boot caught in the railing, HAHA! Back in they go and Williams gets control. A hair toss by Williams, and then a dropkick to the back. Sheik Abdul Bashir is watching on from the ramp, Creed misses a corner clothesline. He comes back with a trip and an elbow drop for 2. Williams with the jawbreaker and a spinkick takes Creed down. Rights by Williams, off the ropes and a clothesline by Williams connects. He misses some elbows drops and Creed gets a cross body block. Back elbows connect, a slam and then Creed goes up top. HUGE leg drop connects for 2. To the corner, Creed eats an elbow and Williams gets the tilt a whirl into the Russian Leg Sweep for 2. Destroyer countered but a spinkick by Williams gets a close 2. To the corner they go, Creed battles back and lands knee strikes. Springboard bulldog by Creed, right and then an Enziguri. Press slam into the double knee gut buster by Creed. Bashir comes to the ring, Creed tosses him and then tosses to the floor. PLANCHA by Creed lays out both men! Creed and Williams back in, Creed up top and eats a boot on the way down, counters and a superkick by Creed! Bashir in the ring and we get a DQ.

    Winner: Consequences Creed @ 7:00 via DQ

  • Another fun match from Creed and Williams although at times they seemed as if they were stalling for the run in. They are obviously working Bashir into the title mix with his actions at the PPV and tonight, as well as the win over Lethal last week.

    RATING: **¾

    -Bashir attacks Creed, but Williams is pissed about this and they argue.

    -JB is with the Rock and Rave Infection and the Prince Justice Brotherhood. The Infection is being served for insulting Rock and Roll. Curry Man discusses Hanna Montana and hits on Hemme. The Rock and Rave lay them out Guitar Hero style.

    -Kurt Angle will be in a qualifying match for the Four Ways to Glory TNA Title Match at No Surrender next week. No opponent announced.

    Knockouts Street Fight: Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed

    Kong charges at the bell, but Kim pulls down the ropes and Kong falls to the floor. The brawl, Kong slams her to the barricade but forearm shots by Kim follow. Kong then slams Kim to the steel post and looks to take control. Kong tosses her into the crowd and follows. Kim tries to come back, Kong with chops and then charges and Kim moves, causing Kong to collide with the wall. Kim on top of the wall and gets a double sledge. Kong is slammed to the railing and they brawl into the crowd. Kong had enough of that and slams Kim down and chokes her out. Kong uses an umbrella from an audience member, but Kim battles back with rights and forearms. A boot by Kong drops Kim and back to ringside we go. Kong gets a kendo stick and chokes out Kim with it. Kim gets the stick and lays into Kong with it. Kim then beats down Saeed and tosses her to the railing. Kong charges at her and misses, crashing into the railing. Into the ring they go and Kim beats down Saeed with the kendo stick. Neck breaker by Kim and Saeed is down. Tosses a chair to Kong and dropkicks it into her face, and covers for 2. Kim wedges it in the corner, rights to Kong, whips her but Kong reverses and misses a sit down on Kim. Clotheslines by Kim, lung blower and Kong is still up! Kong counters the neck breaker, but charges into the chair and Kim gets a sunset flip for 2! Kim up top, caught and Kong gets the Implant Buster for the win.

    Winner: Awesome Kong @ 6:05 via pin

  • Kim and Kong always work well together, and this was no different. A bit short, but a strong and decisive victory for Kong works perfectly since Kim is leaving the promotion.

    RATING: **½

    -Saeed and Kong beat down Kim after the match. They lay out the chair and Kong tosses the red to the floor. Kong grabs Kim as another ref comes in, and Kong grabs him by the throat and tosses him. Katie Kim now enters the ring and covers her “sister” up. Kong sees her and gets in her face, grabs her and goes for the Kong bomb…but ODB and Roxxi are here with chairs to try and stop this. Kong uses her as a shield and escapes.

    Ladder Match for the Gold Medal: AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle w/Booker T

    After that gauntlet match, you wouldn’t think Angle would want any part of a ladder this soon. Booker is out with Angle, he has a ladder and sets t up right away. AJ is out and brawls with Booker, which brings out Joe to brawl with Booker. AJ and Angle now go at it, Angle rakes the eyes of AJ and grabs the ladder and misses AJ. Snap mare and kicks by AJ, counters a German but Angle gets an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle gets the ladder and AJ is back and tries to stop him, but Angle slams him into the barrier with it. AJ battles back and stops the ladder from going in the ring. Dropkick by AJ, Angle to the floor and AJ gets a slingshot plancha onto Angle. Booker watches on as Sharmell makes her way to the ring and we head to a commercial @ 2:00.

    Back from commercial @ 6:30 with Angle choking out AJ. Angle has control, and during the break Angle got a low blow to take control. AJ tried to make a comeback, but Angle gets a drop toehold on AJ onto the ladder. Snap suplex by Angle, sets up the ladder and AJ is back up and delivers forearms to Angle. To the corner and Angle gets a go behind and German suplex. Angle now works the chinlock as Joe tries to yell strategy to AJ. SJ to his feet, he escapes and counters the Angle slam into a DDT. Clotheslines by AJ, and then the DVD into a back breaker! AJ sets up the ladder, climbs and Angle knocks him off. AJ slams Angle onto the ladder headfirst and AJ grabs the ladder again and climbs. Angle pulls him off and gets the Angle slam! Angle climbs now, AJ is alive and grabs the ladder and he knocks Angle off of the ladder. That was a bad fall. The ladder is mangled. AJ to the apron, Sharmell grabs his leg and he kicks her off and gets the springboard superman forearm. Joe and Booker brawl, and Booker levels Joe with a baseball bat. AJ climbs the ladder now, Angle is up and climbs as the battle at the top. LIGHTS OUT, JJ’s MUSIC! Back on and AJ has a guitar and levels Angle, who falls off of the ladder. AJ grabs the medal and wins.

    Winner: AJ Styles @ 13:00

  • Seriously, if you are going to do a ladder match in the main event can we advertise it and maybe, not break it up with the commercial? Come on. Anyway this was fine for a TV ladder match, but even without the crazy spots it would have been nice if they would have picked up the action a bit. I didn’t want them to give away a total PPV performance, but when you have AJ and Kurt, you tend to expect more.

    RATING: **¾

    -End scene… {plug}

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