Bellator Fighting Live coverage from Rama, Ontario live coverage

Report from the live show in Rama, Ontario:


First round:  Ford moved in with punches and knees from the clinch.  Ford with a double leg takedown.  Ford landing punches fom the top.  Ford landing more big punches.  Ford with more big punches from the top.  More big punches by Ford.  Ford hurting him bad.  Baker up and got hit with a punch and knee.  Fored took him back down.  Ford throwing more punches.  Baker back up.  Ford took him down again.  Baker reversed into side control.  Ford to his feet and throwing punches and kness and more punches.  Ford is tired now.  Ford with a head kick and front kick.  Another head kick by Ford.  Baker now throwing elbows and punches on the ground.  10-9 Ford, not quite a 10-8.

Second round:  The doctor checked Baker's eye but allowed it to continue.  Ford has his wind back and landed hard punches and a head kick.  Now they are in a clinch.  Baker is throwing body shots.  Ref Yves Lavigne separated them from the clinch.  Ford landed punches and knees.  Ford landing big shots but Baker back with punches and they're in a clinch.  Takedown by Baker.  Baker now has Ford's back.  Baker punching trying to open Ford up for a choke.  Ford out of it and reversed to the top.  Baker is trying to get a Kimura but time is running out.  Ford still did more on offense early to win the round but this was close, so I've got 20-18 Ford.

Third round:  Takedown by Ford but Baker right back up.  Baker landed some punches.  Knee by Ford.  Another takedown by Ford.  Ford seems tired but figures he's winning so running out the clock.  Ref Yves Lavigne ordered a stand up.  Another takedown by Ford.  Baker worked for an uma plata but Ford saw it and backed out.  Baker reversed to the top.  Baker has his back again and trying for a choke but doesn't have it.  Ford turned back to the top.  Ford with a few puinches from the top.  Time is running out. More big punches by Ford from the top as time ran out.  Baker threw an elbow off his back late.  Ford's round, should win 30-27.

Scores:  29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Ford.  It's possible to give round two to Baker so all cards justifiable.

They announced they are doing a reality show on with War Machine (fresh out of jail), Ben Saunders, Douglas Lima and Paul Daley.  They will all be involved in a welterweight tournament in January.  The idea is they put up new episodes and the fans can vote on who faces who.  Saunders then came out to cut a promo and said he wants a match with Daley, saying Machine was his friend from Ultimate Fighter and Lima is his teammate.  This was like watching a WWE poll where they lead you how to vote ahead of time.  Whatever pairing gets the most votes will be the first fight on the first Spike show.  In the promo, they showed Machine cutting a promo on one of those phones from jail.  Boy did that come off badly.


First round:   Lima nailed him with an overhand right that knocked him down.  Lima on top, moved to mount and the got Ortiz's back.  Lima landed a lot of punches from back position.  Lima trying for a choke.  He gave it up.  Ortiz swept to the top.  Up kick by Lima.  Now back to their feet.  Lima landing punches late.  10-9 Lima.

Second round: Ortiz landed a punch moving in.  Lima landed a right.  Body kick by Lima.  Ortiz swinging and missing.   Low kick by Lima and Ortiz went down.  Crowd booing as nothing is happening this round.  Lima with a  knee and trying to finish him with hard punches.  Ortiz's face busted up.  If the round had gone longer, Ortiz may have been finished.  20-18 Lima.

Third round:  The doctor checked Ortiz between rounds and allowed him to continue.  Both back in the clinch.  Knee by Lima.  Hard left jab by Lima.  Lima landed an overhand right moving in.  Low kick by Lima.  Head kick by Lima.  Lima patient and landing.  Ortiz bleeding badly from the right eye  Hard left jab by Lima.  Lima landing shots and kicks.  Hard jab by Lima.  Big right by Lima.  Low kick by Lima.  Hard right by Lima.  Lima landed a right and a head kick and a knee.  Ortiz went down and Lima with punches on the ground.  It was stopped with about 10 seconds left in the round.  4:50


First round:  SS leg swept him down but Richman back to his feet.  SS knocked him out with a counter right for a one punch knockout. 1:45


First round:  Santos cut to 265, Hale 238, probably 40-45 pound weight difference in the cage.  Santos landed a bunch of puches and grabbed a standing guillotine.  Hale got out.  Santos thowing big shots mostly missing.  Santos took him down hard.  Santos landing some punches as Hale got back up.  Santos went for anther takedown and Hale grabbed the fence to keep from going down.  Ref Dan Miragliotta separated them.  Santos moved in with punches.  Santos looks really tired already.  Hale landed a few uppercuts and Santos went down.  Hale throwing punch after punch from back position.  Hale asked Miragliotta to stop it and after several more punches, Miragliotta stopped it.  It was 26-27 unanswered punches on the ground by Hale before it was stopped.  3:31

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