UFC's The Ultimate Fighter Episode 8: The One Where Dana & Julien Lane Throw Tantrums

By Josh Nason

Without a doubt, this was the most entertaining episode of this season's The Ultimate Fighter, a combination of a fun fight, Dana White and Roy Nelson disagreeing, an uneven coaches challenge and not one, but two house skirmishes.

Angry Dana

After we see more of the fallout of last week's controversial judges decision, Nelson explains how he sees it: Dana wants more money for the UFC by having better fights, more entertaining. Yeah, that's how it usually works. But Nelson wants his guys to win and is pushing the idea of a six-figure UFC contract rather than having guys hurt themselves for a $5000 bonus.

Dana comes to the house and says it's going to be "Here Comes The Boom 2." He talks to the fighters about the quality of fights and calls out Roy's philosophy. "I'm here to tell you what to do to get into the UFC: be exciting," he said. He threatens to not have the rest of the guys fight on the finale and calls out Michael Hill and Matt Secor for not throwing punches.

A great question: did Dana cross the line into fight philosophy? What is important: winning or just being exciting? It's a debate we've heard, but is White putting fighters in harm's way by dialogues like this?

One thing I'm excited for: the day when Nelson isn't with the UFC and can speak freely about what he thinks about White.

Drunk & Screaming

James Chaney is wondering why everyone is worried and sad following the speech, but Mike Ricci says that he is not going to get his head knocked off because "the guy sitting on the couch sipping a beer" complained about the action. Everyone starts boozing, especially Hill and Julian Lane. A drunk Hill starts getting into it with Neil Magny and the two eventually are separated after Hill says they are going to fight in the next round. Magny rips his skills apart causing Hill to freak out.

In the skirmish, Lane takes a Dom Waters gesture the wrong way and gets in his face. Waters has yet to fight, but takes off his microphone as he doesn't care about possibly getting kicked off. The house separates them, but Lane is relentless at trying to fight Waters, screaming and yelling and breaking everything.

Waters is also riled up, but his teammates do the right thing at secluding him. Lane finds him in his bedroom and after getting separated again, he breaks down crying. When many think of TUF, these types of things stand out -- fortunate or unfortunate. Lane started yelling and screaming like a crazy man at least four or five times.

Ricci put it well: "I'm ashamed to be associated with this sport when it comes to guys like that. It makes everyone look bad." True, but it makes for damn fun TV. Of course, Secor thinks it's hilarious. Waters says if he wakes up to Lane attacking him, how could he get kicked off if he defends himself?

Coaches Challenge: Track and Field

This was laughable. Nelson and Carwin will compete in five challenges: shotput, javeline, discus, long jump and a 400 meter run. For every victory in the first four, the winner will get a three meter advantage in the run. The overall winner will get $20,000 for his team.

Carwin dominates all four competitions and has a 12 meter head start in the race, which also wasn't close. Carwin wins by such a big distance that Nelson gives up which brings up lots of chatter about him quitting. Carwin is a pretty strong athlete, eh?

Next fight: James Chaney (Carwin) vs. Jon Manley (Nelson)

Nelson's game plan is to keep it standing until Chaney initiates grappling and then, let Manley's skillet take over. Chaney's teammates say he's an intense guy and he even admits he gets the serial killer analogy a lot for his distinct look. He jokes about having a mullet as a kid and living in trailers. Carwin says his striking is his weakness, but they've made huge improvements since he's been there. He's got a unique charisma about him, very Dexter-esque.

In the first round, both guys are trading fists to start but it goes to the ground 40 seconds in with Manley on top. Chaney goes for a triangle choke and gets it. Manley stands him up with Chaney keeps it on, even when he's high enough to be tossed over the cage. Manley chose not to slam him and almost paid for it.

Manley lands some unblocked shots to Chaney, but the triangle is still on. Manley works out of it and gets a guillotine, getting Manley to tap with 1:36 left in the round. This was a fun fight that was exactly what the season needed. We find out later that apparently during the guillotine, Chaney bit him and there were definitely teeth marks under Manley's ribs.

Manley said he was giving Chaney the benefit of the doubt since his mouthpiece fells out, but Chaney admits that he bit him on purpose in order to get out of it. How bizarre. What an episode!

Next Week:
Mike Ricci vs. Dom Waters in the final prelim fight and the quarterfinals are set, which gets Carwin pissed at Dana.

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