July 29 Bryan & Vinny Show: Full reviews of NXT with Women's Title match, Joe Rogan Questions Everything with BIGFOOT, plus the long-awaited debut of TOTAL DIVAS~!

Bryan & Vinny Show returns with our new Sunday night edition and we've got a lot to cover including NXT with the Women's Title decision match, Joe Rogan Questions Everything where he searches for Bigfoot, and, yes, THE DEBUT EPISODE OF TOTAL DIVAS! Was it, in fact, the worst TV show of all time? Was it WWE's new star-making breakout show? Or was it somewhere in between. DOWNLOAD TO FIND OUT!

Best TV show of the week?


Who leaves the show with the title?


Who wins the Rumble tonight?


How many buys does Silva vs. Diaz do?


Who do you think won this fight?