Mar 26 Figure Four Daily: Bryan Alvarez 10-Minute Afternoon Update talking GSP/Diaz weigh-in issue and why it's even a story, upcoming guests, Rock on Smackdown, Ric Flair update after Raw, tons more

Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez returns today with our 10-Minute Afternoon Update talking all the news in MMA and pro-wrestling including why people are even talking about the potential Diaz/GSP weigh-in scandal at UFC 158, GSP's gi incident on the same show and the aftermath of that, Ric Flair update, Smackdown tonight and so much more. A fun show as always so check it out~!

Long-term, what are your thoughts on Lucha Underground?


What did you think of Wednesday's Ultimate Fighter TV show?


What did you think of TNA Impact?


What did you think of Lucha Underground last night?