UFC's The Ultimate Fighter Episode 10 Review: Putting Out The Fire

By Josh Nason

TUFIt's the final stretch of The Ultimate Fighter, which means a two-fight episode to help push things forward a bit. This was a good episode, mainly because of the tension leading into the night's second fight.

Coming off last week's quarterfinal fight announcements, tension between Canadian brethren Mike Ricci and Michael Hill is high. Ricci said he wants to fight him because he earlier beat Team Nelson's No. 1 pick and now he wants to beat he No. 2 pick. The people are just numbers to him. Hill said he asked Ricci about it and claimed Ricci said he didn't call him out. Hill has gone from bummed out to pissed. The build to this fight is pretty good.

Bristol Marunde vs. Neil Magny (both members of Team Carwin) are up first. No dissent or issues within the ranks of Carwin's team who is training as normal.

Neil Magny (Carwin) vs. Bristol Marunde (Carwin)

Round 1: This was a very tough round to score. Marunde was active throwing punches, but Magny's reach enabled him to sneak the jab through. Marunde was bloodied up early as a result. Marunde did score two takedowns with the back leg sweep. I gave this 10-9 to Marunde for the activity and the takedowns.

Round 2: This one was more decisive. Magny was more active to start the round, connecting with cleaner shots. Despite another Marunde takedown, Magny was too much, dominating in ground and pound and hurting Marunde standing several times. He won this round 10-9.

In my opinion, the fight should have gone to a 3rd, but Magny earns the unanimous decision and doesn't have a mark on him. Marunde has his spirits high despite the loss.

Igor Araujo (Carwin) vs. Colton Smith (Nelson)

During the weigh-ins, they have a staredown and go forehead to forehead. Araujo says "Don't touch me" and Smith says "I'm gonna touch you tomorrow". Araujo shoves him twice and then goes for a kick. Smith apparently called him a "mother f**ker" during the fracas which apparently isn't as well received in Brazil as it is here. Araujo is fired up. Carwin is upset at Nelson because his team is trying to break it up and he thinks Nelson is trying to egg it on by not doing anything but sitting and laughing.

Araujo is riled up and tells Smith he is going to take him out after the show. Smith, a military veteran, says that's a stupid thing to want. I would tend to agree, especially after viewing the Smith crazy eyes staredown.

Round 1: Araujo charges early but Smith ensnared the knees for a light takedown. Smith did a good job at keeping up the pressure on the ground considering Araujo is a BJJ talent. If you like ground work dominance, this round was for you. Smith put on a clinic and won the round 10-9.

Round 2: Araujo was throwing more to start, but Smith got him back to the mat quickly. This was more of the same as the first round with Smith dominating with ground and pound. Smith is really, really good on the ground and broke Araujo's will.

Smith wins an easy u/d. The two make up afterward and Araujo admits to the camera that he lost his fire. He really misses his family and it cost him.

Next week:
Team Nelson teammates battle with Manly vs. Rivera and the Canadians finally fight with Ricci vs. Hill, plus the semifinals are announced.

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