THE END OF THE WORLD BRYAN & VINNY SHOW! Going with a bang, final Impact report, final Granny segment, final 2012 Christmas Song Contest -- unless the world doesn't end, then we're back next week

IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AND THE LAST THING YOU'LL EVER LISTEN TO IS THE BRYAN & VINNY SHOW FOR 12-21-12!!!! Or maybe not. But at least we got a good one for you either way, with the 2012 CHRISTMAS CONTEST SONG CONTEST, the winner of which will receive a RING OF HONOR DVD FUN PACK! Also, Granny is as Granny is, plus the Impact TV report and why TV shows should make sense. A fun show as always -- and will continue to be, we hope -- so check it out~!

Best TV show of the week?


Who leaves the show with the title?


Who wins the Rumble tonight?


How many buys does Silva vs. Diaz do?


Who do you think won this fight?