Nov 27 Bryan & Vinny Show: Full reviews of Friday Night Smackdown, Monday Night Raw, ROH on Sinclair and the main event, TOTAL DIVAS ON E! with Vinny's giant winky

The Bryan & Vinny Show returns tonight and we have a lot to catch up on! Tonight, full reviews of Friday Night's Smackdown and Raw from Monday night, and then, with that out of the way, a good episode of ROH on Sinclair and our main event -- and the best show of the week -- TOTAL DIVAS ON E! All of that plus some new songs and more good times to be had. A fun show as always so check it out~!

If you do get WWE network, besides PPVs, what are you most interested in?


If you have stopped subscribing to WWE network, why?


What was the best TV show of the week?