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Graham Cawthon



WWWF @ Newark, NJ – December 8, 1965
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Smasher Sloan


WWWF @ Washington DC - December 8, 1966
Spiros Arion & Antonio Pugliese defeated WWWF U.S. Tag Team Champions Baron Mikel Scicluna & Smasher Sloan to win the titles
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Arman Hussian defeated Tank Morgan & Bull Ortega via disqualification


WWWF @ Clearfield, PA - Punventauney Jr. High School - December 8, 1967
Guillotine Gordon & Tony Altimore vs. Johnny DeFazio & Frank Holtz
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino vs. Luke Graham


WWWF @ Camden, NJ - Convention Hall - December 8, 1967
Prof. Toru Tanaka vs. Miguel Perez
Bull Ramos vs. Smasher Sloan
Gene DuBuque & Bull Ortega vs. Spiros Arion & Dominic DeNucci
Bulldog Brower vs. Eduard Carpentier
Gorilla Monsoon vs. Bobo Brazil


- 12/8/68: Michael Cole was born.


WWWF @ North Attleboro, MA - December 8, 1972
El Olympico defeated Blackjack Slade
Tony Garea defeated Joe Turco
Chuck O'Conner defeated Gorilla Monsoon
Chief Jay Strongbow & Sonny King defeated WWWF Tag Team Champions Prof. Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji via disqualification


WWWF @ Landover, MD - Capital Centre - December 8, 1975 (5,500)
Bugsy McGraw won a 20-man $10,000 battle royal; other participants included: Superstar Billy Graham, Haystacks Calhoun, Pat Barrett, Sylvano Sousa, Kevin Sullivan, Buggsy McGraw, Ernie Ladd, Pat McGuinness, Tony Parisi, Johnny Rodz, Baron Mikel Scicluna, Manuel Soto, Francisco Flores, Domenic DeNucci, Blackjack Mulligan, Frank Monte, Louis Cerdan, Pete Sanchez, and Ivan Putski; due to pre-match stipulations, McGraw won a world title shot in the main event
Pete Sanchez defeated Tony Altimore
Francisco Flores defeated Ernie Lassiter
Tony Parisi defeated Johnny Rodz
Ernie Ladd defeated Manuel Soto
Louis Cerdan defeated Pete Reese
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Pat Barrett
Domenic DeNucci defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna
Kevin Sullivan defeated Davey O'Hannon
Ivan Putski defeated Frank Monte
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Bugsy McGraw at 8:51


WWWF @ Worcester, MA - December 8, 1977
Larry Sharpe & Jack Evans defeated Pete Austin & Dennis Johnson
Dominic DeNucci fought Butcher Vachon to a draw
Ivan Putski defeated the Golden Terror via count-out
Bob Backlund defeated Stan Stasiak
WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham defeated Tony Garea via count-out

WWWF @ North Attleboro, MA - Witschi's Sports Arena - December 8, 1978
Jose Estrada vs. Johnny Rodz
Pierre vs. SD Jones
Larry Zbyzsko vs. Tony Russo
Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. Tony Garea
Spiros Arion vs. Ivan Putski
Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Crusher Blackwell
WWF @ Providence, RI - Civic Center - December 8, 1979
Bobby Duncum vs. Mike Masters
Bulldog Brower vs. Larry Zbyszko
Ted Dibiase vs. WWF IC Champion Pat Patterson
Andre the Giant & Tito Santana vs. Jerry & Jimmy Valiant
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund vs. Swede Hanson
WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - December 8, 1980 (20,011)
This card was not televised; John Lennon was shot and killed in NYC this same night
Johnny Rodz defeated Sylvano Sousa at 10:49
The Moondogs defeated Rick McGraw & Angel Maravilla at 11:37
Larry Zbyszko defeated Dominic DeNucci via count-out at 12:42
WWF Tag Team Champions Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated the Wild Samoans in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 26:27, 2 falls to 1
Ernie Ladd fought Tony Atlas to a double count-out at 5:24
Pedro Morales defeated WWF IC Champion Ken Patera to win the title at 18:51; Pat Patterson was the guest referee for the bout
Bruno Sammartino defeated Sgt. Slaughter via count-out at 18:38
WWF @ Hamburg, PA - Fieldhouse - December 8, 1982
All Star Wrestling taping:
WWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask pinned Pete Doherty in a non-title match at 6:35
Dark match after the show: Ivan Putski vs. Superstar Billy Graham
WWF @ Southington, CT - December 8, 1983
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated the Masked Superstar via count-out
Championship Wrestling
Taped 11/13/84; Poughkeepsie, NY; Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated Charlie Fulton & Johnny Rodz
Tony Atlas defeated Gino Carabello
The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff defeated Jose Luis Rivera & Jim Powers
Big John Studd (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Demetrious Niarchos
Tito Santana defeated Terry Manton
Jimmy Snuka & the Tonga Kid defeated Terry Gibbs & RT Reynolds
Maple Leaf Wrestling
Taped 11/19/84; Hamilton, Ontario; Copps Coliseum
12/8/84 - included Jimmy Snuka & the Tonga Kid as guests of Blackjack's BBQ:
The Junkyard Dog pinned Bobby Bass at 3:02 with a running shoulderblock
WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) defeated Mohammed Saad via submission with the figure-4 at 2:43
The Moondogs defeated Nick DeCarlo & Brain Mackney at 2:23 when Spot pinned Mackney with an elbow drop from the middle turnbuckle as Mackney was laid across Rex's knee
Bret Hart defeated Gino Carabello via submission with the sleeper at 3:02
The Iron Sheik (w/ Freddie Blassie) defeated Frank Marconi via submission with the Camel Clutch at 2:25; after the bout, Angelo Mosca left the broadcast position after Sheik continued to attack Marconi and threw him out of the ring, with Sheik then quickly leaving ringside
Tony Atlas fought the Spoiler (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) to a double count-out at 6:22 when both men began fighting on the floor
WWF @ Boston, MA - Boston Garden - December 8, 1984 (16,000; sell out)
Velvet McIntyre & Desiree Peterson defeated Penny Mitchell & Peggy Peterson
Bobby Heenan defeated Salvatore Bellomo
Buddy Rose defeated SD Jones
Brutus Beefcake defeated Jose Luis Rivera
Big John Studd pinned Swede Hansen
David Sammartino defeated Ken Patera via disqualification
Jimmy Snuka & the Tonga Kid defeated Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff when Orndorff was pinned
WWF @ Tampa, FL - SunDome - December 8, 1987
WWF Superstars taping:
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned the One Man Gang
12/19/87 - included Craig DeGeorge conducting an interview with WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan in which he rejected Ted Dibiase's offer to purchase the WWF World Heavyweight Title:
Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) pinned Steve Lombardi with the flying elbow drop at 2:24
Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil) pinned Rick Hunter at 1:48 with a back elbow off the middle turnbuckle
Don Muraco pinned Dusty Wolfe with the tombstone at 1:18
Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Outback Jack & Omar Atlas at 2:58 when Bret pinned Atlas following the Hart Attack
Jake Roberts pinned Brian Costello with the DDT at 2:22
Ron Bass pinned Tio Samoa with the Pedigree at 1:58
Koko B. Ware pinned Raul Mato with the Ghostbuster at 2:01
12/26/87 - included Craig DeGeorge conducting an interview with Ted Dibiase & Virgil regarding Hulk Hogan's refusal to sell the WWF World Title:
Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Oliver Humperdink) pinned Van Van Horne with the slingshot splash into the ring at 2:23
The One Man Gang (w/ Slick) pinned Tom Horn with the front suplex at 1:47
Brutus Beefcake defeated Rick Gantner via submission with the sleeper at 2:16
WWF IC Champion the Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart & Peggy Sue) pinned Brady Boone at 1:35 with the Shake, Rattle, & Roll; prior to the bout, the champion introduced Peggy Sue (aka WWF Women's Champion Sensational Sherri)
Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid fought the Islanders (w/ Bobby Heenan) to a no contest when the Islanders stole Matilda the bulldog and ran backstage with her after attacking the British Bulldogs from behind when they became distracted by Heenan
Rick Rude defeated Jerry Allen via submission with the backbreaker at the 49 second mark
The Ultimate Warrior pinned Rick Renslow with the gorilla press slam / splash combo at 1:43
1/9/88 - included Craig DeGeorge conducting an interview with Ted Dibiase & Virgil in which Dibiase had Andre the Giant & Bobby Heenan come out, then announced that he had purchased Andre's contract from Heenan and that Andre would deliver the world title to Dibiase after taking it from Hulk Hogan; featured highlights of the Hogan / Bundy match and aftermath from SNME:
The Islanders (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Jerry Gray & Lanny Poffo at 3:20 when Haku pinned Gray with a side kick; after the bout, WWF President Jack Tunney - from the interview stage - announced that the Islanders would be indefinately suspended until Matilda the bulldog was found
Jake Roberts pinned Wellington Wilkins at 1:50 with the DDT
Dino Bravo (w/ Frenchy Martin) pinned Scott Casey at 2:21 with a back suplex
Sam Houston pinned Terry Gibbs with a bulldog at 2:53
Butch Reed (w/ Slick) pinned Sivi Afi with the flying clothesline at 2:23
Demolition (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Jim Evans & Mike Richards at 3:09 when Ax pinned Evans following the Decapitation
WWF @ Vancouver, British Columbia - PNE Coliseum - December 8, 1989
Bad News Brown defeated Paul Roma
Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart fought Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty to a draw
The Honkytonk Man defeated the Red Rooster
Brutus Beefcake fought Rick Martel to a double disqualification
Randy Savage defeated Jim Duggan
WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior defeated Andre the Giant
WWF @ Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum - December 8, 1989 (11,000)
Mark Young defeated Conquistador #1
Dino Bravo pinned Tito Santana
The Genius defeated Sam Houston
Ron Garvin fought Greg Valentine to a 20-minute time-limit draw
The Bushwhackers defeated Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov
Dusty Rhodes pinned the Big Bossman in a ball & chain match; Bossman attacked Rhodes after the match until the Bushwhackers made the save
Mr. Perfect defeated WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan via count-out when Hogan chased the Genius around the ring
NWA World Championship Wrestling
Taped 11/27/90; Dothan, AL
The Motor City Madman & the Big Cat defeated Dave Perry & Scott Allen
Tommy Rich, Ricky Morton, & Tom Zenk vs. Bobby Eaton, Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin
Brian Pillman defeated Rip Rogers
Michael Wallstreet defeated Joe Barrett
Tracy Smothers vs. Buddy Landell
Terry Taylor defeated Joe Cazana
The Juicer defeated Ed Brock
WWF Superstars
Taped 11/19/90; Rochester, NY; War Memorial
12/8/90 - included Dustin Rhodes as a guest of the Brother Love Show in which Ted Dibiase & Virigl interrupted, with Dibiase trying to buy Dustin, saying he could be just like Virgil; during the segment, Dibiase twice insulted Virgil and at one point had him clean both his and Brother Love's shoes; Rhodes eventually threw the money out of Dibiase's hands and was double teamed until WWF IC Champion Kerry Von Erich made the save; featured the debut of the Honkytonk Man as a color commentator alongside Vince McMahon & Roddy Piper; included the announcement of the first 20 participants for the Royal Rumble - including Andre the Giant and the Honkytonk Man who were both later removed; featured a promo from Koko B. Ware in which he was joined by the Gobbledy Gooker:
The Bushwhackers defeated Troy Durham & Tony Ulysses at 3:05 when Butch pinned Ulysses following a double gutbuster
Sgt. Slaughter (w/ Gen. Adnan) defeated Sonny Blaze via submission with the Camel Clutch at 1:42
Jake Roberts pinned Scott Colontonio with the DDT at 1:30
The Warlord (w/ Slick) pinned Glen Ruth at 2:15 with the running powerslam
The Big Bossman pinned Chris Duffy with the sidewalk slam at 1:55; after the bout, Bossman handcuffed his opponent to the middle rope and left him there
Demolition Smash & Crush (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Scott Summer & Jim McPherson at 2:47 when Crush pinned Summer following the Decapitation
Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart & Dino Bravo) pinned Mike Daniel with the sit-down splash at 1:01; after the bout, Earthquake hit the move two more times
WWF @ Dusseldorff, Germany - December 8, 1993 (5,500; sell out)
Adam Bomb defeated Virgil
The Smoking Gunns defeated the Red & Black Knight (the Brooklyn Brawler & Barry Horowitz)
Tatanka (sub. for Mr. Perfect) defeated Diesel via disqualification
The 1-2-3 Kid defeated Rick Martel
WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon defeated IRS
Randy Savage defeated Shawn Michaels
The Undertaker defeated WWF World Champion Yokozuna via disqualification
WWF @ Erie, PA - Civic Center - December 8, 1994
No information
WCW @ Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Theatre - December 8, 1994
WCW Saturday Night taping:
The Main Event - 1/1/95: Dustin Rhodes defeated Bobby Eaton
WCW US Champion Jim Duggan defeated Pat Rose
The Honkytonk Man defeated Davey Rich
Harlem Heat defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Marcus Alexander Bagwell & the Patriot to win the titles
Vader defeated Dustin Rhodes via disqualification
Jim Duggan defeated George South
Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater defeated Mike Khoury & Gary Jackson following double right hands
Sting defeated Mark Kyle
Dustin Rhodes pinned Carl Fergie with the bulldog
Kevin Sullivan & Avalanche defeated Bob Morgan & Al Phillips
WWF @ Pittsburgh, PA - Civic Arena - December 8, 1995 (5,300)
Fatu, Barry Horowitz, & Hakushi defeated Kama, Isaac Yankem DDS, & Skip
Goldust pinned Bob Holly with the Curtain Call
The 1-2-3 Kid defeated Marty Jannetty
Savio Vega pinned Bob Backlund with a roll up
Ahmed Johnson pinned Rad Radford with a spinebuster
Psycho Sid defeated WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon via count-out after blocking a Razor’s Edge and backdropping Razor to the floor
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Henry Godwinn in a slop bucket match
Davey Boy Smith defeated Diesel via disqualification
WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Owen Hart & Yokozuna when Owen was pinned
WWF World Champion Bret Hart fought the Undertaker to a double count-out at 26:46 after Yokozuna, Owen Hart, and Davey Boy Smith interfered
WWF Superstars
Taped 11/19/96; Springfield, MA; Civic Center
Rocky Maivia pinned TL Hopper (w/ Jim Cornette) with the shoulderbreaker
Savio Vega pinned Bert Centeno with a kick to the face
Diesel II & Razor Ramon II defeated Brian Walsh & Tony Roy following the Razor's Edge and the powerbomb on Roy
Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon defeated the Headbangers when Furnas scored the pin
Bart Gunn defeated WWF IC Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley via disqualification when Billy Gunn interfered and knocked out the referee; after the bout, Marc Mero made the save
WCW @ Buffalo, NY - Marine Midland Arena - December 8, 1997
Juventud Guerrera defeated Johnny Swinger
Monday Nitro:
Ray Traylor defeated Konnan
Steve McMichael defeated the Barbarian
Dean Malenko defeated Prince Iaukea; WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero provided guest commentary for the bout
Chris Benoit defeated Lodi
Hugh Morrus defeated Randy Savage via disqualification
Disco Inferno defeated WCW TV Champion Perry Saturn to win the title
Buff Bagwell defeated Lex Luger via count-out
Diamond Dallas Page defeated Scott Hall via disqualification
WWF @ Portland, ME - Civic Center - December 8, 1997 (6,510; sell out)
Scott Taylor defeated Barry Houston
Mark Henry defeated Chris Duffy
Steve Blackman defeated Scott King
Steve Austin, the Undertaker, & the Legion of Doom defeated WWF IC Champion Rocky Maivia, Farooq, D-Lo Brown, & Kama
Shotgun - 12/13/97:
Recon & Sniper fought the Headbangers to a double disqualification
Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon defeated Matt & Matt Hardy
Vader defeated Farooq
The Undertaker pinned the Sultan with the tombstone
Raw is War - featured Owen Hart attacking Shawn Michaels in the ring after DX laid out the Headbangers for disrupting their game of strip poker in the ring:
The Legion of Doom fought Henry & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) to a no contest when Kane and Paul Bearer came to the ring, Kane hit a chokeslam and tombstone on Road Warrior Animal, and - after leaving ringside - the tag team champions continued the assault until Road Warrior Animal made the save with a steel chair
Dude Love pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn (w/ WWF Tag Team Champion the Road Dogg) with a double arm DDT; after the bout, the Road Dogg - who was doing guest commentary for the bout - entered the ring and hit Dude Love with a steel chair before placing one of the tag belts across Dude’s face so Gunn could hit a legdrop
Flash Funk defeated Kurrgan (w/ the Jackyl) via reverse decision (the first time the Interrogator was referred to as Kurrgan) when Kurrgan failed to release the claw hold after gaining the submission victory; after the bout, Recon and Sniper came ringside in an attempt to break the hold but the Jackyl - who did guest commentary for the bout - eventually had him break it after a slap to the face
Miguel Perez & Jose Estrada defeated Skull & 8-Ball when Skull was pinned after Savio Vega interfered and hit Skull in the knee with a 2x4; during the bout, Degeneration-X played a game of strip poker at ringside
Jeff Jarrett defeated Vader via count-out at the 40-second mark when Vader chased Goldust and Luna backstage after Goldust came ringside at the start of the match and flashed Vader
Salvatore Sincere defeated Marc Mero via count-out when Mero chased Sable backstage, trying to cover her up, after she took off a potato sack to show off a very revealing swimsuit underneath; prior to the bout, Mero referred to Sincere not only as a ‘jobber’ but as ‘Tom Brandi’
The Rock defeated WWF IC Champion Steve Austin via forfeit to win the title when Austin refused to give into Vince McMahon's demands that he defend the belt; after willingly handing the belt to Rocky, Austin hit the Stunner on the new champion; moments thereafter, Austin said he had plans for the championship belt and that if McMahon wanted ratings he should tune in next week “same Stone Cold Time, same Stone Cold channel”; as the show came to a close, Austin ran the ropes, inadvertently knocking McMahon from the ring apron to the floor
WWF @ San Jose, CA - Compaq Center - December 8, 2001
The Hurricane pinned Spike Dudley with the Nightmare on Helms Street
WWF European Champion Christian pinned WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri with a reverse DDT; only the European title was on the line
Lita pinned Jazz with the Twist of Fate / moonsault combo; Jackie was the guest referee and attacked both Jazz and an interfering Molly Holly after Jazz attacked her from behind and tried to blame it on Lita
WWF IC Champion Edge pinned William Regal with the spear after 2 minutes
The Acolytes defeated Lance Storm & Justin Credible when Bradshaw pinned Credible with the Clothesline from Hell
WWF World Champion Steve Austin & WCW World Champion the Rock defeated Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle in a Texas Tornado match when the Rock pinned Jericho with the People's Elbow
Matt Hardy pinned Test (sub. for Jeff Hardy) with the Twist of Fate
WWF Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz defeated Kane & the Big Show when D-Von pinned Kane with a low blow and roll up
WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Booker T with the Five Star Frog Splash
WWE (Raw) @ Chattanooga, TN - McKenzie Arena - December 8, 2002
The Hurricane defeated Raven
Tommy Dreamer defeated Sean O'Haire
Rosey & Rico defeated D-Lo Brown & Spike Dudley
WWE Women's Champion Victoria & Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus & Jackie
Kane defeated Batista via disqualification
The Dudley Boyz defeated William Regal & Lance Storm in a tables match
Booker T & Test defeated WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Christian & Chris Jericho in a non-title match
Rob Van Dam defeated Triple H in a No DQ match


WWE (Smackdown!) @ Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum - December 8, 2002
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman pinned Jamie Noble with the Shooting Star Press
Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & Doug Basham defeated Albert, Bill DeMott, & Redd Dogg when Haas forced a submission from Redd Dogg with a leglock
Chuck Palumbo pinned John Cena (w/ Bull Buchanon) with the Jungle Kick after sending Cena into Buchanon
Shannon Moore & Spanky defeated Crash Holly & Nunzio when Spanky pinned Nunzio
Scott Steiner defeated Matt Hardy via submission with the Steiner Recliner
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Eddie & Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit via disqualification when Angle used a title belt to hit Eddie
Gail Kim defeated Dawn Marie in a Bra & Panties match; Sho Funaki was the special referee
WWE World Champion the Big Show defeated Brock Lesnar in a steel cage match after the cage broke and Show fell to the floor to win

WWE @ Anaheim, CA - Arrowhead Pond - December 8, 2003
Sunday Night Heat:
Matt Hardy pinned Maven with the Twist of Fate
Steven Richards defeated Shawn Daivari
John Heidenreich defeated an unknown
Rico (w/ Miss Jackie) defeated Tommy Dreamer
Raw - included an in-ring segment with co-Raw GM Mick Foley in which he announced he would be the guest referee for the RVD vs. Randy Orton match at Armageddon and that half a million signatures have already been added to a petition to bring back Steve Austin; moments later, Rob Conway & Rene Dupree interrupted and threatened to beat Foley down if he didn't salute the French flag; as both men circled Foley, the Rock made a surprise appearance in which he said the only thing strong about the French army was their body odor; moments later, all four men began brawling with Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on Conway, Foley applying the Mr. Socko Mandible Claw on Dupree, and both men sustaining a People's Elbow either from Rock or Foley; to end the segment, Rock signed Foley's petition to bring Austin back (Rock's first appearance in 7 months):
WWE Raw Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz defeated Chris Jericho & Christian at around 8:30 when D-Von pinned Christian with the 3D after Trish Stratus & Lita - who were ringside for the bout - teamed with the Dudleyz to hit the Wazzup Drop on the challengers (the bout began during the commercial break); prior to the match, Jericho & Christian came to the ring with flowers in an attempt to apologize to Trish Stratus & Lita for their actions the previous week - however the women rejected their apology and attacked them with the flowers
Batista (w/ Ric Flair) pinned WWE IC Champion Rob Van Dam at 7:28 in a non-title match with the sit-down powerbomb after Flair interfered and punched the champion in the face as he attempted a split-legged moonsault
Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade defeated Lance Storm & Val Venis at 2:58 when Jindrak pinned Venis with a roll up and using the tights for leverage after Venis collided with Cade
Mark Henry (w/ Teddy Long), Scott Steiner, & Test defeated Booker T, the Hurricane, & Rosey at 14:34 when the Hurricane passed out while in a Mark Henry bearhug; after the bout, Booker tried to make the save but was also caught in the bearhug
WWE Women's Champion Molly Holly & Victoria defeated Trish Stratus & Lita at around the 5 minute mark when Molly pinned Lita with a double side suplex after Lita became distracted by Matt Hardy, who entered the ring moments earlier (the match began during the commercial break); Chris Jericho & Christian watched the bout from the entrance way
WWE Raw World Champion Bill Goldberg defeated Kane via disqualification in a lumberjack match at 5:28 when the champion was attacked by the lumberjacks - Mark Henry, Batista, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair - as he prepared to hit the spear on Kane; after the bout, Rob Van Dam and Booker T attempted in making the save but were beaten down; eventually, Shawn Michaels came to the ring to even the odds and help in clearing the ring of the heels - with Kane sustaining the superkick followed by Goldberg' spear
- 12/8/04: Blade: Trinity, featuring World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, opened in US theaters.
WWE (Smackdown!) @ Zurich, Switzerland - December 8, 2006
Vito defeated Tatanka
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated William Regal & Dave Taylor
Layla defeated Jillian Hall
Kane defeated Ken Kennedy & MVP in a handicap match
Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Sylvan
WWE US Champion Chris Benoit defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
World Heavyweight Champion Batista defeated Finlay and the Big Show by pinning Show with a spinebuster


WWE @ Camp Victoria, Iraq - December 8, 2006
Tribute to the Troops - 12/25/06 - included highlights of an in-ring segment in which Gen. George W. Casey Jr. thanked the WWE and Vince McMahon for their support and thanked the troops for everything they do; featured a music video of still photos of troops and WWE superstars to John Lennon's "(Happy X-Mas) War is Over;" included CM Punk and Shelton Benjamin wishing their friends and family back home a happy holidays; featured Lilian Garcia performing the National Anthem earlier in the day; included footage of a mortor attack the day before the taping, with Michael Cole reporting from the scene as the smoke came up, and comments from several WWE employees who experienced the incident first-hand; the attack injured 14 soldiers; featured interviews with several Iraqi soldiers about the changes to their country; included a backstage promo by Chris Masters in which he said he would challenge the troops to break the Masterlock; featured comments from John Cena, Carlito Caribbean Cool, Edge, Torrie Wilson, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy and others about their experience with the troops; the segment featured Johnny Nitro and Melina commenting on seeing a memorial service for a soldier who was killed in the line of duty, with Melina crying; included highlights from an in-ring segment in which Director of Armed Forces Entertainment Art Myers presented 1st Lt. Shannon Terry with the 2.6 millionth letter, making it official that every soldier in the Middle East received a letter from citizens back home; featured footage of the troops setting up the ring and lighting for the show; included an in-ring segment in which "Santa" cut an in-ring promo in which he brought out Torrie Wilson, Maria, and Kristal to hand gifts out to the troops; after several minutes of throwing merchandise out to the crowd, Chris Masters interrupted and challenged Santa to a Masterlock Challenge, with Masters winning; after the contest, Masters challenged a soldier from the crowd by the name of Jose Avila; as Masters had the hold applied, Santa got back on the apron and disrobed, revealing himself as John Bradshaw Layfield; JBL then came up behind Masters and kicked him, causing Masters to break the hold and Avila be declared the winner; moments later, JBL hit the Clothesline from Hell on Masters before celebrating in the ring with the divas; featured a closing music video of the WWE's tour set to the Goo Goo Dolls' "Better Days":
WWE World Champion John Cena pinned WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Edge in a non-title match at 16:33 with the FU after Edge hit his head in the corner while attempting the spear
CM Punk pinned Shelton Benjamin at 4:47 with a roll up after avoiding a Benjamin splash in the corner
The Undertaker pinned Johnny Nitro (w/ Melina) with the tombstone at 3:57
ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley pinned Hardcore Holly in a non-title match with the running powerslam at 6:28
Umaga pinned WWE IC Champion Jeff Hardy in a non-title match at 5:53 with the thumb strike to the throat after a back splash in the corner
Carlito Caribbean Cool pinned WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Randy Orton with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage at 5:09 as Orton argued with the referee after the ref caught Orton making a cover with his feet on the ropes


Graham Cawthon



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