Florida Championship Wrestling TV report with Flair, Cena, other WWE stars. Legit.

FCW TV Report
By Sean Hummel
Intro was a nice montage with the old Florida Championship Wrestling logo showing clips Legends such as Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes and more.  Gordon Solie was in the opening which is always tremendous.  Went into the "modern" FCW with highlights of mostly guys who've already been called up!  The arena resembles OVW and Deep South in that its small, with giant posters of past WWE PPV events. 
Your hosts are The Grish and Dusty Rhodes.
On tonight's show, John Cena and a FCW Title Match Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) vs. "Handsome" Heath Miller.
We open with a Flair promo!  Strange seeing Naitch in a "studio" setting again, kind of full circle.  Grish and Big Dust putting over Flair.  Flair thanks the fans for their support, puts over WWE developmental, Steve Kiern and his staff, Dusty Rhodes, and John Laurenitis "his boss".  He calls himself "the Ambassador" (so much for that) and claims WWE production is better than the NBA and NFL.  He closes by saying he's taking all the boys downtown after the show.  I miss this man already.
Dusty and Grish put over Ric Flair at the desk and throw to our opening contest.
Shawn Spears def. "Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson.
It's Justin Roberts!  Wonder if he's at future tapings.  Canuck vs. Canuck in this one.  Nice chain wrestling to start with Wilson getting the upper hand.  Grish says both are "Being watched by the up and ups of WWE".  Deep arm drags by Wilson working the arm.  Dusty really putting over the fact that this is the "Proving ground if you wheeeel".  Spears with a NASTY looking back suplex into the ropes, hotshot style, not sure if the spot was blown but it sucked for Teej. Spears gets Two, and TJ is busted open.  In a perverse way, I've missed Rhodes on commentary.  TJ making a comeback after a long rest hold.  Northern Lights gets two.  Small package gets two.  Spears hits the "Rude Awakening" out of nowhere for the win.  Dusty says Wilson is still safe due to his performance.  Really putting over the importance of this show in regards to these guys' careers.  Fun, stiff as hell match.
At this point I will note that almost every other commercial is for WWE.  That's how you get TV kids!
WWE HOFers Afa and Rocky Johnson shown at ringside. 
"Boom Boom" Colt Cabana, Ricky Ortiz, and Brianna Bella def. Jay Bradley, Synn Bowdee, and Alicia Fox.
Dusthy explains that it's women in the ring with women "cause it's not fair".  Bowdee is a former carnival freak who had darts thrown at him according to Todd.  Dusty EXPLODES on him for claiming Bowdee used to sit in electric chairs at the carnival.  This show would rule as an MP3 as well.  Ortiz and Bowdee start.  Wow, Ortiz even sucks here.  Cabana in with Bradley doing some chain stuff.  Grish explains that "Boom Boom is looking for a Win Win" for which Dusty appropriately clowns him.  Colt with a comeback after fans chant "Colt Cabana", tags in Bella and the two chicks catfight.  Really short exchange, Fox needs work, and Brianna hits the X-Factor on Fox for the win.  In summary:  Colt, Bowdee, and Bradley looked good. 
"The Natural" Nic Nemeth def. Greg Jackson.
Dusty claims that FCW is dangerous because many will be shown the door so close to their dream.  Nemeth is wearing some un-manly, glittery shorts ala Cute Kip.  Jackson with some nice highspots including a rana.  Nemeth dropkicks a leaping Jackson which Dusty claims was "assault".  Nemeth blows a headlock spot.  Taunting Jackson with slaps and starts working the headlock again.  Dusty rules the earth on commentary.  Nemeth hits a "paydirt" type of manuever for the win.
Tampa Bay Bucs are shown at ringside.
John Cena comes out for a promo.  Mostly cheers here and by far the loudest pop of the broadcast thus far.  They're pushing for people to come to the shows so they can see stars the caliber of Cena and Flair.  Good serious promo from Cena here.  Puts over Tampa, the new building, money spent, that he's a product over developmental, and the fact that he is a resident of Tampa.  Crowd starts a "Tampa" chant which Rhodes calls "magic".  Shawn Spears interrupts.  Crowd chants "Britney Spears" as Shawn (Gavin) puts over the "60 guys in the back".  Spears saying "it's risky that Cena's here, as someone may want to make a statement by taking out WWE's top dog".  Nice delivery.  Cena says, "If you want to test me, I'll knock the maple syrup out of your maple leaf" and prepares for battel.  Spears then repeats himself about "watching your back and that Shawn Spears is a bad boy."  Attacks Cena and gets a backdrop and FU for his troubles.  Crowd going nuts.  Dusty puts over Spears for trying to step up with a game plan.  Fun little segment.
TV Main Event:  FCW Jake Hager def. "Handsome" Heath Miller.
They are putting Dusty over as a 9 time FCW champion.  He lists Bugsy McGraw and King Curtis as past champions.  Jake Hager is being billed as undefeated by Grisham and "like Jack Brisco" by Rhodes.  That's some high praise actually.  Miller earned two wins to get this title shot.  Longer than usual collar and elbow to start into chain wrestling.  Some nice amateur style attacks from Hager as he takes over with a high knee that sends Miller to the floor.  Hager with an abdominal stretch and Dust names everyone who ever has used this move.  Spinebuster by Miller gets a near fall.  Sunset flip from the top gets two and he's called "green".  Jake ducks a clothesline, hits a gut wrench suplex for the win.
Gordon Solie signs off from the sunshine state.
Thoughts:  This is a fun show, and my first developmental program that I've ever had on cable here in Orlando.  I'm a "Dusty on commentary mark", so every week he will say something incredible (at least to me).  Well paced, and looking forward to seeing more promos from these guys to build their characters.  This week had Cena and Flair cutting promos, which is completely understandable, and a great way of putting over developmental.  I'm not a fan of using "insider" terms on TV, which they did alot of tonight, but we'll see how it goes.  A thumbs up effort here from the "E".
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