TNA No Surrender match-by-match coverage

By Dave Meltzer


Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's show from Oshawa, Ontario. 

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The show is opening with a Sting promo.  He announced the Bound for Glory main event is him challenging the winner of tonight's main event in a four-way.  Crowd popped big for him early, then they booed him when he made the announcement.  He's struggling out there.  Now he's doing the respect speech.  Said TNA has some real men and some snot-nosed baby brats.  Ten years ago there was a man who fought for the same cause I am fighting for.  He said Bret Hart, which did get a pop.  Bret fought for the same thing I'm fighting for?  I guess Sting is fighting for Canada against the evils of the United States.

They announced Booker T didn't make it due to the weather and said they did everything in their power to get him there, and wished best of luck to everyone in the Gulf Coast area.

When announcing Trigg vs. Styles they announce it's an MMA match using amateur wrestling rules.  Is that like having a basketball game under hockey rules?

Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave & Christy Hemme vs. Shark Boy & Curry Man & Super Eric opens the show.

Shark Boy used the stunner (chummer) on Hemme.  Eric used a death valley driver on Rock & Rave at the same time and Curry Man pinned Hemme.  Sloppy wrestling but match was mostly meant as comedy with Curry Man rubbing on Hemme.

Awesome Kong vs. ODB in falls count anywhere is next. 

Kong picked ODB up and ran with her, driving her through a table and got the pin.  All brawling but pretty sloppy overall.

Christian did a promo about how he grew up one hour from this arena.  When he grew up and said he was going to be a wrestler and everyone laughed at him.  Then people laughed at him and said he's never get to the top.  When he first won the title, he looked at it with tears in his eyes, all the sleeping on floors and  eating cans of tuna because he couldn't afford to go to a restaurant were worth it.  He looked at the belt and said it's not going to get any better than this. But tonight it's going to get better, family and friends in the stands will see him win the title.  I wouldn't bet on it.  He was backstage but crowd popped good for his Canada references.

Team 3-D vs. Matt Morgan & Abyss is up. 

Morgan punched a chair in Devon's face and then Abyss pinned Devon after a black hole slam.  Bubba hit Morgan with a chair after the match and then threw the chair to Abyss.  Morgan got up and saw Abyss with the chair and got mad and walked out on Abyss.  Crowd booed Morgan.  Sloppy match, which makes three in a row like that. 

Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir for the X title is up next.  

Bashir won the title.  Williams hit Creed with the Canadian Destroyer but Bashir pulled Williams out of the ring and jumped on Creed for the pin.  Crowd was really into Williams and this had the most heat so far.  Nowhere close to Williams-Creed from last month but a lot better than anything so far.  Creed dressed in stars and stripes was heavily booed.  Biggest reaction so far were "You Screwed Bret" chants at ref Earl Hebner.

Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love for Knockouts title is next.   

Short match.  Suddenly the TNA women's title matches are worse than WWE's.  Well, I don't mean the ones with Maryse.   Final saw Kip James run in and Rhino (in Wilde's corner) gored Kip.  Wilde dropkicked Love into Velvet Sky and then pinned Love with a Northern lights suplex.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal in a ladder of love match.  The winner is the one who pulls the engagement ring from the top.  

A lot of crazy ladder spots, some of which haven't been seen before.  Val unhooked Lethal whose leg was caught in the ladder, teasing she was favoring Lethal.  So of course, Lethal was about to win and Val gave him a low blow so Dutt climbed up and got the ring to win.  Val and Dutt were making out big-time after the match.  Big spot was Dutt with a camel clutch on Lethal on the top of two ladders, and then Lethal snap mared Dutt off.  Crowd was super hot for the high spots but not really the match itself.  But easily the best thing on the show so far.

Beer Money Inc. vs. LAX for the tag titles is up now.

Jackie supposedly beat up Salinas in the bathroom before the match to explain Salinas quitting the company.  Solid match.  Finish saw Jackie, who for obvious reasons ever opened her mouth, threw powder in Homicide's eyes as Homicide was going for the gringo killer.  Roode pinned Homicide with the payoff (fisherman suplex).


A.J. Styles vs. Frank Trigg is up next.

The crowd turned on this one big time with "We Want Wrestling" and "Fire Russo" chants.  Styles ended up getting a potato on the right eye and it was swelling shut.  It was total MMA training style and people were hating it.  Then the finish was Styles having a flurry and doing an accidental low blow and instead of giving Trigg a chance to recover, they stopped it and ruled it a no contest.  Styles nailed Trigg with some kendo stick shots after the match.

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage on top.

Sting and Joe went at it before the match before it was broken up.  Good match, but didn't have the usual main event heat.  Crowd was into Christian but seemed tired and this match seemed to have a lot of sameness to so many with the same ref pulled out on near falls spots they did earlier in the show.  Earl Hebner was bumped and Angle hit Christian and Joe with chairs and had the ankle lock on Joe.  Jeff Jarrett came out and hit Angle with the guitar and Joe pinned Angle after a muscle buster.  Looked like Angle got another hardway cut from the shot and Joe had a bloody nose.  

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