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  AAA on Galavision
By: Xavier Hernandez
Show aired on: 02/07/2009
The show opesn with a summary of last week's show. Mesias has officially joined AAA to take down the Legion. Chessman wants the title, but he also wants feuds with Charlie Manson and Vampiro. The Hermandad retained the titles once again, in a crappy ladder match. Abismo Negro made his long awaited return in the main event, and won the match. For this show, another epic main event, which will have AAA vs. Legion. Plus, the Psycho Circus joins forces with Chessman, and more.
*Pretaped Segment: Waltman is talking to D-Mex, and he says he still can't forget what Zorro did to him at GdT. Now Zorro has awaken the beast within Waltman. D-Mex says the show at Guanajuato will be the day of payback, and no member of the Legion will survive after that show. Waltman wants Zorro's blood, no matter what.
1) Mini Charlie Manson, Octagoncito & Mascarita Sagrada vs. Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Psicosis & Mini Histeria
-Only Fall: The heels start off with the triple team ambush on the tecnicos. Quick comeback by the tecnicos, with tons of aerial maneuvers. The tecnicos do many pinning attempts, but the referee refuses to do a fast count. Psicosis lands outside, and Octagoncito hits a Hilo between the ropes. Abismo is also out, and Mascarita uses a Diving Hurricanrana. Histeria misses a shoulder block, and Manson connects with a Diving Crossbody. In the ring, Octagoncito applies a good Small Package to pin Psicosis.
Winners: Mini Charlie Manson, Octagoncito & Mascarita Sagrada
-Aftermath: Lider and Nicho hit the ring to destroy every mini in sight. The Hermandad cuts a promo, and say they want to finish the Hart Foundation. Konnan has not respected the deal between the Legion and the Hermandad, so the deal is over, and the Hermandad are on their own again. This statement brings Konnan out to the ring. Konnan insults the crowd, and calls them starving homeless, so he throws food at them. Konnan tells the Hermandad, that the Harts will never challenge for the titles again, as long as the Hermandad are champions. Konnan gives both men an envelope, with their next mission and more money. 187 and both sides are happy again.
2) Pirata Morgan, Hijo del Pirata & Espectro de Ultratumba vs. Laredo Kid, El Angel & Pimpinela Escarlata
-Only Fall: Both sides begin with equal offense, until the rudos start the triple team attack. Quick comeback by the tecnicos, and the rudos are assaulted badly. Tons of near falls from both sides, and the crowd seems to be into Laredo. Espectro and Laredo are left alone in the ring. Laredo misses a Phoenix Splash, and Espectro connects with a modified Uranage submission. Laredo passes out.
Winners: Pirata Morgan, Hijo del Pirata & Espectro de Ultratumba
*Noti AAA:
-A scene from last week's show. Abismo apologized to Porky for his bad behavior, and wants to be friends with him now. Porky gladly accpets the apology, and apparenlty we have a new alliance.
-Mini Charlie Manson had surgery on his nose, so we wish him a speedy recovery.
-Interview with Mesias. He simply repeats what he said during last week's show. Apologies to the mexican crowd, and promises to destroy Konnan and his legion. Mesias likes to earn things such as titles, and respect from the people. Konnan is about to suffer at the hands of his worst nightmare: Mesias.
-Guess what, keys are still beign collected for the statue. I can't belive they're still doing that.
-Nicho and Lider lock Vampiro in a room.
3) La Hermandad (Joe Lider & Nicho El Millonario) vs. Extreme Tiger & KENTA
-Only Fall: Nicho and Lider are wrestling with their title belts on, that's original. KENTA and Nicho start off with basic submission holds. Hard strikes by KENTA on Nicho, and Tiger tags in. Lider is blinded by the aerial arsenal from Tiger. The heels snap, and the double team attack begins. Chairs are brought in to attack the tecnicos. Tiger begins the comeback, and KENTA aids him with his hard kicks. Tiger does his classic Air Tiger on Lider. In the ring, KENTA hits the GTS on Lider, but Tiger accidentally kicks the referee. Nicho lowblows Tiger, and then fakes a lowblows himself. The referee awards the DQ victory to the Hermandad.
Winners (DQ): Joe Lider & Nicho El Millonario (x)
Winners (Reversed Decison): Extreme Tiger & KENTA
-Aftermath: Vampiro hits the ring to talk to the referee. The the referee reverses the decision.
4) Chessman, Psycho, Zombie & Killer Clown vs. Black Family (Ozz, Cuervo, Scoria & Spiritu)
-Only Fall: The Family kick off with an early group attack on the tecnicos. The clowns make the long awaited comeback, and the series of botched moves has been unleashed. The Family uses a series of aerial moves to slow the clowsn down. Chessman connects a 450 Splash on Scoria for the pin.
Winners: Chessman, Psycho, Zombie & Killer Clown
-Atermath: Vampiro arrives once again, to congratulate the clowns and Chessman. Since the clowsn are showing that they are future stars of AAA, and since Chessman is already a world class wrestler, Vampiro has given them a shot at the Mexican Atomic titles. Vampiro doesn't want problems with Chessman, and offer him a handshake. Chessman spits a liquid at him, and Chessman doesn't believe that crap. Chessman will never associate himself with Vampiro, and even teases Vampiro. The crowd is behind Vampiro, but he refuses to hit Chessman.
*Pretaped Segment: Zorro hands Konnan the treasury report to Konnan, but there is nothing more but wrong papers, and a letter to Enrique Torres (Zorro's horse). Zorro wants the blood of Waltman off him, and runs from the room. Konnan names Electro the nw Treasury guy, because he has other plans to take care of. Parka says he's glad to have Mesias on his side now, and recognizes him as the best wrestler. With Latin and Mesias next to him, Parka will be unstoppable, and Konnan is done.
5) Mesias, La Parka & Latin Lover vs. Konnan, Zorro & Electroshock
-Only Fall: I still refuse to call these repetitive main events, sorry. Legion ambush, tecnico comeback, Zorro and Electro make many mistakes, Hermandad attacks Mesias, Hermandad slams Mesias into a table, tecnicos are destroyed, Konnan covers Parka, and it's over.
Winners: Konnan, Zorro & Electroshock
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