UFC The Ultimate Fighter Episode 4 Review: Of Making Weight...Or Not

By Josh Nason

After his team won the last fight, Roy Nelson decides the next fight will be decided by choosing straws with the shortest straw fighting or passing. Julian Lane (red mowhak) got the shortest one and was excited, promising the KO of the season. He wants to fight Matt Secor, Mike Ricci or Bristol Marunde (seen below).

Bristol MarundeDana White decided to take the guys to see a screening of Here Comes The Boom. This was nothing more than a promotional plug, but with no Kevin James or anyone from the movie to make it feel special. But the guys did get concessions, so I guess there's that.

Lane's cardio isn't great and he's struggling making it through hard workouts leading up to the fight. He's fine through two rounds but three rounds is the problem. "If the machines break you, he's going to break you," Nelson says.

Lane picks Bristol Marunde from Team Shane Carwin and immediately gets his mean face on. He's the No. 2 Carwin pick and Carwin likes the fight for his side. Marunde tells Lane that it was a big mistake to call him out. There's a problem though: Marunde has to cut 16 pounds in 24 hours. He doesn't seem concerned and starts his process of hot tub, full body wrap outside for a while than back in the hot tub. Cheers to your health, everyone!

Lane lost his job a year ago and his girlfriend was pregnant, working two jobs. They also have another child on the way and money is tight. At some point, does fighting regionally outweigh making your pregnant wife work two gigs? Marunde also has a child and admits he's at at make or break point at 30 years old.

Foreshadowing x 2

Meanwhile, Nelson is trying to work with Lane on not getting his back up against the cage. Nelson was doing a great job coaching him, but as we've seen, this was foreshadowing.

Marunde made 170 pounds, but Lane complains to Nelson that the scale is stuck. Nelson never says anything. We'll get back to this soon.

The Fight

R1 -- Both guys engage early. Julian is up against the cage EXACTLY as Nelson didn't want him to be. Marunde sneaks a knee up the gut that hurts Lane. Marunde gets him in a muay this clinch. Lane gets free and starts to swing. Lane is again up against the cage and looks tired. Lane lands a nice left and right that opens up Marunde badly, but again, he can't get off the cage. Marunde is busted up badly and bleeding heavily. Lane looks gassed and like the one who cut 15 pounds. Marunde wins this round 10-9 but is all cut up.

R2 -- Marunde has cuts on the bridge of his nose and under his left eye. He is kicking Lane's leg relentlessly. Lane is completely gassed. Nelson yells out, "This is the fight you wanted….take it!" Well said. Lane lands a looping Liddell right but can't follow up. The pace considerably slowed as Marunde is doing what he needs to and Lane can't respond. Nelson's teammates think Lane did enough in the round to win it, but I don't think so. 10-9 Marunde takes this one.


The judges agree and give it 20-18 for Marunde. White thinks Marunde could have taken out Lane with the leg kicks in the second round if he kept going and rips Lane for not doing anything to put himself in a position to win.

Nelson than complains to White that Marunde didn't make weight and wants to know how he should react in the future. White isn't sure how that could happen, adding that if the commission says 170, it's 170 and that Nelson should have said something at the time if there was an issue. "You can't fix stupid. You can't," White says. This came off as desperate from Nelson and White brings up a great point. If Nelson thought there was an issue, why didn't he say anything at the time?

In the back, Lane is upset. "I got no money…I got nothing." Well, you do have a girlfriend, a daughter and another kid on the way, so you have that. It's his first loss and he's not taking it well.

On next week's show, there is plenty of conflict as Lane can't handle his loss and Ricci/Nic Webb continue to have some issues. There is some hat flipping and leg pulling next week, so be warned.

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