Mar 21 (Return of the) Adam & Mike Big Audio Nightmare~!

Off injured reserve, and back onto the j.v. bench, the original alternate is back with an hour of power. Topics including, but not limited to: the sale of All Japan, Nobou Shiraishi as Herb Abrams, Tanahashi-Devitt from 3/3, losing is winning when Devittations rule the world, the possibilities for DARK DEVITT, Bruce Tharpe's Invasion Attack (Just Look At Rob Conway & the Kingz of the Underground), Ishii-Kojima from 3/11, the NOAH Global tag league lineup, plus notes on the AJ Champion's Carnival, Team Wooshi, IGF's Meat Truck, Big Japan, Stardom, kudos to Alan, and more. It's the radio show that would absolutely retweet: @fergaldevitt: @The305MVP all the @njpw1972 boys think your song sucks bro, but what do they know? Idiots! My grandmother has been pop'n'lockin' all day!" It's the BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

What do you consider the main event for Sunday's WWE PPV?


Who is the biggest star of these people right now?


Who will be the next UFC champion to lose their title?


Will McGregor vs. Aldo top 800,000 buys?