Apr 17 Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show: Granny returns to REVIEW LEGEND'S HOUSE, plus her thoughts on WWE Network, her usual Q&A, TNA review with more Eric Young as champion, tons more!

The Bryan & Vinny Show returns tonight, and what a fabulous program we've got to kick off the weekend! We're joined by GRANNY AND CRAIG for an epic show in which Granny talks all of the great programming she's watched on the WWE Network including LEGEND'S HOUSE and WrestleMania (well, three minutes of it). Then it's her usual Q&A, the Impact review with Eric Young as champion, and so much more. A fun show as always so check it out~!

Best TV show of the week?


Who leaves the show with the title?


Who wins the Rumble tonight?


How many buys does Silva vs. Diaz do?


Who do you think won this fight?