WON Twitter Feedback: did Punk or Rock do a better RAW promo?

Punk vs. Rock

By Josh Nason

In our latest Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online Twitter poll, we asked what you thought about Monday's RAW closing final promo between WWE Champion C.M. Punk and his Royal Rumble opponent, The Rock.

The views were mainly tilted toward Punk, but there were even more people who felt Rock's schtick is getting a bit tired. Check out what your fellow readers had to say below!

both played the parts perfectly. great stuff. #RAW#WWE

they both showed they are right now a class above the rest of roster, Punk really came off as a star

Punk owned him. Rock = same old nonsense. Punk kept it serious and pushed the match more. Tired of puns and catchphrases.

I thought the CM Punk promo before The Rock came out was better than the original pipe bomb in vegas in 2011

I was bored by The Rock, same ol' stuff. After the promos I was hoping for a win by Punk at the Rumble.

Punk owned. "Arrive,Speak the Truth,Leave. :)

Both did excellent, two true skilled veterans on the mic, talkin everyone into the building for rumble.

the rock was annoying. He seemed to forget lines at points. Even though Punk won I still think he was holding back.

Punk will keep losing until he goes third person.

Truly awesome stuff. Both guys came off strong and Punk held his own. Rock knew how to set it all up too. Job well done.

Punk took it, Rock was childish and same shtick from 14 years ago, yawnnnnnn.

punk gave the one that's gonna resonate. Rock was good but totally outshined

Rocks promo was kinda shitty, meandering around for punch lines more than point. Liked Punk more, sans stammering on "kick your ass"

punk out promoed rock in every way


CM Punk owns Rocky. His promo pointed out some undeniable facts while Rocky still clinging to his good ol' comedic bashing routine.

It was great, also shows how small @CMPunk is or just how much bigger @TheRock is. #19days

Punk was quite good but I'm kind of numb to him now. Rock was good when intense but his goofy humor wasn't his best material tonight

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