Sept 2 LABOR DAY BRYAN & VINNY SHOW: NXT review for the week, good wrestling and segments, DUCKS VS. DIVAS with Natty's bachelorette party vs. getting Godwin a hot tub

The Bryan & Vinny Show returns today to talk all of the weekend programming including a pretty fun episode of NXT from Wednesday night with some good wrestling and backstage segments, and also, because it's Sunday, it's DUCKS VS. DIVAS HEAD-TO-HEAD. The Divas go to Las Vegas for a bachelor/bachelorette party while the Duck Commanders get a hot tub for GODWIN. Which show was better this week? Answer may surprise you. A fun show as always so check it out~!

If you do get WWE network, besides PPVs, what are you most interested in?


If you have stopped subscribing to WWE network, why?


What was the best TV show of the week?