WON Twitter Feedback: your favorite wrestling match of 2012

Tanahashi vs. Suzuki

Photo: LuchaWorld.com

By Josh Nason

In our latest Twitter feedback poll, I asked our 6000+ followers what their favorite wrestling match was from 2012. As with our recent Mayan apocalypse question, there were a lot of common responses. Lesnar/Cena, Richards/Elgin and Tanahashi/Suzuki topped the list, a refreshing smattering from across the most well-known groups running shows today. Interestingly enough, not a single match from Impact was picked by anyone.

Without further adieu, here's some of your feedback on your favorite wrestling matches from the last 12 months.

Naito/Tanahashi was an awesome match that would get anyone into puro. Highly recommended

Tanahashi/Okada II #NJPW

Lesnar vs Cena

Tanahashi vs. Suzuki 10/8 #NJPW

Elgin vs. Richards #ROH

Punk vs. Bryan - OTL

Taker vs. Triple H @ Mania #WWE

Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin, March 31 Ft Lauderdale FL

Elgin/Davey Mania weekend #roh

its on 24 7 ecw97was PG-13 vs spike an mike it had comedy action heat surprise oh wait thats WRESTLING u want SPORTS ENT. never mind

My favorite match of the year is Tanahashi and Suzuki from Power Struggle, I believe that's the show name.

Tanahashi vs. Suzuki from KOPW 10/8

my favorite shows came from new japan. Favorite match was punk vs. bryan at over the limit

Story - HHH/Taker. Match - Richards / Elgin

Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk from Over The Limit PPV

Rey Cometa vs Puma King (Mask vs Mask) - 9/14/12 @ Arena Mexico

I know its recent, but Shield vs. Ryback & Hell No. HIAC at Mania, Punk-Bryan at OTL and Cena-Lesnar as honorable mentions.

Cena /Lesnar

Lesnar vs. Cena Extreme Rules

Brock vs Cena was a classic as soon as it was anounced. Strang time and place couldnt sour my enjoyment.

@FightSteenFight vs Michael Elgin from the ROH iPPV. 5 star match!

TLC 6-man

Cena/Lesnar because it so different than anything else. If I have Cena money, I'm not taking that. #respect

Lesnar/Cena by far. Fucking crazy match with a genuinely different feel than anything else this year.

Tanahashi and Suzuki by far.

Tanahashi vs. Suzuki from October

End of Era, Brock-Cena, Punk-Cena NOC, 6 Man TLC.

Team Hell No and THE RYBACK vs The Shield pinfall only TLC match

Young Bucks v Super Smash Bros v Future Shock at PWG Threemendous

Suzuki vs. Tanahashi! Followed by Sheamus vs Bryan 2/3 falls and the Young Bucks vs. Super Smash Bros vs. Future Shock ladder match!

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