Dec 28 Figure Four Daily: Bryan Alvarez 10-Minute Afternoon Update talking Paul Heyman wrestling in MSG, Emilio Charles Jr. and Hogan vs. Sting Starrcade memories, Smackdown preview, Flair talks WWE, Cormier new deal, tons more

Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez returns today with our 10-Minute Afternoon Update talking all the news in wrestling and MMA including thoughts on last night's Madison Square Garden debut of Paul Heyman, memories of Emilio Charles Jr., Hogan vs. Sting Starrcade 15-year anniversary, Smackdown preview, Flair talks returning to wrestling and TNA deal, Cormier signs a new deal and tons more.

Long-term, what are your thoughts on Lucha Underground?


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What did you think of Lucha Underground last night?