WWE Vintage Collection TV report from the 1988 baseball stadium show in Milwaukee

WWE Vintage Collection TV Report #27 – December 7th, 2008

Shown on Sky Sports 3 in the U.K.


By Stephen Lyon.



This Week: Highlights from ‘WWF Wrestlefest 1988’, from the outdoor Milwaukee County Stadium, aired. Demolition vs British Bulldogs, Bret Hart vs Bad News Brown, Honky Tonk Man vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Killer Bees vs Fabulous Rougeaus were the feature matches on today’s show.




Mean Gene Okerlund opened the show. This week, highlights aired from ‘WWF Wrestlefest 1988’, from the outdoor Milwaukee County Stadium. The ring was set up in the corner of the baseball stadium, and the show drew over 25,000 fans. This house show was taped on July 31st, 1988, and was originally released on Coliseum Home Video. The stadium show was headlined by Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant in a cage match, though sadly this didn’t air on this tv show. Announcers for all the matches were Sean Mooney, Lord Alfred Hayes and Superstar Billy Graham.



1) The Fabulous Rougeaus defeated the Killer Bees. This match aired in its entirety, and was something of a back-and-forth match. B. Brian Blair was in for most of the match against both Jacques and Raymond. The Rougeaus combined frequently, with Jacques putting Blair into an abdominal stretch, and Raymond tagging in to give Blair a side kick to the exposed chest. Blair eventually made a comeback, blocking a monkey flip attempt by Raymond, and giving him a reverse atomic drop instead. Jim Brunzell tagged in and cleaned house on the Rougeaus. Brunzell had Jacques in a figure four leglock, but Raymond made the save. Brunzell gave Jacques his patented dropkick, but Raymond again made the save. As Blair protested, Raymond hit Brunzell behind the referee’s back and Jacques rolled him for the pinfall win.



2) Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion, Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart) via D.Q. Not much of a match. Duggan chased Honky around the outside of the ring, before giving him two lots of ten punches on the turnbuckles in the ring. Honky made a comeback and caught Duggan in the ropes with some rapid punches. Hart also choked Duggan on the bottom rope behind the referee’s back. None of this fazed Duggan, who was immediately back on the offense, and went to give Honky his three point stance clothesline finisher, only for Hart to grab him by the leg and cause the disqualification. Duggan chased Hart around the ringside area and back into the ring, where Honky missed a guitar shot. Honky and Hart bailed to the back, but Duggan brought them back in, only for the heels to escape again. Duggan destroyed Honky’s guitar with his two by four after the match.          



Footage aired from Wrestlemania 4, recapping how Bad News Brown had double–crossed Bret Hart at the end of the battle royal, leading to Hart destroying Brown’s trophy after the match.



3) Bad News Brown defeated Bret Hart. Most of this match aired. Bret was in control for most of the match, and was surprisingly heelish in his ring work and mannerisms, given that he’d recently turned babyface and was gaining in popularity. He raked Brown’s eyes and slammed him off the top rope. Brown missed a Ghetto Blaster (enziguiri) kick and also a charge into the corner on Bret, and Bret backdropped him to the outside. Bret had several near falls with a crossbody block and a sunset flip. He gave Brown a backbreaker, and rolled him up for a pinfall attempt. Brown reversed the roll up, and held on to the tights to catch the pinfall and win the match. Jim Neidhart ran in to protest the decision, and Bret threw Brown back into the ring, where Neidhart scared Brown away.



4) WWF Tag Team Champions, Demolition (w/Mr Fuji in their corner) defeated the British Bulldogs. In a rarity for this show, both teams’ full ring entrances aired, as did most of the match. Smith squared off with Smash to begin with, and showed good athleticism in nipping up from a hammerlock. Dynamite Kid wrestled most of this short match, being double-teamed by Ax and Smash. Smith eventually made the hot tag and backdropped Ax for a nearfall. Dynamite Kid gave Smash a snap suplex for a near fall. Smith pressed Kid above his head, into a Kid diving headbutt on to Smash for another near fall. The finish came when Mr Fuji caused a distraction, and threw his cane into the ring, which Smash used on Kid behind the referee’s back, before pinning him for the win.



Closing thoughts: Decent show this week, with most of the matches airing in their entirety. You can’t have many complaints when you’re getting to see the likes of Bret Hart and the Rougeaus wrestle. It was bit disappointing not to see the main matches from this stadium show, namely Hogan vs Andre in a cage match, Randy Savage’s WWF title defence against Ted DiBiase, and Ultimate Warrior’s weasel suit match vs Bobby Heenan. It does bring up an interesting topic, namely the rewriting of history due to various political agendas. I wonder if, in 20 years time, WWE presents a look back at Wrestlemania 24, and the likes of John Cena and Shawn Michaels are on the on the ‘outs’ politically with Stephanie and Triple H (and maybe Vince if he’s still alive), and if the look back at the show would consist of just Batista vs Umaga and Undertaker vs Edge? It just seems really lame to look back at shows and not include the main matches that were on the show that drew the crowds. Demolition vs the British Bulldogs was a decent match, but it wasn’t what drew 25,000 people to the Milwaukee County Stadium, and to act like it was is hard to take.



Match Results:

1) The Fabulous Rougeaus defeated the Killer Bees (Milwaukee, W.I.: 31/07/88).

2) Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion, Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart) via D.Q. (Milwaukee, W.I.: 31/07/88).

3) Bad News Brown defeated Bret Hart (Milwaukee, W.I.: 31/07/88). 

4) WWF Tag Team Champions, Demolition (w/Mr Fuji in their corner) defeated the British Bulldogs (Milwaukee, W.I.: 31/07/88).



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